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  1. let me just cry REAL QUICK


  2. Sunbean

    Pokemon Present (5 Case Demo)

    I've only been playing for like.... 30 minutes? But this may already be my one of my favorite Pokemon fangames ever. It's charming, funny, creative, and looks fantastic. You and Ekat did fantastic work on this game!
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 🙂🍰

  4. finally got the game's character customization script up and running! 


  5. finally finished e17 and i feel empty 😞

  6. took me a week to perfect but i think... it's almost done 


    1. Sayia


      Almost done? 

      Is pretty already! 

    2. Sunbean
  7. Sunbean

    pokemon you hate for personal reasons

    Back when I played Ruby, I had a nightmare about Shuppet and have hated the little fucker since. I can't explain it but I hate it. Also, this is (mostly) not design wise, but gameplay wise. I hate just about every normal type Pokemon. They're useless, boring, and I hate them. I'm sure people can do fun things with normal types, but... they're all garbage to me. I personally have a bad time playing with them because I find them so damn boring.
  8. new fangame screens~



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sunbean


      Lol I know, the sprites are misnumbered and I haven't fixed them yet. 

    3. Wolfox


      ah, okay

    4. Sayia


      Looks really cool imo, I wish you good luck with this game! 😉


  9. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    it's like 1/4460 or something like that
  10. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    Generally I agree with all of the issues presented. But I have a problem with some of the comments made here. I think people assume a lot when they hear 9 years of development means a lot for an independent developer. This is a hobby for the team, and those 9 years doesn't mean there was 9 years of constant development of the game. Things are constantly changed, scrapped, and redone. People take breaks for months and even years. I just don't see how someone can think "9 years for THIS?" when the game is just a fun little project for the devs. It's kind of insulting to assume the game is worth less because it tooks so long to come out. As someone who has followed the game for years, that development for the game as it is now hasn't really kicked off until 2014 or so. Before that was a comepletely different game with a completely different name, graphics, engine, etc. Just following Gav's work on deviantart, you can see that development changed drastically over the years. Development of a game isn't just getting from point A to point B. So many things happen along the way. This is also speaking as someone who has been working on a game since 2013. Despite technically developing it since then, I've restarted so many times and took breaks for so long. I would be really upset if I released the game and someone was disappointed in the quality purely because of how long it took me to release it. Basically, don't ever fault a project, especially, one done casually, as not being "worth" the time it took to produce. It's awful.
  11. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    I haven't had any errors either, but regardless there's a new version out. You have to redownload it, but after this one the updates should be automatic.
  12. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    Just playing initially, it is really beautiful. The dialogue and story is really nice as well. And the music? Damn. It's all amazing. When you guys all get further I'd love to see your teams.
  13. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    Lol, I get the feeling it's gonna be tough to get a fast download with all the hype surrounding it.
  14. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    It's releasing in an episode format, and Episode 1 will be 7-10 hours long.
  15. Sunbean

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    Since Phoenix Rising releases tomorrow I thought I'd make a thread so we can discuss it here. Here's the game info thread! What starter is everyone choosing? I think I'm going Staryu.