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  1. I'm in a bit of a predicament right now from a major oversight, so it would be cool if it was fixed or if there was a good solution: My current problem is that I'm trying to EV train some mons, and I figured I should level them before training to make it easier and I could just remove the HP evs later. Problem is, I finished the Turnabout Mosely sidequest too long ago to have a save I can go back to and after that quest the kid who sells EV berries in the lost camp stops selling them. This is technically not fatal, but I would argue is a major enough oversight that it could warrant a solution of sorts, as EVs are effectively permanent once you run out of berries if you didn't buy enough in advance. This could be more or less fixed with the debug menu mod in Dreamblitz' modpack (not the debug mod itself, as that seems to not function correctly) if you mess with EVs, but I'd rather not have to cheat to EV train.
  2. I'll see what I can do, as I just recently replayed. Also, sorry if this is a bit less than brief but I'll try to keep it short. So in episode 8, I believe that is the episode when you got on a train to Grand Dream City after beating Erick in West Gearen and doing a bunch of stuff in the past with the Marianette family origins, basically is mostly exploration. After the train comes to a halt with the help of a character named Krystal with psychic powers because the tracks were broken, you have to try and fix them. You pretty much have to wait, and so you explore for most of the rest of the time. You are introduced to bladestar, an evil(?) extremist organization that gym leader Flora is a part of. You are introduced to Flora and her bureaucratic brother Florin, and you fall into a cave after they recap that they thought you had met before in Grand Dream City, a place you had not yet been. You then fall into a cave with them and meet Erin, a girl who is looking for Aelita. You can go with either of those three and choose to reveal or not reveal what you saw Flora doing, which changes the outcome somewhat. Later, you end up finding a guy that can fix the tracks and he fixes them, then you battle Flora/Florin (depending on if you exposed Flora) and also notice that Saki's spider machine that had Valerie, Adam, and Braixen crashed on that route. Then, in episode 9, you get introduced to Grand Dream City. The story diverges a bit here, but basically you run around doing very little besides meeting some new people (Rhodea and Huey), considering signing up for some fancy tournament that gives you gym badges, and noticing some odd figures who look suspiciously like people you know (Valerie, and later you and your mom). Then, you do a bunch more random busywork and then go into the nightmare realm to meet 'the puppet master' and on the way you meet Aelita. You deal with Zetta and then fight the puppet master with Aelita. In episode 10, you spend a significant portion of your time in the past. Besides that, you meet the Eldest and some dude called Souta who are living with Erin (when she isn't looking for Aelita), briefly go to Axis High University, and that's about all you do in present time. Also, Aelita came back from the nightmare realm so she is normal(?) now. The rest of the episode is spent in the past, and basically this is what happens: You go into the past to find Katsu and Anastasia, two side characters from the past before, and Anastasia makes friends with a Deoxys. Then Melia gets really angry with Spacea and Tiempa, but they give her some fancy items to make them safe from weird timeline problems. They go to past Sheridan Village and meet Anju, the Eldest, and Vivian. Vivian tries to sacrifice herself to save the world but you stop her, but this causes *REAL* problems. You end up in the future with alternate versions of a bunch of people like Keta, Mosely, Amber, and others, and basically there is an apocalypse. Then, the evil apocalypse dictators come and capture you and Melia (the only people who got to the future) and the rest of the people. You fight out of the ship and take down an underling of the apocalypse dictators, find out that Madame X also is stuck in the future and wants to work with you to get to the past, and then sail to the land with the apocalypse dictator. You end up finding Tesla with some weird kid who looks kind of like Melia, and a whole scene goes down where you try and take her time machine while Ms. Apocalypse doesn't kill everyone, where Melia realizes a bunch of information about Ms. Apocalypse's trickery and they kind of outplay her. However, she has a Yveltal so that doesn't matter and Melia is about to be killed before some weird power makes her not die and then they stop Ms. Apocalypse and go back to the past. Then they convince everyone that Vivian does need to die if there is not going to be an apocalypse, but Gardevoir messes with the ritual and makes it so that when Vivian died she was reincarnated as Taelia. You then learn that Aelita is the reincarnation of Taelia and you have to beat her up so she stops being stupid and angry and that's about where the story from chapters 8-10 stop. Other thing to note is that sometime in that whole debacle, you learn that Lavender (another person you met, psychic gym leader) disappeared and Venam was turned to stone. You also might go to a hospital and do stuff but nothing major happens besides some minor (for the time being) lore to do with Krystal (who is actually named Alexandra) and Nim. To get to route 9, go to the train station in kind of southwestern GDC and get on a train, and then go south once you get there and you should see Erin waiting.
  3. I actually had a lot of success catching a burmy via headbutt on route 2, then changing it to trash form in amethyst cave and making it a wormadam, and sweeping with quiver dance and various special moves (hidden power, mirror shot)
  4. I know that plenty of people have probably asked questions like this before, but I'm currently just looking for a comprehensive list of move tutor locations and what the give. In particular, I'm hoping to get stomping tantrum on my Metagross, signal beam on my Empoleon and bug bite on my Scizor, but it would be very nice to just have a comprehensive list too. (By the way, I just recently posted another topic and I don't know if it's against the rules to post two topics in such rapid succession so if anyone who knows if it is or isn't against the rules sees this, then it would be cool if you let me know)
  5. I'm currently in a bit of a predicament- I want to buy the EV reducing berries *but* I already renovated the Lost Camp the final time and so the guy who previously sold them just sells random berries now. Where am I supposed to go to get the berries now?
  6. Ah, thank you. They just grew like a few minutes ago so that makes sense, as the IRL time so far has been much more reasonable. Edit: And I just messed with the time and date on my PC and growing was nearly instantaneous. Thanks!
  7. I'm currently trying to grow Occa berries for the quest in Neo Gearen but it is just not working at all. What I thought would work was water the berry once or once every stage, and then wait for a while, and then after it grows all the way you harvest it. Fairly logical, I thought. Well, I've been waiting for these Occa berries to grow for like 2 hours of sitting in game doing busy work with the unreal time mod (1 second = 1 minute in game time) and I haven't had even a single stage of growth. I've been using the wailmer pail, and have been trying constantly watering the berry to see if that would help (at first I thought you only needed to water it once but I've been able to constantly water it), and it still looks just like it did the second it was planted. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. This isn't technically a new bug but I don't really know where to put it, so I'll just put it here. I know that Aboodie has done a very thorough item guide and there are several items that are unobtainable that he has reported (a bunch of minor ones that aren't much of a problem and then two zygarde cells and the pokeflute), so I was just wondering if there are any plans to fix them? I know that development on V12 has started, but in particular the pokeflute seems like a major enough bug that might warrant a fix (I've just been hoping for a way to finally get some leftovers lol). So it would definitely be nice to know if there are any plans to make a fix.
  9. In the help request in GDC, I'm pretty sure you need to find Zetta in Nightmare City, but I looked around the entire place and tried the gym help panel several times (which was supposedly the way you found him a few versions ago, when I believed I last completed the request), but he is nowhere to be found. Where is he now?
  10. Does anyone know why this thread isn't pinned? It feels like a sufficiently important thread, similar to the item guide, but it isn't. I'd imagine there is a reason for it, but I haven't heard one so far.
  11. If you're going to try and get one, it might make more sense to just use the debug mod to give yourself one instead of going through that hassle. They're both equal levels of sketchy so it might just be easier. Just my two cents, though.
  12. Is Sheridan Wetlands not being on this guide intentional? I don't think anyone else commented on it, but I don't see it on my end, so I'm not quite sure.
  13. Oh yeahhh I remember that now. Thanks! EDIT: So although I'm pretty sure that was what you had to do in previous versions, he is actually in a different location in V11. He is now in the oricorio meadow with a bunch of ludicolo.
  14. So I know that in previous versions Rorrim B has been on the left side of the cave you have to surf through when you need to find him for Crawli in Terajuma, but I went to the exact location he has been shown to be before and I can't find him. Was he moved in some recent version or something? If someone knows where he is I would be very grateful. (The location I looked at is in an image attached below)
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