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  1. Chapter 77 - Soul Eater

    3 years down!

    3 long years.

    3 lllllooooonnnngggg years.

    Thanks for following it all this time. It motivates me to keep suffering

  2. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s680.html#p1655626 Happy birthday to The Terribly-Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation. 3 years baby! That's almost as long as the Reborn Nuzlocke has been on hiatus! Yaaaaaaay hiatus!
  3. Pokemon Rejuvenation Nuzlocke: Chapter 76 - Blast to the Past

    Trapped in another time with the Melia. Could things get any worse?

  4. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s660.html#p1655430 Alternative title: The Guy who got Dragged Through Time. Also for anyone not aware there's a migration happening sometime in the next few months from Tapatalk to a new forum called Xenforo (Really suspicious name I know) So I'll probably embark on this perilous journey as well since the only good thing about Tapatalk is the unlimited image posting (which Xenforo has) Won't effect you guys much though. You'll still get your updates here. Which are the only joy in your miserable lives I assume? Okay go read this chapter then come back and tell me what a sexist pig I am.
  5. Chapter 75 - Friends without Benefits is up.

    And that's all I have to say today

  6. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s660.html#p1655251 It's finally here. Updated for you. It's the most viewed member, of the Terribly-Titled Crew! D! T! Derogatory Traine-yeah okay I'll stop. Enjoy the next chapter of Sean's never-ending torment.
  7. Sorry for the delay in updating this shit. IRL has gotten in the way but I am making some headway with the last episodes. So here's a small peek at what's in store for the finale.
  8. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s640.html#p1654498 Things start getting heated in the- Oh fuck this I'm not writing some stupid blurb you'd find in a TV guide. SEAN VS AMBER. GO
  9. Okay maybe I spoke too soon. I went and actually saw the scene and...yeah...pretty hard to make jokes about a private send-off thing. I thought it'd be a big public thing all about Jenner and how he "saved us" that I could stumble in drunk ranting and raving like usual and light a coffin on fire or something. But no. I thought it was pretty decent. Anyway the next chapter will be up Tuesday Wednesday.
  10. Well I'm definitely going back and ruining that. Fuck him. Justice for Nancy! At least she actually managed to prevent someone from dying.
  11. Hang on both you and Commander both mention Jenner having a funeral. When the fuck did that happen? I didn't come across anything like that at all.
  12. Chapter 73 - Crescent Explains "Everything"

    You see, by using sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, people will read my run!





    Because they're fucking idiots.

    And I don't think many people click on this status update to read my run. So who's going to even see this?  

  13. Happy Easter Sunday! The day Jesus rose from the dead and did absolutely fuck all afterwards. Just like what's going to happen in this Nuzlocke! Yaaaaaay! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s620.html#p1654250
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