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  1. It's the TM you get from Serra. Though, if you beat her on an older version of Reborn and saved over; it will be Frost Breath.
  2. The first one is the one I'd go with. Greninja is so naturally fast that even without perfect IVS or a positive nature; it can outspeed mostly everything. Bashful, being neutral, is honestly better than Naughty and Jolly; Both of those natures actively hurt Greninja as the Attack buff from Naughty is pretty much irrelevant, and while Jolly raises Speed, lowering Sp. Atk is not worth it.
  3. Theoretically, everything gives Sp. Atk. because of the Power Lens; the lens grants an 8 point EV Boost to Sp. Atk. This applies even if the mon you knock out doesn't grant Sp. Atk at all. To provide context, if you knock out a Woobat, which gives off only 1 Speed EV with the Power Lens equipped, it will yield 8 Sp. Atk EVs and 1 Speed EV. As for EXP, Clown Indra at the circus and the Grand Hall trainers are still the best for that.
  4. Scyl


    Welcome, do enjoy your stay here.
  5. Greninja doesn't start being good until you get the Surf HM. Incineroar and Primarina get strong Stabs upon evolution. Incineroar is reasonably bulky and gets a wild variety of moves via Level Up. Primarina has the highest unmodified Special stats of any Pokemon and gets solid utility moves and offensive coverage, Greninja doesn't get any good attacking moves except maybe like, Extrasensory, until you get Dark Pulse from Luna, which is way later compared to Incineroar/Primarina getting their strong stab moves potentially before Corey. As for Serperior, it doesn't get Leaf Storm until based Level 64, or something like that, It's in the 60s. Serperior has no support movepool to speak of and its piss poor offenses mean it doesn't do any relevant damage to anything. It's just too awful for too long.
  6. Serperior should be in hard F. No memes, Serperior is actually worse than Meganium.
  7. I'm pretty sure Ame has said that there's no Gen 8 stuff is coming.
  8. Your team is awful for this fight. Lycanroc is useless since the field effect makes Rock moves Fire-Type. Mawile is weak, frail and slow. Quagsire doesn't do anything. Blaziken struggles with Dragonite and some of the ghosts. You'll probably need to pick up that Eevee and grind it up to a Sylveon to not get slaughtered.
  9. I also stan based god Stufful/Bewear. :uwu:
  10. I mean, cute/pretty is subjective. :uwu: I stan Surskit/Masquerain for life. 0 cap.
  11. Scyl

    Dragon trade

    Deino can't get Flash Cannon at all. Only Hydreigon.
  12. I feel sorry for the poor fuckers who had to playtest it.
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