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  1. so i have a little problem when i got the tm fly i learned it to my shiny charizard after that my charizard turnt in a gogoat and my seismitoad turnt in to heliolisk two perfect clones can someone help me i want my original poke back
  2. davihouben93

    Bladestar cava in darchlight forest

    thank you
  3. What is the correct order to do
  4. davihouben93

    Rockclimb route 5

    i am at the cave at route 5 only with rockclimb but then when i go in there is a sentence the cave is corrupted how do i change this
  5. davihouben93

    blacksteeple prison bug ?

    thank you thats exactly what i did after
  6. when i get defeated by madame x and when i go back to the ship i get stuck i cant do anything can someone help me capture001.bmp
  7. i have the same problem it all started when i saved before i talked to nidoran male Game.rxdata
  8. davihouben93

    Rejuvenation problem

    ive had that to and then this all happens
  9. davihouben93

    Rejuvenation problem

    i get this problem i saved in oceania pier and i closed the game now i cant go back van someone help me i almost tried everything i tried to go back to v10 to make my screen to medium but it didnt work
  10. davihouben93

    Where do I go next?

    yeah the first character that you speak the final room before the arena has a secret
  11. davihouben93

    Where do I go next?

    and whats the secret combination
  12. davihouben93

    Where do I go next?

    Im stuck in the first poison gym the last room where you need to make the white color