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  1. yep corrupted save file, try grabbing multiple backups from old pc
  2. upload your save file, list the mods youre using etc after that I can tell you whats wrogn and if you iwll have to use backups
  3. google the name of your antivirus and how to set program to be trusted or remove from quarantine
  4. check if antivirus didn't block the game from running
  5. ⰳⱁ ⱈⱁⰿⰵ ⰰⱀⰴ ⰾⰵⱅ ⱈⰰⱌⰽⰻⱀⰳ ⱌⱁⰿⰿⰵⱀⱌⰵ ⱁⱈⱁⱈⱁ
  6. fixed in other thread Game.rxdata @soonbutnever fixed in other thread
  7. Not sure if this was already reported or nah since search didn't yield any results about it and I do not remember all the reports from testing. Basically bug is that pokemon can't held z crystal if they don't have a responding move to the crystal. Not really game breaking or anything but it can cause problems for some mons in competitive and I know that reborn is trying to be as close to main games as mechanics go. In gen7 any pokemon can hold ANY z crystal but you get a message if you won't be able to use it. So yeah a chimchar can hold a Pikashunium Z if you feel like it
  8. Use item on pokemon was made for healing etc if you try to "use" a held item it will act like choosing give option - works the same in canon games. later on use and give was merged in main games only issue I see with this is that in reborn you can't put any z crystal on any mon - while in canon games you are able to do that
  9. give save file, list mods zou-re usign etc
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