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  1. Don't know if glitch or feature, but the call button is gone in trainer battles? Or is it only visible when you use a Shadow Pokemon?
  2. I think it made me more happy than it should have to see my name in Pokemon Rejuvenation


  3. Happy Birthday ūüėĄ, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^ūüćį

  4. Happy birthday :) 

  5. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  6. Doesn't it suck when you begin to think and/or realize that your parents seem to favor your younger sister's decision instead of yours?



    Two days ago after PoGo legendary raid hunting;

    *two hours after leaving house and making plans on what to do and where to go*

    Mom: OK. Now to Cheddar's for food?

    Dad: Yup

    Sis: I don't want Cheddar's!

    Dad: Then what do you want?

    Sis: That pizza place that I like!

    Mom: Alright.

    *We didn't go to Cheddar's, which is what we've been looking forward to for two hours. We instead follow little sister's lead and go for pizza.*


    With me, with anything I want, be it going to restaurants or getting food from store;

    Me: Can I have this?

    Parents: How much money do you have in your (NON EXISTENT) pockets?

    Me: None...

    Parents: Then you can't have it.

    Sis: Can I have this?

    Parents: Sure.

    *This is what happens every single time I ask for something. I do get the rare "Yes" sometimes, but most of the time they say no. My parents, my mom especially, know that as a teenage girl, most pants I can get usually have no pockets, fake pockets, or tiny, useless pockets, so I leave most of my stuff either at home or in the car.*



    So yeah... my depression showing up at the worst possible times makes this seem a whole lot worse that it probably is... 

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    2. Wolfox


      As others have Ninja'd, just talk to your parents about it. I know how annoying living with a younger sister can be (Exact same age gap as well. so if you gotta let off some steam about it, or anything else, my PM box is open ;))

      I know how hard it can be to talk about these things with your parents, even harder than for most people in my case, but if it really bothers you you gotta tell them about those things.


      Also, I will agree that it's not fair, but sometimes a balance is hard to find, or even to notice the things you do "wrong". The hardest part is admitting that and saying sorry for it, however.


      Long story short: Just tell them how you feel. Worst case scenario: they deny it but do start thinking about it.

    3. moiratx


      Hey guys, guess who just renamed OUR new cat WITHOUT MY SAY??
      It's even a stupid name, I mean, who names a cat "Kitty"? It's just like naming a dog "Doggy"...

    4. Wolfox


      That's not how it should work. I will say however that Kity can work as a cat's name depending on where you live.

  7. So... I'm facing a problem...

    I have really horrible allergies (worse than my mom, who is allergic to everything on the allergy calendar here) at my house.

    I have no allergies at my grandparents' house about an hour away.

    I don't know if I should try moving there, not have allergies, but I'll be in a new school with no friends (I have trouble making friends IRL unless it's a friend of a friend...) and no clue what classes they excel in.

    I don't know if I should stay with friends and a school I know and suffer from allergies until we can afford allergy shots for me and my mom so that we still suffer, but a little less, as in no asthma attacks from them.

    I honestly don't know what I should do...

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    2. Wolfox


      ah, Pollen. Those can be annoying

    3. moiratx


      Yup, especially when it comes to the new dog-cat :)


      Exactly, which is why I have my own personal air filter in my room that is always on max :) 

    4. Wolfox


      WHile I don't know what it's like to have allergies (for what I know), I'm happy I don't. Reason is that my sneezes can be kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda really atomic bomb level

  8. That moment when you upload a post to a forum about fangames and you don't receive any notifications about replies to your post and you're worried that people are silently judging your post because of how cliche it might be.

    I mean, a Pokemon fangame where there are multiple worlds involved (kinda like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, human world and Pokemon world, except there are more), and the admins of the evil team, the Mindless, apparently have connections to those worlds?

    What is wrong with you, brain?!

    1. Takosher


      How I feel when anything I do flies under the radar


      TBH, probably not judgement, people just tend to ignore stuff that isn't completely 100% fleshed

    2. Takosher


      out. Fleshed out (rip typing)

    3. moiratx


      True, but still.

      Probably doesn't help my case when I go in and out of depression a lot

  9. So one of my friends and I are currently roleplaying this very detailed roleplay, detailed to the point where we are using Google Docs to keep everything together.


    Now just imagine:

    • Detailed Google Docs on every character
    • Google Doc has paragraphs for each character dedicated to their personalities
    • Friend doesn't suspect me to do anything out of the ordinary



    When all of a sudden.. Towards the bottom of the document..


    I think I like memes too much

    1. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      noot noot, motherfucker

  10. So.. I am now a lazy, jobless freeloader that my parents have to take care of until I graduate high school and find myself a job and apartment..

    Where was I going with this again?

    Oh yeah. Fangame idea thaT WON'T LEAVE MY FLIPPIN' HEAD.

    I have a basic plot/story idea, albeit very incomplete, same with character ideas.

    Basic idea is that this story has "multiple worlds" per say, and the worlds in this story (that aren't the Pokemon world, may I add) have very powerful people who went missing three years before the story, and reappeared, completely different from who they were before, when a man-made "gateway" opened, linking their worlds to the Pokemon world.

    Very incomplete and possibly cliche, I know.. I'm good at thinking up ideas, horrible at telling them..

    If anyone sees this (since I don't know where to put this), could you please give me some tips on what to do with this?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post of a useless, semi-depression-filled, lazy, 15-year-old.

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    2. moiratx


      Thanks, you two!

      Purple, thanks for your kind words. I'm posting a reply to a thread of fangame ideas that has a more detailed description of what I'm thinking of. This thread to be exact.

      KosherKitten, thanks for the advice! I would put more ideas into a roleplay, but my friend that I roleplay with constantly isn't that into the Pokemon fandom (unfortunately), and my friends that are don't roleplay that much (again, unfortunately).

      seki108, thanks! I really hope that the idea becomes as epic (and equally messed up in some parts) as Reborn, Rejuvenation, and Desolation!

    3. Zarc


      you're welcome :) If you need advices or someone you need to speak with , i'm always here ! 

    4. Takosher


      if you're interested in roleplay stuff you should check out the rp section here #shamelessplug


      gl with life and ideas ^^