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  1. I just noticed that Reju v12 is a thing now so I want to play it. Can someone please give me brief recap of what happened in v11 and where am I supposed to go to start v12 story? I totally forgot everything. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, this looks like an interesting challenge. I wonder what you'll do against higher ranked leaders when most pokes are unly available unevolved. Are you allowed to evolve your mons using stones and/or Rare Candies? Is your game also rigged to not gain EVs or is that allowed? Btw. the battles might be a bit more interesting to watch with attack animations on.
  3. RAR is an archive format like ZIP. Download a software like 7zip to unpack it.
  4. During the story of the new episode there were almost no trainer battles and so my pokemon are hopelessly underleveled when I reached the Gym Leader. Can you recommend me any good place to train? Jan, if you're reading this, add some more trainers along the way, please.
  5. With this change people will get themselves trapped in HM blocked areas, won't they?
  6. Wow it's finally out!!! This is the best christmas gift. Thank you!
  7. Entrainment is supposed to fail against a pokemon with Schooling ability so that's correct. Returning to Solo form on low HP should happen though.
  8. Even if it's not a bug it's not a good challenge. It is very unfriendly to some custom runs. I suggest removing it.
  9. Reaching the area where I'm supposed to battle Florin for the Grass-type badge requires Surf and there is no way to switch my team before the battle. That means I'm down to five pokemon because I have to keep Brobarel. Please fix this, together with how underleveled I'm at this point + the fact that Florin has an overleveled Mega the fight is pretty much impossible to win.
  10. In the Kyogre chamber if I go from the left side and not stand right beside Venam while battling with Kyogre then there is a bugged event after the battle. The character keeps running into a wall.
  11. I just beat RorrimB the second time. Now I think I'm supposed to find and fight Crawli but I have no idea where to find him. Rorrim said something about Sheridan but I've no way to go there. Besides he said something about the location being accessible only by a ship and not directly from Sheridan. Where can I continue? EDIT: Never mind. I was supposed to go back to Melia and Venam so we can all go together.
  12. Another thing. When I'm with Marianette looking for the three souls we can leave the mansion. Story-wise I expeced it to be locked? Marianette follows me anywhere so I took her to Sheridan Village. There I talked to her and the game crashed with this: Script 'Interpreter' line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'unlock' for nil:NilClass The known bugs mention ' Talking to Maria after saving Luca can sometimes crash the game. ' - it might be the same bug but I'm not sure - I didn't save Luka yet after all.
  13. I see. Sorry, I'll make sure to check the list the next time.
  14. Another bug, this time in a battle. My Electrode was about to be hit with opponent's Future Sight attack and the game threw this error. Not sure if it's relevant but I had active Light Screen at the time. --------------------------- Pokemon Rejuvenation --------------------------- Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass PokeBattle_Move:3593:in `pbReduceHPDamage' PokeBattle_Battle:5011:in `__clauses__pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Battle:4991:in `each' PokeBattle_Battle:4991:in `__clauses__pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Clauses:42:in `pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Battle:4127:in `pbStartBattleCore' PokeBattle_Battle:4126:in `logonerr' PokeBattle_Battle:4126:in `pbStartBattleCore' PokeBattle_Battle:4110:in `loop' PokeBattle_Battle:4131:in `pbStartBattleCore' ---------------------------
  15. Why do you make it sound like a feature? This is clearly now how it should work, regardless that it currently does. Anyway another two bugs: 1) When a Shadow pokemon is purified it gains some levels but does not learn the moves is should have learned at the leveles between. I just purified lvl20 Salandite, it got to lvl 32 and learned Nasty Plot. However Double Slap (level 21), Flame Burst (level 24) and Toxic (level 29) were all skipped. This is not how it worked in Colosseum and XD where shadow pokes were first introduced. 2) Story-wise shadow pokemon purification should only be available in Sheridan after clearing Carotos Mountain. It is however available much earlier in Gearen City in Dr. Jenkel's Lab (the right-most tube which is shorter than the others is a purification machine).
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