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  1. baldr

    Available Megastones?

    More megastones in V11? Does this mean that mega ting is available now? If so, where?
  2. baldr

    Recap of previous episodes?

    Exactly what I needed! Thank you very much, you certainly revived some of my memories of the previous events. I'm going to play E11 now!
  3. I just noticed ep 11 is out now so I'd like to continue the game from when I ended. However I can't really remember what happened in the last couple of episodes very well. Can someone give me a brief recap of the story of episodes 8 through 10 or so? (Don't spoil 11 pls.) Thanks! Also I'm somewhere in this big city called Grand Dream I think? Anyway there are a lot of districts and I can't find a way out. Let alone to whereever the heck is this Route 9 where I'm apparently supposed to go before loading E11 for the first time. I'm just completely lost. Send help. :-D
  4. baldr

    E19 Mon/TM relocation suggestions

    That only means those better mons should be pushed back too and some of the underrated ones pushed forward. But you can never have every pokemon in an ideal place. I'm simply saying that I'm quite satisfied where these particular mons are. Especially considering that if you really want them earlier, you can just trade.
  5. baldr

    E19 Mon/TM relocation suggestions

    Interesting topic. I can agree with some but not all of them. Mons: Ralts, Elekid, Magby, Magnemite - All of these are very powerful and very popular. Because of that I'm glad that they are pushed back to where they are at the moment. Gives more space to less popular mons. Ralts in particular should never be available before Samson. Glaceon - Yeah, this one I can definitely agree with. Glaceon is not by any means the strongest Eeveelution anyway. Considering that Reborn didn't change any evolution methods (as far as I know) I think moving the ice rock to the cave near Shade's Gym is the way to go. Oshawott / Litten - Yeah this makes sense. Rogenrolla - If it is in 7th street it means it's still available before Agate, right? If that's so then it was only pushed back by 2-3 gyms so it's fine. Sandile - Yep, Sandile in Tanzan is too early. I'd push it to like Route 2? I think the environment fits there. TMs: Frost Breath - Agreed! Nature Power - Agreed! Sludge Bomb - The suggested place is available right after Adrienn, right? That's way too early in my opinion. Shadow Ball - Maybe? I'm not completely sure how useful Shadow Ball is.
  6. baldr

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    @seki108Thanks for the Ciel image!
  7. baldr

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    Yay, Eeveelutions are dominating this contest! I fully approve. (Wanted to link that "Ciel of approval" image but can't find it anywhere. Anyone has it?)
  8. Hmm, this looks like an interesting challenge. I wonder what you'll do against higher ranked leaders when most pokes are unly available unevolved. Are you allowed to evolve your mons using stones and/or Rare Candies? Is your game also rigged to not gain EVs or is that allowed? Btw. the battles might be a bit more interesting to watch with attack animations on.
  9. RAR is an archive format like ZIP. Download a software like 7zip to unpack it.
  10. baldr

    Where do I go next?

    During the story of the new episode there were almost no trainer battles and so my pokemon are hopelessly underleveled when I reached the Gym Leader. Can you recommend me any good place to train? Jan, if you're reading this, add some more trainers along the way, please.
  11. In Cella's house when I go to the group near a wall the game takes over my movement trying to move me furthe up but the path is blocked by Melia or Erin.
  12. When I hit the bell in Test of Strength from Agate at Axis High University I got HM 06. Then the clown said that if I hit the bell again he would give me a TM. But when I did he just gave me Dive again, no TM.
  13. baldr

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    You saved my Decidueye! Thank you!!
  14. baldr

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    Hi, can comeone please fix my Decidueye to know Spirit Shackle and not Steam Eruption? It got broken in V9 and I thought it would go back to normal later but she still knows Steam Eruption even in V10 with the patch. Game.rxdata