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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Hi. So it looks like your save file was corrupted somehow. I assume when you said you deleted your last save points you were trying to use backups. Check out this guide to make sure you're following the process correctly, as the process involves renaming the latest backup to game.rxdata rather than just deleting files. It is possible you'll need to go back a few backups though as savefiles can be corrupted in batches which may effect your most recent backup.
  3. Okay, I've put you outside and healed you up. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata If you've correctly followed the process and you still have corruption errors you might need to try going back to an even earlier backup because unfortunately save files can corrupt in batches which may effect the most recent backups too. First, make sure that you've followed every step in this guide to make sure that you've properly moved to the backup save (although based on what you've described it sounds like you've done it correctly). Then if that doesn't work try it with earlier back ups as unfortunately we can't fix corruption by any other means.
  4. I've added one to the key items pocket so the encounter should work now. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  5. I've added one to the key items pocket so you should be all good now. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  6. Hi there. Unfortunately that error suggests that your save file has been corrupted. We unfortunately can't do anything to uncorrupt it, so to fix this you'll need to use a backup save which you can find instructions on here
  7. Unfortunately your save file has been corrupted. The only solution we have to this is using a back up save. You can find instructions on how to use backups here
  8. Okay, you should be able to move around now. Talk to the man for more information about the event. Game.rxdata Hey, so in the file you sent me you're in the lower peridot ward next to some lady? Is that the right file? because it doesn't seem to match your description of where you are.
  9. You don't open game.rxdata files. All you need to do is delete the one called game.rxdata and rename the highest numbered backup to that. Then when you open the game.exe file (i.e. the way you always open the game) it should have gone to a backup point and hopefully your error should be gone.
  10. Hey, it looks like your save file has been corrupted. To fix that you'll need to try a backup save, which you can find instructions on here.
  11. Hey. So you somehow ended up on a map that has been removed in the current release- so make sure you're playing on Episode 18 as well. I've put you back outside the forest, which hopefully won't cause any problems, but I wasn't sure exactly where you're up to. Anyway, replace your file with this one and you should be good. Game.rxdata
  12. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. You need to go to Azurine Island now, which is between Reborn City and the Academy, and you're trying to find Cain. \ Edit: Ninja'd Game.rxdata
  13. Here are a few: -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesee Williams (technically a play, but still really enjoyable to just read) -The Wheel of Time Series (if you're prepared to read 13 very long books) -Homefire by Kamila Shamsie- A really interesting modern version of Antigone from the perspective of a modern Muslim family. Good luck with finding more books!
  14. Here you are. The silver ring should be in the right pocket now. Game.rxdata
  15. Welcome to the team guys! Sorry that I have been in such a busy patch of the year that I haven't been around to help welcome you to our team. It's a super well deserved promotion for all of you! If I ever start being as active as I should be again I can't wait to work with you all!
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