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  1. 131 hours on my main save where I have finished E18 content, all sidequests, obtained poipole, and EV trained my final team
  2. It's not just that https://twitter.com/GameboyLuke/status/1112461335818846208 https://twitter.com/GameboyLuke/status/1112474993315758080
  3. Yeah, no doubt it's not continuing. I've pretty much lost all respect I've had for Nappy too.
  4. Mindy was voiced by Scarlett Johansson, just so you know. (As in Black Widow from Marvel among many other roles) The reason this movie was recieved in a more positive light than The Last Airbender mostly has to do with the creator’s wishes. Not only did Stephen Hillenberg directly work on it, but the movie was originally intended to be the finale of Spongebob. Of course, Nickelodeon ended up wanting more because they weren’t going to let a cash cow that massive go. On the other hand, The Last Airbender has no involvement from the original creators on top of a shit ton of other problems
  5. Yes, it’ll balance out.
  6. It has a chance to hold either one. Metal powder is just more rare. If you don’t want to continuously capture to check, get a Pokémon with Frisk and keep running away from it (the ditto won’t disappear) until it holds metal powder. Alternatively, you can use a move like thief or covet to steal the item it holds on order to check. Same thing if you have a Pokémon with magician
  7. Ah so Greninja is getting the Budew treatment from Reborn
  8. Yep. It’s like when you purify shadow Pokémon in colosseum or xd. Pokémon might learn moves they normally wouldn’t For example, purified Lugia gets Psycho Boost
  9. Intense Mode isn’t impossible. Some main battles are obviously hard (Geara and Zetta on top of the volcano was hell), but every battle is doable if you adjust your strategy after losing a few times. The seeds are really helpful, for example. My only experience with intense is a psychic mono run in the latest version, but I managed to beat it, so it definitely should be possible using a normal, more balanced team as well. With intense, though, I will say EV training is a necessity. I found often times changing the field on major battles was helpful as well (honestly made Adam kind of a joke). I’ve gotten through normal multiple times without paying attention to EVs
  10. I feel like it’s too soon for a new trailer. We had to wait a month or two after the reveal for new info with Gen 6 and 7
  11. There was one version (either v8 or v9 I think) where you didn’t see it for whatever reason. I remember it being there in v7 and I know it’s there this current version
  12. After you beat the electric gym when you try and exit the power plant
  13. I really like all three starters. The game looks visually amazing. I honestly can't wait. As for final typings, what I'm thinking is Fire/Fairy or Fire/Electric, Water/Ghost, and Grass/Fighting or Grass/Dark
  14. Is it not an optional win battle anymore?
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