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  1. Lucky98

    battling shadow mewtwo

    Is it not an optional win battle anymore?
  2. Lucky98

    Probably not a real glitch

    Are you checking at night, because that’s when he appears
  3. Lucky98

    password inputting with a broken keyboard

    You can quick save (d button) in between text boxes or in the middle of cutscenes if you time it just right
  4. Lucky98


    That may or may not have been what I meant lol. (Technically if you head east of the grand hall you would still get there)
  5. Lucky98


    The daycare is in opal ward directly east of the Pokémon center
  6. Lucky98


    You get it in the Water Treatment Center (14 badges I believe). Basically there’s a room with an electrode that you have to battle and have it change the terrain
  7. Lucky98

    Apophyll Pancakes and Shiny stone

    You can get at least one shiny stone behind one of the doors in Wispy Path I believe. Which door and how many badges you need I don’t really remember
  8. Uh so I don’t know this for sure since I’m not up to that point in my play through yet, but in Akuwa Town there is a guy who claims to be a locksmith. Maybe he can help?
  9. Lucky98

    Route 2

    If I’m remembering right the crystal is on Route 9 in Souta’s place
  10. It depends on what you mean by “good” lol. I’ve been playing through intense with a mono psychic team and have been enjoying it. Some fights were extremely difficult, but I managed to get through them either by hax or resorting to specific items and moves.
  11. Lucky98

    Ditto in V10-2

    It starts pretty much the same way (save the guy in Amethyst Cave from a solrock), but the locations where you find the ditto have changed somewhat: Edit: Sorry, this is for V11, not V10. I don’t completely remember the ditto quest for last version, but it should be the same as V9 I think..? May I ask why you haven’t updated to V11?
  12. Lucky98

    When did you start playing?

    Version 5 after seeing shofu’s first playthrough.
  13. Does anyone know when the earliest point I can get Apophyl Pancakes is? It seems like the person selling them on Route 3 has been moved. edit: never mind ignore me. I found the answer like two posts above mine
  14. There’s plenty of ways to beat it other than knock off
  15. Lucky98

    V11 spoil: how did you deal with

    My sylveon was bulky, so I was able to take hits. Basically kept setting up misty terrain and moonblasting. I ignored the ralts until the end. I think I may have used a revive or two, but I beat it in the end.