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  1. At this point Grand Dream City is blocked off due to Bladestar’s attack. If you go to Teila Resort, you can get the most expensive massage there which also gets you three revives (It might be only once a day though)
  2. Enter through the Wispy Path Entrance. You have to do a little event there before they go away.
  3. Since Grand Dream City is blocked off right now, you won't be able to access the shops that sell revives or funnel cake. The only real way to get them is flying back to Teila Resort and getting the most expensive massage. Each time gets you 3 revives. You could also try your luck at mining rocks
  4. There is a Claydol in the Northwestern part of the desert that'll transport you back to the Scholar District. Though I'm assuming you exposed Flora. I'm not sure if it'll be there on your split. If not, you'll just have to keep progressing with the story
  5. It's in the spoiler where the main download is. You can either download the entire game again and delete the one already on your pc or you just download the patch 2 files and follow the instructions in the readme that comes with it/
  6. Is the problem is that you can't access the stadium from route 9 anymore? (As in the only destinations are Grand Dream Station - which would be unavailable at that point - or Route 9 itself) If so, download the latest patch. V12.2 fixed that.
  7. Here's a better picture of it But yeah, it's a rotom inhabiting a drone that you can see flying around during gym battles
  8. Did you try going directly south on Route 9? If you try walking toward the gate, you should enter a cutscene with Erin and Melia before entering the Scholar District
  9. I wouldn’t 100% believe this “leak.” The only thing right so far is the name of the rivals and that could have just been taken from the original dynamax leak from before the Pokémon direct since they were mentioned in that one as well. From what I’ve seen that leak is the only one with any semblance of legitimacy
  10. Oh they're definitely not the main antagonists by any mean. I still stand by the Pokemon League Association/Chairman Rose/Leon being the main bad guys
  11. A Linoone evolution was the last thing I was expecting lol. But Regional Variants returning is amazing. The concept behind Team Yell is kind of interesting, but the name is meh I have to say, one of the best parts of what we've seen so far are the character designs. I really like the new rivals. Bede looks more of a Silver/Blue type rival so that's cool.
  12. All pseudos are part of a three stage evolution line and have 600 bst. Silvally has neither of those. Type Null and Silvally are legendary according to the Sun and Moon Pokédex and official promotional material
  13. You’re in the Reborn section btw, not Rejuvenation no, there is no shadow shinx. I don’t think any shadow Pokémon can be shiny in Rejuvenation due to them being caught in trainer battles Normal Shinx is obtainable though
  14. Sheridan Village in one of the houses near the entrance. Alternatively there is also one in the Shopping District in Grand Dream City and another one at Axis High
  15. I haven’t tried it in Rejuvenation specifically, but that is how it works in the main games
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