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  1. For me, EXP All is first. Just nice to have and nice to not grind. Next, personally I go for Golden Items as the HM becomes available (for example, no point in getting Golden Wings at the start of the game) Personally, I don't really care for EV training, but you can get those if you want to EV train. I recommend getting Attack and Special Attack before the defenses though, since HP and Speed are already available.
  2. Reborn - Hardest: Charlotte (pre-nerf - energy ball typhlosion lol) Easiest: Florinia Rejuvenation - Hardest: Angie (Intense Mode) Easiest: Keta, I guess
  3. I really like the music in the Japanese trailer when they reveal Cramorant and Polteageist
  4. I don't see any reason not to keep it. If you don't want to use wondertrade mons, just don't wondertrade.
  5. You’re confusing it with the toolbox you get for the one worker dude
  6. It’s a new gen. It’ll have about the same amount of new stuff it always has. They’re just listening to feedback from last time when everyone complained they revealed basically everything
  7. Just so you know, you posted this in the reborn section, not rejuvenation. Also, you might have to upload your save before someone can help you
  8. If you go back to the past in the forest by Kyugearan City, you can find a key where Gardevior was talking to the officers. Take that to one of the houses in Kyugearan and you can open it to find the weird diary. Obviously it’s too late to save Garbodor and Hippowdon, but it may impact future events. As for what happens if you didn’t save them, you don’t lose an relationship points, but it may or may not end up affecting future events in the game
  9. Version 10 ended after the Aelita Rift Battle, not after Souta. I also believe Chapter 6 is titled Nimpossible Predicament not Impossible Predicament
  10. At this point Grand Dream City is blocked off due to Bladestar’s attack. If you go to Teila Resort, you can get the most expensive massage there which also gets you three revives (It might be only once a day though)
  11. Enter through the Wispy Path Entrance. You have to do a little event there before they go away.
  12. Since Grand Dream City is blocked off right now, you won't be able to access the shops that sell revives or funnel cake. The only real way to get them is flying back to Teila Resort and getting the most expensive massage. Each time gets you 3 revives. You could also try your luck at mining rocks
  13. There is a Claydol in the Northwestern part of the desert that'll transport you back to the Scholar District. Though I'm assuming you exposed Flora. I'm not sure if it'll be there on your split. If not, you'll just have to keep progressing with the story
  14. It's in the spoiler where the main download is. You can either download the entire game again and delete the one already on your pc or you just download the patch 2 files and follow the instructions in the readme that comes with it/
  15. Is the problem is that you can't access the stadium from route 9 anymore? (As in the only destinations are Grand Dream Station - which would be unavailable at that point - or Route 9 itself) If so, download the latest patch. V12.2 fixed that.
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