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  1. In the interview, Masuda said we were going to be at over 1000 pokemon including alternate forms. This is really just a pointless statement since we're at 950+ as of gen 7
  2. I'm about 90% certain that person is just there so you can heal during the demo
  3. Well it’s been 100% confirmed. RIP Megas and Z moves. I hope at the very least megas come back some day
  4. So my overall thoughts on the bomb that Masuda dropped during treehouse: I don’t like the principle behind it. The idea that some Pokémon just won’t be in the game screams laziness to me, mostly because they have most of the assets needed already (minus the new mons of course). They just need touching up. They’re saying they can’t update 800 Pokémon models, yet they could create 721 completely new ones for XY? Because of this, the game just kind of feels incomplete. At the end of the day though, I guess it’s not something that really affects me since first play through I only use new Pokémon anyways and my living dex stays in bank anyways. Now I guess I’ll be keeping my shinies in Home instead of the new game. As for the new Pokémon, I like both of them. Yamper’s stats are apparently low enough to warrant an evolution. I can see it becoming either Electric/Fairy or staying pure Electric. Impidimp gives us a new typing that’s really good. Dynamax battles look really interesting to me as well
  5. I mean, if they were to be added, I'd imagine it would have to be after Sword and Shield releases in November. You couldn't add them now since we don't know movepools, evolutions, stats, hidden abilities, etc.
  6. Did you talk to the guy in the other house who lost his mareep. I believe it only shows up after you talk to him.
  7. ngl my first thought when I saw the giant gyarados in the direct before they explained Dynamax was “oh shit it’s a dimensional rift gyarados.” Obviously that isn’t actually the case lol
  8. I'm not saying we don't encounter them. I'm saying the game never reveals who they are until the end. You can obviously make educated guessed as to who the champion is. There have also been examples of other characters, specifically gym leaders, doing things in the story. This most notable happens in Black and White.
  9. The only leak that is credible right now is the one from a few weeks ago that stated what was going to happen in this direct. Also worth noting is that the initial rumor claiming armor evolution would happen is probably wrong because it mentioned the legend Aries would be a horse and a snake. As for the direct itself, I was absolutely blown away. I like all the new Pokémon, Corviknight probably being my favorite. The Flying/Steel typing makes me think it’ll be a more offensive Skarmory. Drednaw being Water/Rock is interesting, but it has the ability strong jaw, which currently does not boost any moves that it would get STAB bonus on. I feel like Eldegloss and Glossefleur should have been Grass/Fairy instead of pure grass. Wooloo being pure Normal fits I guess. I like both the legendaries as well. I honestly don’t know which version I want to get lol I’ve seen some people upset over Dynamax but I think it has potential to be a good game changer. Since it only lasts for three turns, it seems more balanced than mega evolutions. Though, I do wish the pokemon’s designs slightly changed in addition to them going giant, but I guess that would realistically take a really long time to do for 850+ pokemon Characters are cool. Hop appears to pick the starter weak to you, which I’m not really a fan of. Masuda did say he was only one of our starters though, so I’m hoping another gets the stronger one. The champion, Leon, is interesting. Pokémon usually has the habit of hiding who the champion is until you reach the end of the E4. The only time this doesn’t happen is with Alder, and he ends up losing to N before we can battle him. It’s also stated he’s adored by everyone in Galar. My theory is that he’s going to be the main antagonist of the game. Also, I’ve seen some people talk about voice acting because of the way characters mouths are loving. If this turns out to be true, I really cannot wait for this game. Voice acting in Pokémon is something I’ve wanted for a really long time now
  10. There's always Type: Null and Silvally
  11. Guys it's only been 4 months since V11. That really isn't a lot of time in terms of development. Also, while Reborn is showing as high completion percentage right now, I believe that's not including any post game content, so it's still going to take a while
  12. 131 hours on my main save where I have finished E18 content, all sidequests, obtained poipole, and EV trained my final team
  13. It's not just that https://twitter.com/GameboyLuke/status/1112461335818846208 https://twitter.com/GameboyLuke/status/1112474993315758080
  14. Yeah, no doubt it's not continuing. I've pretty much lost all respect I've had for Nappy too.
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