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  1. Seems like a fun character at least, but yeah, I'm not seeing much in the way of competitive merit. It's nice to have a bunch of sick ledge trapping options... the question is, how do you convert? Plant has one reliable kill move and seemingly no setups for it.
  2. Elliot Gale

    Metroid prime 4 thoughts

    Can't say I'm upset at all, I didn't even know the game was in the works until they announced they were scrapping it and starting from scratch.
  3. Elliot Gale

    AI Errors V11

    The Shadow Vanillite doesn't act at all, near as I can tell.
  4. Elliot Gale

    SPOILER HEAVY Is it possible?

    It can be done with Protect spam, however.
  5. Elliot Gale

    Dr jankel

    I didn't find this battle to be all that unreasonable. Snarl from Mightyena weakened them sufficiently enough for everyone else to survive and chip away.
  6. Magic Coat reflected a Power Gem attack generated by Nature Power. That... doesn't seem right to me. edit: Nevermind, it would appear to have been the enemy's Nature Power to begin with.
  7. It's hard to say. The competitive scene is still in its infancy, and new things are being discovered every day. Even characters that are obviously on the lower end of the power scale feel good to play and have amazing tricks up their sleeve that may give them niches in the long term. Being a fundamentally good player is more important than ever. That said, K. Rool hasn't been making tournament cuts whatsoever. It's a consistent stream of swordies, space animals, princesses, and a certain self-destructive mouse that find themselves in the finals time and time again. You do see quite a bit of variance by region, though. Characters like Pokémon Trainer are huge in the midwest, whereas Olimar has a bigger following on the coasts.
  8. I can't quite put my finger on this one. It occurred multiple times while I was using Shuppet to battle wild Deerling, but the game didn't crash.
  9. Elliot Gale

    Minor Bugs V11

    Many of the funky things I'm running into relate to Melia and Ren having access to your bag. Usage of Surf, the Bike, etc. Missing sprites galore. Speaking of, Anastasia doesn't appear to have one when you're teamed with her.
  10. Elliot Gale

    Choice items location

    You receive Band or Specs on Archer/Maxwell's final gift to you for employing the entire gang, but as far as I know, that's all you can get for now.
  11. If anything, Reborn shows them a fair bit of compassion, handing you a Rose Incense out of the gates. Not much can be done in regards to their dreadful placement on the type chart, though. Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison, Flying... big yikes.
  12. Elliot Gale

    How difficult is breeding in this game?

    The easiest springboards for breeding are Pokémon that evolve from those in the No Eggs group into things outside it, ie. Pikachu from Pichu, Chimecho from Chingling, etc. This is because members of the No Eggs group are guaranteed 3 perfect stats by default.
  13. Elliot Gale

    Reserve Gym Leader quest

    You should be headed to the WTC if I recall.
  14. Elliot Gale

    Starting with a shiny

    They definitely can be, like every other mon in the game. It just takes some patience and luck. Don't expect to get it before a hundred resets.