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  1. Megalovania for Charlotte I'm already laughing bu Erza's theme for Tania? Yeah I can see that. Good work
  2. Might I make a suggestion for one thing, for Cards Against Humanity. We use the other CaH azala.info is the better version of CaH due to the fact it enable US to us Pictures.
  3. What is this about Defossilised Stuff?
  4. Pardon me for asking but what are these other clothing the main protags have? And I noticed a Scarecrow saying boo which I assume is a Pumpkaboo but it hasn't spawned in a hour.
  5. Nice work.... Now we wait for the others. Now back to topic at hand.... Now the tournament...... I suspect we will either: A. Win B. Lose C. 1st Place will not belong to us because of Bribery. (Assassin Creed 2 Golden Mask reference) D. Knock some Sense into Adam and Val..... E. Find Saki and hopefully not fucked in the head like Val and Adam are. F. Fight NIM once again and this time destroy her. G. Crescent got some explaining to do if she decides to grace us with her presence.... or H. All of the above. (Yes A and B are combined to C. It may not make sense but whatever)
  6. We have Anju's Pednant which is still has yet to serve it's purpose and Madame X knows WHO we are and WHAT we are. I wonder what new things await for us and I seriously wanna win this tournament festival thing that we somehow got in by unknown means..... AND beat the living out of Nim for what *IT* has been doing. With how Venam is now I cannot ship Venam ;-;
  7. I keep getting a decryption error when trying to download. Please provide a download on Mediafire if possible.
  8. "the protagonist data has also been changed! If your character has wrong information, starting v10 content will fix it for you." What does that mean exactly?
  9. I do have to wonder how do I like make it like where I can randomize my team but everything is how it originally is?
  10. I do find it odd how everybody the same pokemon on an existing file when I added it the first time. lol Hopefully you get the PBS so we get an updated version of it. Because Melia without her shiny Togepi makes me sad ;-;
  11. Oh yeah speaking of Randomize button.... I noticed there is a Blank Option when randomizing a pokemon in Party.
  12. That is how it should work. The only difference is that you may have a chance to get a different forme of Pokemon like Black/White Kyurem for instance those formes are perm.... and formes like Primal Groudon and Primal Kyorge as well as Mega Evolved only stay the one battle. I tested that theory out.
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