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  1. Swampellow

    Living in Reborn

    one of these for rejuv There are so many nice places in Reborn that, if it weren't for the general badness of the events in the region, would be great to live in. Calcenon and Ametrine City are both nice places that are in the cooler region. Same with Agate City up in the mountains. In the actual Reborn City, I think I would have to go with somewhere in Beryl or Coral Wards. also tbh if it were easily accessible to things to make me not die and not so hot; somewhere in the Teknite region, gorgeous cliffs and caves.
  2. Swampellow

    [OOC] [Sign Ups!] Devil May Cry: Scattered Tomb

    Ya Like Jazz?
  3. Swampellow

    Pichu Won't Evolve

    There’s a bug where people sometimes get the pichu form that doesn’t evolve. Post your file to be fixed
  4. Swampellow

    [SOLVED] Items?? Trapped on Terajuma

    Other than the fact that you can buy healing items and whatnot on Terajuma, as soon as you go to the Secret Shore you can return to Gearen City.
  5. Swampellow

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    hi i got bored and am not sorry
  6. Swampellow

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    It gets a couple of normal type moves via level, but also quite a few via TM (which we have access to). Don’t forget that Aerilate also boosts the move.
  7. Swampellow

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    hi more crest what are you talking about people have suggested these
  8. Swampellow

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Siena’s eyes instinctively watered when the cold breath hit her face. They were then cleared when she blinked in surprise at being booped on the nose. She paused for a moment after hearing Death’s proposal, glancing around the tent. This living was entertaining at times sure, but not exactly what one would call “great” or even “good”. Her eyes paused on Onyx, who was now sitting watching her. “I would be inclined to agree to this contract.” she said with a tight pause, “Provided that you tell me more of what it will include, more specifically on what you mean by ‘this life ending’” she finished, looking into Death’s cold blue eyes, feeling for a moment as though she herself would freeze if she looked too long.
  9. Swampellow

    How to fix the berry emporium glitch

    Iirc you now get Sitrus Berries from an NPC in Terajuma? I don’t think the berry emporium sells them pre renovation now.
  10. Swampellow

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Ngl I would be kinda disappointed if this leak was real. Not hitting a lot of points I necessarily like. Guess we will know next week.
  11. Swampellow

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Hehehehhehehehe hoooooohoooooo hehehehehehe Crests
  12. Swampellow

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    It will probably be exactly the same as Kanto Forms in Alola. That is they will not be available outside of being traded in. Disregarding Azumarill and Mimikyu because they aren't "Pikaclones", we are going to get another electric rodent, its tradition at this point. I just hope we get an interesting secondary typing on it. I would be partial to an Electric/Poison rodent myself, but who knows. Considering we can see the house which the player character walks out of in the trailer down there, its more than likely. It would be odd for them to include a house that looks pretty much identical (from this scale) to the starter house on the map when it isn't actually the starter house. Also on the subject of Eeveelution. We are definitely on schedule to receive a new one, considering its been 2 gens since we got our last one, and it was 2 gens before that for the previous two. Considering the fact Fairy was the last eeveelution introduced, it is likely that we will receive either Steel/Poison (or both, but thats less likely) to complete a SE typing against Fairy. The other most likely possibility is a Dragon eeveelution, again for the SE loop, but this time being weak to Fairy.
  13. Swampellow

    Narcissa sidequest bug

    Do you have Fly yet? She doesn’t appear there till after you get Fly.
  14. Swampellow

    I messed up big time and I need help.

    Go into your save file folder and rename one of the previous saves to game.rxdata, that will load you at an earlier point
  15. Swampellow

    Marionette gym battle

    The Pokémon in the maze outside the mansion all give good exp.