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  1. I mean for those examples, that’s just how a bunch of games in general work, regardless of how active the protagonist actually is.
  2. The main problem I see with this is that you wouldn’t even have to carry hidden power to gain the benefit from the resist. You could run a completely normal move set on a Pokémon, like Ferrothorn for example, set its IVs so that it had HP Fire, and then have a Ferrothorn that could now shrug off some fire attacks while still being able to do everything it is normally capable of.
  3. Yes that is a classic trope, congrats for discovering it.
  4. Some of the cells are time specific, iirc the one next to the help center is as well.
  5. “Thanks Gram.” Aia said to the professor before giving her a hug. She turned her attention to the device which she now held, looking it over, but not actually opening it. She had seen the devices here in the lab before, but she had never really held one herself. She looked at her friends with a smile, “So who do you all think should hold onto this? My vote is Liam.”, sort of holding the Pokedex out for one of her friends to take it from her hand. “Also, when do you all want to get going?” she said while securing the other items she received in her bag. She smiled as Ares climbed from her arm onto her back more, “Char!” he called, peaking over her head, looking out towards Aia’s friends.
  6. Sam let out a sigh “Guess I’ll have to make it sharper next time” slightly disappointed that his energy wave didn’t do much to the hand. He then grimaced slightly at the laughter. “I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like that, give me the signal and I can try to drown it out.” he said to the group, waiting to play a song with his magic soon as he was given the signal.
  7. Along with what was said above, Reborn also uses the USUM movesets, so make sure what you are looking at isn’t a Let’s Go movelist.
  8. “Sounds good to me!” Aia said to her friends, “Alright everyone stand in front of the Pokemon that you want and then we will all count down from three,” she smiled “then we will all grab our first Pokemon at the same time.” She then positioned herself in front of Chimchar’s Pokeball and screen. She waited until all of her friends were in front of their screens before beginning “3...2...1...Go!” she said, grabbing the Pokeball in front of her with a smile. She looked around at all her friends before focusing her attention back on the object which she now held. She had been waiting for this for a long time, and now it was finally here. She pressed the button on the Pokeball. A flash of white energy burst out of the ball, settling on the stand from which it had previously been sitting. As it materialized Aya finally saw her first Pokemon, Chimchar. “Hey there...” she paused for a moment, thinking over the name she had thought of before before deciding that yes, it was good enough “Ares.” she said to the Chimp Pokemon. She then held out her arm. The Chimchar looked at her arm for a moment then towards her face before jumping on her arm with a smile.
  9. You need the actual HM to use the golden item in v11 as well
  10. Name them with the proper number format, which if I recall is (other thr the Game.rxdata) is Game_2.rxdata, Game_3.rxdata etc etc.
  11. “Ah boo, that’s no fun” Sam said as the hand grabbed Bard while taking a step back himself. At the same time as Brigitte raised her weapon and began swinging it, Sam was raising his arm and snapping, creating a purple wave of energy accompanied by the sound of crashing cymbals heading towards the wrist of the hand.
  12. Along with what others have said, train any Pokémon that you are using to the level cap, it helps a lot.
  13. Aia rolled her eyes and let out a disgusted sigh when she saw Nami. It didn’t surprise her that she had shown up before them, no doubt to brag about getting her Pokemon first. She paid no mind to Mina’s comment. They had just come from eating chicken at a chicken restaurant so of course they smelled like chicken. Upon entering the familiar lab she smiled as she looked around. While she had been there many times before, there was a new feeling to it today because today was the day that she and her friends finally got their Pokemon. “Hi Gram! I think that most of us know which one we want, I think it’s now just a question which one of us will choose first.” she said to her grandmother. She then walked over to the empty indent and inspected the screen to see which Pokemon had already been chosen. “Huh Turtwig. Perfect.” she said to herself with a bit of a smirk. She then turned back to her friends. “So how should we determine who goes first?”
  14. Aia looked around the table at her friends with a smirk before grabbing her (almost empty) bucket of chicken and tilting it so that everything left inside tumbled into her mouth before slamming the now empty bucket onto the table. She chewed furiously with a closed mouth smile on her face as she looked at her friends before swallowing. Normally she would regret eating as much as she had today, but today was a special occasion so she felt as though it warranted a bit of excess. She then put one hand up to her mouth and stuck the other one out in a “wait” symbol before letting out a fairly sizable belch a few moments later. She then let out a laugh. “All right then guys, I’m ready to go when you are!" she said, cutting herself off by taking a sip of her drink.
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