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  1. Can't relate, my luck with cofusion hax is usually pretty stellar. As a matter of fact I've had a lot of fun with Taka when Spoink/Grumpig was still on my Psychic mono team :] As frustrating as it is, and annoying as it's gonna be to hear it after you said you don't really believe people who say it, the AI is faced with the exact same odds for hax as the player is. (But certain fields also do affect accuracy or effect chance, so that's something to keep an eye out for as well.) We've all been faced with some shitty luck before, but at the end of the day it really is just that - bad luck. Battles like the TakaZEL double definitely often end up a haxfest, and that's understandably irritating, but the AI ain't cheating at the dice roll. (Pretty sure I'd never have beaten Serra on my bird run if sleep hadn't screwed several of her mons over.) As a side note, PULSE Muk has sky high special defense, I'm not surprised it's giving you trouble in an eevee run.
  2. dropping this post here in case any of it is relevant advice to you i've lived a bit over a year without a fridge and a stove, and I can confirm that rice is a lifesaver tbh, as was my microwave having a fridge, however small, is already a good advantage bc it allows you to store leftovers, so you can buy and prepare stuff in big portions that needs to be kept cold
  3. idk wym thats just what a strong and healthy magnezone looks like for all your screenshot needs, from a friend of mine Trainers generally don't seem to much like saving their aces for last if they've previously switched out mons here and there and the AI decides it's the safer option in battle (Titania decided she'd rather save her Empoleon last time I battled her), but it does make for an odd combo when the ace is mentioned by name in dialogue, lol
  4. Depending on the outcome of your battle with Solaris on Pyrous Mountain, the character you team up with for a battle sequence later in the game changes, and -as a result- so does the way the scene plays out. It also affects your relationship variables with various characters - beating Solaris will give you plus points with: Anna, Shade, Cain, Taka, Cal and Victoria (+1 for all except Taka, +3 for him) So far we don't know if and how much it'll change about what happens in the final episode. For the scene that depends on the battle outcome, you may get interesting dialogue/character information out of it, and seeing how you cannot gain any points from losing, and don't lose any points from winning, I'd consider winning the better option. (It's also a popular hypothesis that making decisions that earn you points with Anna and Shade leads to the "true ending" so to say, so unless you're trying to actively earn relationship points with characters that force you to lose points with those two, it may be a good idea to keep a save file where you follow their point distribution. If you wanna know more about the relationship point distribution, feel free to check this thread out. The first post lists them in plot order, so you can read up on the stuff you've already played through without getting spoiled on upcoming events. The second post lists the points by character and does include spoilers, so careful with that one.)
  5. i wuvv u ame this is the best~ pix~

  6. guns with legs guns with legs guns with le

  7. Are you: Tired of looking after your children on a relaxing beach vacation? Sick of the screaming and their affinity for trouble? Desperate to eat at a restaurant not named 'McDonald's' for a change? Craving quality time for yourself again? Call the Meteor Daycare Service! We take your children so you can forget about them. Permanently.
  8. ZEL

    Living in Reborn

    See this is why my headcanon for my player character was that they tried to take a train out of Reborn, rather than arriving there. I think I'd quite enjoy Calcenon or Ametrine City. I much prefer colder temperature ranges, so if there's lots of snow that's perfect. Ametrine is also nicely secluded, not too much going on there we'll discreetly ignore starvation, pulse accidents, child kidnappings and meteor attacks and it's gorgeous up there. +1 for the pretty winter wonderland. Can't think of a more ideal fantasy than living in a small house surrounded by trees in near-eternal snow. But I could also imagine living in Spinel once the after-effects of the Abra incident wear off. It's a very snug little town, I'd love living in a forest village.
  9. But see, here's two things: First, just because people can make up new ways of insulting us doesn't mean we should have to tolerate existing ones. Second, not everyone who uses slurs necessarily realizes the real implications of what they're saying. And that's where you step in and encourage them to think about it a little. Unfortunately words don't always keep their original meanings, and the fact of the matter is that this term can be and is used to insult trans people. The general public isn't anywhere close enough to a point of acceptance of trans people that we are safe from constantly being made the butt end of hurtful jokes. And comparing us to this particular trope is such a joke, and it's not very funny when so many trans women constantly face the very real fear of being accused of deception and trickery. (And no, not just by men, either, as is demonstrated by the existence of trans-exclusionary radical feminists, whose firm opinion is that trans women are men trying to infiltrate women's spaces.) It's cool if your experience so far has been that people manage to draw a respectful boundary and don't apply this word in ways it should not - I'm glad you seem to keep the right company. Unfortunately that experience is far from universal. (Read: God, I wish that were me.)
  10. There are plenty of words you can use as a substitute in any given situation you'd want to use the R-word for. Is your determination to use this specific word really more important than the feelings of people who have had this word used against them in a discriminatory manner? The r-word has a history of being used as a slur, that's the entire reason it came to be used as an insult. People began to use the r-word to insult others for much the same reason they use "gay" as an insult - it's in direct context to the group of people it is applied to. The insult is meant to be the comparison to those people. Just because the word has rooted itself so firmly in people's vocabulary that some of them don't realize how it originated doesn't mean it's suddenly no longer a slur. Not when it is still commonly used as a slur against the very same demographic. Words do oftentimes change meanings over time, but the r-word is still used in the exact same context that made it popular as an insult.
  11. adorable and a mvp and my first ever lv100 pokem- ...you had me in the first half, not gonna lie ;A; I'd say visually it appears to moreso be based on large flightless birds such as ostriches, rheas and emus, but they did take the name from the Dodo. I'd like a 'mon that actually looks like a Dodo some day tbh, they were stupidly cute
  12. Oh hey, it's the island that used to be home to the world's heaviest and only flightless pigeon. And then they slapped the name on a Pokémon that doesn't even look like it. Though I still love the Doduo line deeply don't get me wrong. Welcome to Reborn! \o Incineroar is such a good lad. Used one as the starter in my Dark mono (and in Sun), he puts in really good work. Hope you enjoy your stay while we all wait for E19 :]
  13. 13 years ago I cuddled our dog for the first time, and today I cuddled him for the last time. Rest in peace, friend, you were the best good boy.

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      Rip your doggo 😭 I'm sure he had a happy life by your side 

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      RIP to your doggo, I'm sure the good boy had a good life.

  14. ZEL

    happy birthday you're the coolest bf ever thx for existing :]

  15. To be fair, I think that either 1. The actual comment of "That's ZEL" got somewhat lost and the others couldn't think of a Meteor member with a name related to the diary, or 2. They got confused because of the Magnezone bit It's still funny to me and I will have my entertainment dammit Also "WHAT" is really the only reaction appropriate for the PCs butter fingers at this point lmao I'm glad they like Blake, he's honestly the most hilarious antagonist in the game, change my mind
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