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  1. ngl I was shook ;A; I honestly didn't expect that tagging him would even ensure he sees the post to begin with, given how popular he seems to be feelsniceman 'specially since i almost never draw any more these days also just saying but I'd absolutely not put it past Fern to have a throne :^) I can only repeat how much fun I'm having with his playthrough. It's just so refreshing to see someone actually invest thought into the characters and setting with this much enthusiasm; I know lots of people do that, but it's not something I've seen a lot with youtubers tbh. And even if some of his theories and interpretations come off as really funny when you already know the game, I just love listening to him trying to put the hints together. ...Which also makes me sincerely hope that people will be able to keep their spoilers to themselves and not give away all the cool or shocking stuff to him (lookin' at you here, Garchomp battle). I was so ready to fight people when he started the vid saying he's been given clarification on ZEL, deadass thought someone went and spoiled the backstory to him zzzz
  2. new comp up and running! now to,, download all the things rip

    1. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Definitely the worst part of the new computer process XD


  3. “Y’all drew fanart of Kiki, Jaques and Tiki as the big three - thank you! Leave Belly out!” Absolutely not
  4. Now we just need someone dedicated enough to actually sing along properly :]
  5. Y'know, the funniest part is that he will meet a character with a (sometimes) belly face if he makes it to Shade. His reaction to Tangrowth was so cute I think I melted a little. I'm so glad he's having fun. Though I dunno why people hyped this battle up so much in difficulty, I felt it got pretty underwhelming after it lost the field effect :c
  6. Jep; I'm sure if you look at older videos of Reborn on youtube you could still find videos of that part pre-6th gen. The mechanic used nowadays wasn't present (IIRC the 'mons just had buffed stats), but the whole idea about a machine that super-powers pokémon was already in the story just like that. It's more that mega evolution added the perfect way to transfer it into gameplay.
  7. Fun fact, but technically PULSE predates mega evolution - Ice and Ame came up with the concept before Gen 6, but when Gen 6 gave us the mega evo mechanic, it was swiftly used to improve on the PULSE 'mons in the game.
  8. If he bullies them he's cancelled jk jk. Seeing how he doesn't seem to do much voice acting, it at least looks I don't have to pray in that department He'll be pleased when he realizes he was right about the whole "dangerous experiments" thing. I do love seeing people's reactions to the first PULSE.
  9. "Yo what if there's some crazy experiments going on around here" :] :]]] I'm rooting for Kiki, I'm hoping she will outlast her namesake
  10. Shoutout to Ruby for drawing me the prettiest profile banner ♥ I'm js but y'all should go commission her (and also look at the full piece bc banner crop doesn't do it the justice it deserves ;A; )

  11. I am highkey here for how wholesome his tension and reactions during the gym battle were It's such a breather to watch someone play this game and not bitch about it every couple seconds, I'm genuinely enjoying this. Yes, even if half the tension was from him misunderstanding how the disobeying thing works - it was fun to watch :]
  12. "This is our pet dog and we're never gonna let her die" You named her after the right person then :^) I'm not much into youtubers so I've actually (once again) never heard of this dude before, but I just watched the three episodes he has out, and I think I like him so far. If he stays this excitable after getting through a few of the harder battles, it'd be great. He's trying to follow the story and makes an effort to explore things, that's really all I want from people doing playthroughs of Reborn. Consider me interested.
  13. See, this is why we should delete Terra. Welcome back, reborn forums.
  14. ya ever realize things are gonna be okay? good shit.

  15. Y'all just can't handle Azery's swag smh cowards Nominate him for Ember King at least, ya heartless tyrants! Also nominating Ruby for Midsummer Queen uwu
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