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  1. ZEL

    happy birthday you're the coolest bf ever thx for existing :]

  2. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    To be fair, I think that either 1. The actual comment of "That's ZEL" got somewhat lost and the others couldn't think of a Meteor member with a name related to the diary, or 2. They got confused because of the Magnezone bit It's still funny to me and I will have my entertainment dammit Also "WHAT" is really the only reaction appropriate for the PCs butter fingers at this point lmao I'm glad they like Blake, he's honestly the most hilarious antagonist in the game, change my mind
  3. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Lumi calls her 'Eve' multiple times in the diary tho, they even sorta paused on it at one point
  4. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    "That's ZEL!" - "That's what I was thinking about, too, but the letters don't match anyones name..." Yeah, if only Evelynn and Lumina matched any letters in 'ZEL' am I right
  5. I met a cute dog on the train and got to give him a treat. 11/10 nice day

    1. Wolfox


      likes for the puppers

    2. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      wouldnt it be nice if any day was this nice?

  6. ZEL

    A wild fanart appeared!

    [My Heart Will Go On is playing gently in the background] [YOU ARE SAFE IN MY HEART AND MY HEART WILL GO ON rings loudly in your ear as Celine Dion bursts into your room] one true time you held him, i guess
  7. ZEL

    where u @

    where centrak europe atttttttttt edit im so sorry but yea central europe is athing we dont js7t go at west
  8. ZEL

    I am just your Friendly Neighborhood Neocon!

    If you don't use a bunch of Meteor grunts as a free babysitting service while you get shit done elsewhere, then what are you doing It's cost efficient Anyway, welcome to Reborn! Have fun with the rest of the game, and embrace the edge
  9. ZEL

    Happy new year!!!

    Happy New Year! I fell asleep and woke up six hours after midnight, so I hereby declare 2019 my year of good sleep. Which would be sorely needed, because my sleep schedule is shit. But on a serious note, I just hope I can continue to improve my wellbeing. Managing mental illness when you're forced to live with people who refuse to acknowledge what you're going through is far from ideal, but despite everything, I've made progress. I've nearly made it through last year without hurting myself, so if I can make this year relapse-free that'd be huge. Also, more exercise and more taking care of my body in general. I'm finally no longer underweight, time to get in shape! I dropped out of uni last year, but I finally got a small job that can cover my insurance bills, so I hope this year I'll manage to get into an actual career. I also hope that all my plans for traveling and meeting my friends will work out. I'm planning to see a bunch of people from here next summer and want to spend the next Christmas + New Year's Eve with my boyfriend, I'd be over the moon if both happened.
  10. ZEL

    New Year's Resolution Buddy

    the anti self-depreciation robot is gonna kick your door in, lía
  11. Most people I'd have wanted to nominate are already in their respective categories, excellent. Can I nominate Plok for Cna't Spel twice tho... I would like to nominate @Ironbound for Most Likely to Take Over the World And I think we can add our @YinYang9705 to Most Sarcastic Member but like, in an affectionate way ok And finally myself for needing a hug... I mean what? Don't actually do that
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  13. lía is the smelliest auth we don't need a voting for this zzz
  14. ZEL

    Set or Shift?

    I've always used set, though not actually for any difficulty-related reasons or whatever - it's just that when I was a kid I always found it super annoying to be asked if I wanted to switch out my Pokémon, and so made sure to always stay on set. It was just a silly preference over saving time, and I didn't realize until many years later that there could be tactical reasons. Simply never changed my habits. I do think I'd find it a bit boring to be able to switch out my 'mons with no consequences, though. Both make perfect sense to me gameplay-wise; if the opponent has to select a new 'mon after one got knocked out, there's reasonable time for the player to switch their own out as well. Solid reward for defeating something. I don't think of it as an unfair advantage, rather I'd say it's the other way round, with set just being a slight increased difficulty setting.
  15. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I, too, would like to explore the depths of Tarzan Mountain.