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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you're having a fun day 😉🍰

  2. I am a simple man I see art of Fern, I slap that like button It's so cool to see more of your art, your style is to die for tbh. ...If we all pretend we yet have to be converted to the Fern side, does that mean more art of him? Hypothetical question, of course :]
  3. "Wait, what's a Himbo?" - the himbo award winner, inevitably
  4. Caught an adamant shiny Throh in Shield tonight. Might be the first time I got a shiny with a good nature lol.

  5. squints ...that sounds more correct, yeah though at the end of the day, still before the level cap, so rip meow either way :c
  6. The tragic part is that Fearow would've been a much better help to him in the earlygame so far than the Pidgey line with its horrendous movepool lol Not to mention that if he had trained up his Spearow at the current point, he could easily have delayed the evolution and gotten Drill Peck at 32 and Roost at 24
  7. ZEL

    AI Prediction

    Marc elaborated on the AI and predicting/switching a bit here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42889-i-swear-the-ai-cheats/&do=findComment&comment=816405 To quote:
  8. Quite frankly I'd find it preferable to leave that stuff out or keep it at "the game is based around a former online league and its leaders". Maybe it's just because it's coming from someone who is very much unconvinced by the whole "real life incidents" claim, but I don't see how it'd add value to ttar's playthrough. At most it'll what, make him awkward about how to talk about and handle the characters because he'll be worried about being disrespectful? The whole narrative is kind of a can of worms I'd rather leave on the shelf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. They're meant to unlock mostly postgame content, but some characters' relationship points also influence certain story bits - for example your point amount with Titania and Amaria changes some of their interactions with you in E17. All in all it's not exactly a problem if you don't care, and it's literally impossible to max out everyone's points in a single playthrough anyway because some of them are mutually exclusive. But if you're interested in getting certain game paths/postgame content you'll want to keep track of your points with the characters involved. We don't know yet for sure, of course, but it also seems implied and is a popular theory that collecting the points for Shade and Anna makes you follow the "true ending" path of the story.
  10. Man's suffering. But I decided he deserved it when he dissed Ducklett zzz I have a soft spot for Swanna and will not stand for the slander I'd be absolutely on board with him doing a normal playthrough of Reborn, but so far I've also liked watching him play by nuzlocke rules. Just wanna see him play the way that makes him happy. I'd hate for him to quit nuzlocking just because people pressure him to, but I also don't want him to stubbornly continue it if he'd really rather just enjoy the game in normal mode. It's a decision he has to make for himself.
  11. I'm living for Yashio's fanart ngl, been so happy they've drawn three well technically five of my faves already now Generally super cool to see how much art people are producing for this playthrough.
  12. Fun fact, but that's not actually the Reborn AI having problems, for a change. Abra is literally programmed to spam Hyper Beam in this specific battle so that players can use the recharge rounds to attack.
  13. He totally should pick up a Klinklang, technically he already could have gotten a Klink before Takazel and there's a good chance of getting it as his railnet encounter after the orphanage raid. The factory and short circuit fields are so common and shift gear is ridiculous on them - it's really not difficult to use. You set up and spam gear grind, if you want you can grab coverage, but if you actually pull off setting up more than once on that field you probably won't care about type effectiveness any more :^) He sure could use a steel for Serra, too. Also it's my fave mon and I want him to have it :]
  14. My girl Shelly out there taking lives They grow up so fast ♥ I think TTar did pretty well with the battle otherwise, given his strategy didn't work out. And we better never hear Belly slander again, the blob eats damage for breakfast. "What if I drink a Soda Pop with Belly?" Crack open a cold one with the boys. A drink to remember Tiki.
  15. Happy Bi Visibility Day! Please don't be startled as I temporarily assume a perceivable form.

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