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  1. My coworker tempting me to read awful-sounding books she's pulled out of the shelves vs. my boss telling me not to waste my time reading things I don't think are any good is like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

    Unfortunately for my boss and for myself, I, too, possess unstoppable force.

  2. guess it's time to get ready for reborn's exciting secret sequel, pokemon redeath it's where you get to beat the dead horse all jokes aside, I get that feeling. I'm glad there's more cool fangames in the works that still have some way to go. That way we can get our pokemon fix and still be excited for the next things ame has planned but hey, reborn was my first fangame experience, it will absolutely feel weird not to have any more episode progress to follow
  3. ZEL

    It is I

    I've told many lies in my life, but I'd never dare speak such blatant ones. Welcome to Reborn, nice to have ya!
  4. Adding more mons to the team is always a good idea when you're struggling, but I disagree that it's not possible with what you have. I just tested this team out on debug and beat the battle first try. Lead with Combusken and Roselia, got two layers of Toxic Spikes up right away. Defeated ZEL's team first - Combusken dealt with Glaceon, wanted to be careful and switched it out for Meowstic when Espeon was on the field and only brought it back in once Umbreon was there. Pachirisu can take Chatot on easily. Tangrowth goes down to Meowstic and a filler 'mon. i used Pachirisu there since it was already on the field for Chatot anyway. The tspikes really helped with Tangrowth, chipping down the health on a bulky mon. Roselia can help itself pretty well with draining moves, but if you have potions to spare you can make your life even easier.
  5. [slaps roof of cousin's dog] this little creature can fit so much love in it

  6. How are you currently going about battling them? Which Pokémon gives you the most trouble? One of the better ideas is to focus on taking out one team first; personally I'd say it's easiest if you first deal with ZEL's team before taking on Taka's. Trying to battle both at the same time can get you in annoying situations - but if necessary, get some attacks in on him too, particularly if Chatot is on the field. That bugger can hurt you. I've recreated your team* in Debug and fought the battle without held items and EVs, and it actually went pretty well! The most useful pokemon were Monferno, Pikachu and Roselia, but Herdier and Pidgeotto got their moments too. Pikachu is ideal to paralyze everything you can, and to get rid of Chatot. Parahax saves lives, and if you get a double team in, awesome! Monferno will take care of Glaceon, Umbreon and Exeggcute. Keep it alive for Tangrowth too. Herdier disposes of Espeon. Roselia doesn't do a lot offensively, but besides Chatot and Espeon there also isn't really anything that hurts it, so it's nice to have on the field any time you know you need items or a switch-in. (*levelled Pidgeotto to 30 because why not?) I'd recommend putting a sixth mon on your team. Even if not as a battler, then at least as filler that you can switch into to get a free heal or two on a different party member. (But really, having a sixth battler is ideal.) Your potions will come in handy against Tangrowth, I kept Monferno on the field with Roselia and just used Roselia's turns to heal Monferno. (Tho I let it die a turn or so after Taka used his potion because I got lazy. Pidgeotto still finished the job.)
  7. ZEL


    can't wait to party with Taka's ghost at the cemetery this man will not get any sleep, not even in death
  8. Likability list, will add gym difficulty one later cuz I'm late to work look I kind of want to kick Bennett in the shins, but I don't think he's boring/unremarkable, and I don't disrespect him quite enough to tie him with Terra and Lin. So I made a compromise: he gets to be middle tier, but I had to rename it from "still cool" to "still interesting" because y'know, nice character arc but also fuck you. edit: there we go Based this one off my accumulated experiences with multiple runs. So like. Incredibly subjective. For example, Terra actually does use her field quite well, much to her credit, but I've yet to actually struggle with beating her the slightest. Adrienn has the same field as Tania, I Am Aware. But unlike Tania, xe is weak to steel types. I still don't know exactly why I keep struggling with Shade to be honest, but they can be on that tier, they deserve it. Julia once lost to a team of 3 normal/flying types. I don't even bother bringing a full team to her gym any more. fuck the mirror arena
  9. If I can't vote for Azery in all 3 categories then what even is the POINT of having a royalty vote How can you do this This is outrageous It's unfair How can you let Azery be at the party, and not let him have the rank of kingqueensovereign
  10. The weather's so nice, gotta go down to the beach after lunch again.
    Latvia is gorgeous and I'm jealous my friend just casually lives like this

  11. whale hi there! whalecome to reborn, nice to meet ya! saving ocean creatures sounds like a very whalesome goal, I hope whaleheartedly that together we can succeed and make the endeavor worthwhale. hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Hiya, welcome to Reborn! \o I guess my number one advice would be that Reborn is a game that rewards exploration. There's a lot of side quests and events all over the place, and some of the most useful stuff is locked behind 'em. For example, you may find different Pokémon under changing weather conditions - such as a Tynamo in an alleyway during thunderstorms. You'll also probably develop a habit of checking every rock and trash pile for hidden items, because there's lots of them. A lot of traditionally "strong" Pokémon aren't available until later, but Reborn also manages to make some usually overlooked Pokémon more useful. Some of them may be a good type match up for what's ahead of you next. Some get a move or two that comes in handy for the next battle. Some work really well with certain field effects. Disregard nothing just based on how it does in competitive. I've used a Wormadam for five gyms. Twice. Anyway, yeah - hope you enjoy yourself, and maybe we'll see you around!
  13. Off to a week in Latvia! Celebrating my friend's 25th birthday, also time for Eurovision soon :]

  14. Just shook an open bottle. Not my smartest moment today.

  15. Coming home at 7am and going to work two hours later was a great decision I'm not suffering at all

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      sounded kinda like farting tbh

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