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  1. again a call to not send me rejuv dev related questions for the time being, like fixing your save. i do not have time at the moment to fix them, so please just refer to the savefile troubleshooting topic or i will simply ignore your dm.

    1. DemICE


      yeah send em to azery instead! i like seeing him cringe every t8ime he sees  illegal  mons/sets/items  😊

  2. i'm gonna be on a semi-hiatus until the 4th of september, i'll still poke my head in from time to time but august is gonna be hectic as all fuck because of irl stuff so until then! o7

  3. Neither! It's a secret exit somewhere :^)
  4. please post your savefiles in the savefile troubleshooting thread rather than dm'ing me with it

    1. Swampellow


      Zumi I have a bug in my game, it’s called Bidoof, I need you to remove it plz.

    2. Plok
    3. Chimpnology


      a bug to be sure, but a welcome one.

  5. patch ur game

  6. i was gonna explain the situation myself but two people replied before i could so LOL but yeah, i had my own fangame called pokemon xenogene that ended up cancelled/on indefinite hiatus because i wanted to pursue creating original content as well as being busy as fuck with school at the time and generally having very little motivation to work on xenogene while ALSO doing work for Rejuv, so to avoid getting burnt out i've decided to stop working on it. i felt bad that the music went unused though since that's where the biggest chunk of time has sank into while working on the game, so I gave the rights to Jan to use any of the music he liked in Rejuv instead so they could still find some usage! i do plan to update these songs sometime in the future as i can do better now in terms of mixing and instrumentalization!! but for now these will remain in the game as is uwu
  7. Terajuma. You'll have to do a certain puzzle starting at a dive spot in Aquamarine cave in order to reach the switch you need to press to access the place though, so you'll have to look around a bit!
  8. This thread has now been closed! The thread might be locked, but we'll still go over the remaining questions and answer them later. Thank you guys for your patience and your participation! Hopefully we've been able to satiate some curiosity within you all and give answers to the questions we could actually give details about! We won't be doing another one of these for a while, maybe another one after V14 or something, but nothing's set in stone -- all we know is that we'd rather have a significant amount of new content out before doing another one of these. Thank you and hope everyone's looking forward to Version 13!
  9. jesus CHRIST this is probably the longest one yet, but probably also the second to last one before the thread closes. I tried to answer pretty much all of the ones that came after my last answer post, so strap in and get ready for a long read!
  10. image.png.b6724e145711369a5dbfbe0680d0681a.png

    1. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      Zoom Zoomy Zumiii! i'd ask for the context but i think that the image posted is your ahead of time answer to any questions that can take a Yes or No response XD

  11. This thread will be closing tomorrow, so if you still have any inquiries left, better post them before the thread locks!
  12. zumi off the shits

    1. NullCat



      How was it?


  13. i will punch a doorframe and no one can stop me

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    2. Alisae


      the window will stop you

    3. Zumi


      bold of you to assume my door has a window

    4. Alisae


      as long as you are stopped from punching, there can be a window on your door

  14. Can you please quit worrying about whether there's romance in the game or not? Like legit, at this point this song and dance is getting genuinely old and it's becoming increasingly tiresome to continuously have to debunk these assumptions. The reason you're not getting romance routes is because Jan doesn't feel comfortable writing them as he doesn't like harem-y game types and mechanics. I've said it before -- Rejuvenation is not a dating sim and never was gonna be one, so please stop assuming that it was. That's literally all there is to it, nothing more. (btw the Ren/Aelita speculation is fine, but this doesn't necessarily mean that based on their interactions there's romantic tension between the two, keep this in mind)
  15. back at it again at krispy kreme, lesgooooo By the way, as a little heads up, please understand we will not be able to answer 99% of your questions about future content, as we don't want to accidentally spoil anyone. Please keep this in mind before asking your questions as we'd rather not continuously have to tell you that we can't say!
  16. Hey guys, a little reminder to not use this thread for inquiries about the game a la bug reports and save file issues! This is moreso to ask about the development/story of the game or personal questions specifically for the devs.
  17. as per usual can't answer all of them, but here's a good chunk of your questions answered again!
  18. maxresdefault.jpg

    1. Chrixai
    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      ...Are ya tryna say "look at this clown"? 🤔

    3. Chimpnology


      i thought i fuckin told my coworkers not to fuckin post this on the internet

  19. can't answer all of the questions above, but i will answer a couple that i can! late response but V12 is probably my favourite so far, though this also has to do with V12 having been an absolute blast to work on. there's a lot of stuff in this episode that i genuinely enjoyed making and playing, so that's probably why! 1) Mine's Ampharos, followed by Darmanitan! 2) Most of them if not all will be unavailable until post-game. 3) Who knows? :^)
  20. the fact that you feel like you're entitled to date a fictional character says more about you than us not adding that feature in the game..... it's not a dating sim. it never was gonna be a dating sim. idk why you're going into a pokemon game expecting it to be a dating sim when it's not even part of the maingame series. the characters do not exist for the sole purpose of thirsting over. like jan already said in his post, just because a character is nice to you does not mean they're attracted to you, because yknow, friends exist! relationships are not inherently romantic and can be platonic too.
  21. ive been posting nearly every day here but im in a MOOD anyways here's a ryland doodle. i really like him
  22. the ride never ends, my friend. the next version is already being worked on, we just take a little time before posting the new status thread. lots of it is preproduction and preparation anyways lmao I'm kinda guessing it's little nuances in how the characters move and behave. In text it's easy to describe facial expressions and changes in tone of voice etc, but the game's limitations with sprites make this a lot harder. Tho, Jan has been trying to give expressions to characters even with the limitations, which gives a little bit more personality to the characters, so it's being tried to work around this limitation ofc! wh... and why exactly would you want this LOL the mystery gift feature is available in essentials, but i think this kinda depends on whether online play is added or not. that, or a small data patch that lets you download a certain mystery gift mon, but that's for way later in development, maybe V16 stuff I'm guessing. As for greninja, still can't say anything about that dude. For now, don't get your hopes up for ash greninja being added in :V
  23. Commander, do you mind not answering these questions yourself? The devs are supposed to answer these questions, not you.
  24. part 2 because i have no self control. minor spoiler warning i guess
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