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  1. Right off the bat I'm gonna make clear; these aren't my own works. In fact, I wanted to highlight some personal favourite fanworks I've seen posted on Tumblr by other artists because there's some really good works people made for Rejuv that haven't been shown off here! Please give the original artists some love if you can by reblogging the original post linked above each image! I would've rather have the posts embedded here instead of having to link the image separately but the forum doesn't embed tumblr posts unfortunately, unlike twitter posts Either way, enjoy!! I know I sure have!! By Romaheroic By Frightguard By Pianoshrimp By riddle-me-ree By lesbiancombee By Pianoshrimp
  2. vibin.........

  3. updated my art thread!! 


  4. hi yes its been nearly a month since i last posted in here and i have been doing The Draws a bunch of them are doodles and half of those doodles are shitposts bc i was in a Funny Mood so enjoy as always comments are always appreciated!!! uwu
  5. Have you tried running the game as administrator?
  6. Hey, I need some help! Please read this post: 

    Long story short:
    I need to save up for a new PC! My laptop is starting to die and I'm looking for people who are interested in commissioning me so I can raise the money necessary to get a high end PC built, as I need it for my job. There's a tweet in the post, please read the rest there.

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Welp, this unfortunately timed- I just lost what little cash I had a couple days ago, so I can't commission anything myself. I can retweet for you, though, so I think it's about time I brush the dust off my old Twitter~

  7. Hey, I normally don't really use Reborn as a medium to promote my commissions but I'm in a bit of a pinch as my laptop is starting to deteriorate pretty fast at the moment, so I'm offering commissions for large illustrations. I know this is probably not the right audience to ask as these illustrations aren't cheap and most ppl here are students, but I need the money to buy a new PC. Even if you can't commission me for one, it'd be helpful to try to spread the word about it by RT'ing the tweet linked below, or sharing it with others who might be interested. Thank you in advance for the help!
  8. No need to be passive aggressive dude, cut the attitude. Also this thread wasn't dead at all, people were still posting in it from time to time. It's just that this thread doesn't become 95% memes instead of fanart/writing/whatever, that's all.
  9. Hey, as much as these memes are funny and all, this thread was meant for stuff like art and fics, not meme edits that took about 5 minutes to make. It's okay to post one of those once in a while, but given that it's starting to bury other works which did have some more effort put into it, I'm gonna ask you to stop posting memes for the time being. Please create a meme thread or something along those lines if you want to keep posting them from now on out!
  10. y'all. we've gone over this whole "romancing the player" thing before so i'm not gonna explain it again. im sure you know what our standpoint on it is, and we're not gonna change it. Besides, this isn't the place to discuss this, so please keep it on topic and don't bury other people's works! If you want to continue this discussion, please take it to DMs.
  11. You're looking for the wrong download, buddy! The correct download is here, for V12. All the previous download links have been taken down. Also, locking this thread to prevent further revival!
  12. spooks....

    1. J-Dawg


      Is another one of those, social experiments...OMG YOUR DIMITRI PIC IS BLINKING WTF ZUMI

  13. I'm actually not super into the franchise, but I got those sketches commissioned during a couple of my sketch request streams I did back in August/September! I did read up a bit on the lore and such though, I find the story interesting
  14. sjfjsjhf THANK U... i really only can do this because ive practiced so much though so talented is a big word to use tbh
  15. ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS HI ive been. shoulder deep in fe3h hell and i don't think there's any escape???? so yeah. lots of fe stuff in the spoilers. you have been warned. its a lot of dimitri. also like 80% of these are sketches??? i haven't done a lot of fully rendered stuff lately because of that i've been busy as all FUCK during the summer because of the flower parade so i only really had time to sketch for like two months. also, most of my other free time that i did have went into the animation that's linked as well which ate like fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at LEAST 30 hours of my time so that's a thing heugh. anyways enjoy!!! and of course comments are always welcome
  16. hm. hm hm hm? hm! what does it mean?
  17. owo

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    2. Zumi


      it was a social experiment and i genuinely do not understand why people would feel the need to upvote this or my previous post for that matter LOL

    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      its bc ur zumi

    4. J-Dawg


      It's because Zumi best girl.  Obviously! 😋

  18. uwu

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    2. J-Dawg


      Are you officially an eGirl now?

    3. Zumi



    4. J-Dawg


      Yeah, I think that qualifies.

  19. So! I've made a thread like this each year since 2017, and the last one was from March 2018. It's been 1 1/2 year, so it's time to make another one of these! What is your favourite thing about Rejuvenation? This can be anything - from the custom graphics, to the story and it's characters, to the music! Of course it'd be best if you kept it directly related to the game itself -- As a little note, saying "Oh [x] song is good" when referring to remixes made of songs from the mainline pokemon games rather than referring to the custom music made for Rejuv is a little bit backwards. Though, if you like the choices made to play certain music in certain areas/during certain moments, then that's completely fine! Either way, let us know your experience with the game. We'd love to hear it! (as with the fanart thread, it's absolutely fantastic and incredibly motivating to us, the dev team, to see people enjoy the game -- so thank you in advance for leaving a message and for playing!!! <3)
  20. I decided to upload one of Xenogene's unreleased songs to youtube after a long time of debating whether I should publish it or not. Please give it a listen!



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    2. Zumi


      oh no this is fine!! i actually really appreciate the thorough description, i like hearing what people think! This particular piece actually shares a melodyline with one of the other songs that were already published, you should try to hear if you can find it :^) And it doesn't matter whether it's in public or in dm's, either way's fine!

    3. J-Dawg


      Okay, I gotcha.  Thank you for letting me know.  I will keep that in mind since I can probably figure which song shares the melodyline.

    4. Raion


      This track sounds like all the other track of Xenogene really good! 

      I think i know for who this track could be but i'll say no peculations.

      Either way when i first saw this game i fastly begann to really like the music. 

      I would extremly enjoy hearing more tracks from Xenogene. 

      Keep up this awesome work @Zumi!

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