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  1. hello hello hello!! i may still be in the process of respawning so i cannot post the cover art until then, buuuuuuuuuuut i do have a couple of sprites i can show you! this is basically the follow up post to an earlier post i made showing off some battle sprite revisions i've done for V12 (a good ol uhhhhhhh 70 npc sprites or so?) so here's another batch! old vs new in the spoiler! some of them are more subtle than others, but they're still there uwu ...You didn't think that's the end of it, now did you? Well, you're right in that case, because I also have something completely new to show off! For V11, I showed off Erin's VS portrait as you fought her for the first time in the previous version, so keeping up this lil new tradition, I'll be showing another character you'll fight for the first time this version! I'll be putting it in a spoiler for those who don't want the surprise ruined though. V12 is close! Until then, please be patient a little longer -- we're doing our best to make it worth the wait. uwu
  2. hello after two months i exist once more and this time im not gonna bother separating all of these so everything's in the spoiler tags uwu lotta doodles this time around tbh and well, i have a couple of larger pieces i did in the meantime.... but those are for v12 of rejuv and i cant post those yet, ha so that's it for now!!! enjoy the art dump and lemme know what u think ;v;
  3. Hey! This save doesn't seem to work, right now it seems like your savefile has corrupted entirely. I can't open the game, so you'll very likely have to revert to an older save. I can't help you any further, sorry :^(
  4. hewwo, while y'all are waiting for V12 to drop, here are a couple of bonus icons i did of the protags! i'm not adding these to the main post as they're bonus content and not really 100% ~*~*official*~*~, but feel free to use them if you want c: BONUS: Ana
  5. The NB protagonists' sprites got updates this version.
  6. Like mentioned in the thread itself by the person who replied to it -- if you have backup saves enabled, revert to an older save file. If that doesn't fix the issue, please post your savefile here and someone will help you get unstuck!
  7. fool... if i wait longer i will return with 200% power...... i will bide my time....... you are not prepared for what i have in store for V12 :^))))
  8. so i tried to post a proper picture of the cover art to show to you all but then jan astral projected to my house and killed me so this is the only picture i was able to take before i died so im sorry i won't be able to show off the full thing unfortunately in high quality because i'm only gonna respawn when V12 releases............. yknow, like a gamer so y'all are gonna have to wait until then.
  9. Zumi

    Meet the vets!

    wtf i never posted in this??? i thought i did but guess not, sooooooooooooooooooo it's about time i do then i've been meaning to do a reintroduction anyways since i've been dead for a long ass time and became a little bit more active recently so uhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH henlo stinky lizards.... it me, zumi Known as: Zumi (or Famke to some as that's my real name -- though I prefer being called by my nickname) Age: 21 years old Gender: Female (She/her!) Birthday: December 15th 1997 Location: Netherlands Height: 172cm Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue Lives with: My family (Mom, Dad, Older brother and lil bro, my other brother already moved out a few years ago) Pets: Two cats and nine chickens Relationship status: Taken! :^) Favourite Food: Curry madras.... gud Favourite Drink: Green tea Favourite Color: Red! Favourite kind of Music: I like many types of music OTL......... Though genres I find consistently pleasing to listen to are rock and orchestral music! Favourite Band: Kensington Favourite Album: Saint Motel - Saintmotelevision Favourite Song: Kensington - Bats (tho tbh this continuously changes so this is just as of right now) Favourite Game: Currently A Hat in Time! Though I also really enjoy the Persona series, the Zelda series, Pokemon (naturally), the Ace Attorney series, Earthbound & Mother 3, and Fire Emblem! Favourite Genre of Game: Adventure/RPG! Favourite Hobbies: Drawing, making/listening to music, gaming, singing, watch anime/read manga and doing voluntary work for the local flower parade Favourite Movies: Uhhhhhhh I guess Thor: Ragnarok??? good movie Favourite Shows: Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural (yes its a buzzfeed series but it's actually, yknow, really good) Community questions: So, who are you? Hi!!!! I'm Zumi and I'm a 21 year old walking talking art disaster who doesn't know how to take breaks, yeehaw If you've been around for a while, you've probably seen me talk from time to time in the Rejuvenation subforum or in the status bar. I joined Reborn in 2015 after having lurked a couple of months in 2014 (which is around the time Rejuvenation first took off and became more popular). Within this community I'm mostly known as a developer (well, lead sprite artist) for Pokemon Rejuvenation, but to those who have been around for longer than a year and a half or so might also know me as a previously very active community member and ex-staff member! I used to be a moderator on Reborn's Showdown server, and for a lesser amount on the Discord as well. I'm still in said discord, but I've only recently again become a little bit more active than I was for over a year, so not a lot of newer members might know who I am outside of poking my head into the Rejuvenation forums/channel from time to time -- hence the reintroduction :^) Apologies for the potty mouth i have by the way. I might sound pretty formal here but I throw the word fuck around like it's the word "hi", it's kinda become a habit and it be like that sometimes Anything you're responsible for? Like I mentioned before, I do most of the spritework for Rejuvenation -- at least, spriting that isn't related to mapping or overworld sprites. All the VS, back and battle sprites you see in game are done or have been edited to have matching quality by me (at least as of V12 lmao)! I also have been doing cover art for Rejuvenation since V8, which is uh. three years now already?? jesus christ. where did the time go I also mentioned I used to be staff on Reborn, but that's no longer a responsibility of mine :^) now i'm retired and get to sit on my lawn and yell people to get off ot it. 60 years too soon? maybe, but i have back problems already (hahAHA) which makes me feel like an old lady so i'm 99% sure i'm allowed to do that oh! and next to that, i'm also working on my own comic, which you can read here!! not a plug or anything, nah ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do twitter posts count??? honestly my memory is shit so i wouldn't know what post to pick from here since I don't remember half of them HSDHJDSK this one I recently posted gives a good impression of how ~*~*~*smart*~*~*~ i am sometimes which is to say, as you can see, sometimes not very. What can I talk to you about? I can talk about a lot of things!! Though of course I enjoy topics related to my hobbies (ESPECIALLY art and the flower parade) and other people's interests most, and less so talk about politics -- While I'm well aware it's important to know about what's going on in the world in regards to bad shit happening, I personally think there's enough negativity to go around already and I'm sure not everyone wants to constantly be reminded of it so I prefer talking about things that can cheer people up a little!! If you're passionate about a hobby, I'd love to hear about it also if you talk to me about any of my favourite games and say you like any of my favourite characters i will combust on the spot and start crying about how much i love said character and i might not be able to shut up for a while. you have been warned. Closing statements? bibs and jan both smell, also please do not hesitate to talk to me if you see me around on discord! I may not be as active on the forums, but I still pop my head in on discord occasionally so feel free to say hi if you see me around!!
  10. Tree of life ~ Trunk, from Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!
  11. hahahaha hey so like. funny story, right i finished a couple of sprites new for V12 in the weekend! which is great! because that means all the battle/vs sprites are done!!!! meaning graphics have made progress Once Again but then my impulsive ass decided at 11pm on sunday evening while working on the cover art to touch up all of the other sprites that didn't get touched up in V11. so thats uh all the npc trainers that arent gym leaders or major fights that didn't get introduced in v11? yeah IM ALL ABOUT THAT CONSISTENCY, MAN. gotta have everything look nice yfeel???????? anyways i have no impulse control. so that's great in any case, i'm well over halfway through, so here's a couple of old VS new comparisons!!!!! no spoilers of course :^) stay tuned for more in the future!! i think??? probably
  12. shimmies in......... henlo so of course, with V12 come another couple of sprite edits!! though this one is a little bit more drastic -- rather than just a cleanup, crawli got a pretty big overhaul in total design! here's a little before and after! Before After you know, it's kinda funny he has a net in his vs sprite but not in his battle sprite. it was the other way around first. but you know what? who cares. pokemon logic. no need to question it. i've also done some sprites for characters that have yet to make an appearance in battle, as well as having plans for two illustrations...... but unfortunately i won't be showing those just yet :^))))) spoilers! Hope y'all are excited for V12! Might have a couple more updates in the future!
  13. hi wow it's actually not been that long since i last posted here BUT I KINDA.... wanted to show this because i'm super happy with how this hairstyle looks on me (it's one of the rare instances where i'm actually going out in the weekend) so here u go
  14. bibs why is this ur pfp and username again.............. what happened.......................

    1. Chimpnology


      its for reactions like these, obviously.

    2. Zumi


      of course. of course. why else would you

  15. hi i like letting this thread die and then reviving it when i remember it exists so here's an update from january on out! it's not a whole lot because i'm still dealing with this shitty arm injury that i still haven't recovered from??? fuck this vertical croissant bullshit tbh ANYWAYS i'm putting everything in a spoiler so you don't have to endlessly scroll LOL Fanart stuff yes i got into mother 3 i am very emo about this game and i would die for its characters, lucas and claus are my children thank u for coming to my ted talk also surprisingly much hat stuff?? i thought i drew less but here we are Overgrown Before getting into the drawings I posted separately: For those unaware, Overgrown is a comic I've been planning for over a year now, and I'd like to happily announce that CHAPTER 0: Prologue is finally out!! It'll take a while until Chapter 1 will be out due to school related matters, but I hope the prologue will peak your interest. Please do take the time and give it a chance to read it if you can! READ OVERGROWN HERE see y'all in like four months again when i remember this thread exists GHSDJFHBVSDHj also please leave a comment if you liked the stuff i post here!!! it fuels me hehehe
  16. suh dud.... been a good while since i've posted here but i got a haircut today!!
  17. You have to accept the missing children at the help center in GDC first before you get access to it! As for the train issue I'm not 100% what's going on there, if you think it's a bug you may want to report it in the troubleshooting section.
  18. Guys, this is the V10 reporting thread -- We don't look in this one anymore due to it being outdated. Please use the official rejuvenation club to report your bugs. Locking this thread!
  19. This is an issue we're aware of but aren't really 100% sure of what's causing it at the moment, especially the battle animations. We're thinking it's related to the field effects as they're piling up more and more and it's a lot to load in, but we can't really say for sure. That combined with RPG Maker XP being a pretty old engine, it's easier to experience lag. Hopefully we can fix this in a future update, but for the time being apologies for the inconvenience!
  20. Of course! Feel free to do so!
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