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  1. hi wow it's actually not been that long since i last posted here BUT I KINDA.... wanted to show this because i'm super happy with how this hairstyle looks on me (it's one of the rare instances where i'm actually going out in the weekend) so here u go
  2. bibs why is this ur pfp and username again.............. what happened.......................

    1. Chimpnology


      its for reactions like these, obviously.

    2. Zumi


      of course. of course. why else would you

  3. art thread update, babey!


  4. hi i like letting this thread die and then reviving it when i remember it exists so here's an update from january on out! it's not a whole lot because i'm still dealing with this shitty arm injury that i still haven't recovered from??? fuck this vertical croissant bullshit tbh ANYWAYS i'm putting everything in a spoiler so you don't have to endlessly scroll LOL Fanart stuff yes i got into mother 3 i am very emo about this game and i would die for its characters, lucas and claus are my children thank u for coming to my ted talk also surprisingly much hat stuff?? i thought i drew less but here we are Overgrown Before getting into the drawings I posted separately: For those unaware, Overgrown is a comic I've been planning for over a year now, and I'd like to happily announce that CHAPTER 0: Prologue is finally out!! It'll take a while until Chapter 1 will be out due to school related matters, but I hope the prologue will peak your interest. Please do take the time and give it a chance to read it if you can! READ OVERGROWN HERE see y'all in like four months again when i remember this thread exists GHSDJFHBVSDHj also please leave a comment if you liked the stuff i post here!!! it fuels me hehehe
  5. what the FUCk happened to my profile activity

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    2. DreamblitzX


      the site decided it didn't need no stinkin activity history anymore

    3. andracass


      i booped ame and it deleted the server i'm very sorry :c

    4. Swampellow



  6. suh dud.... been a good while since i've posted here but i got a haircut today!!
  7. chungus

    1. Sardines
    2. Zumi


      god that is fucking awful

  8. You have to accept the missing children at the help center in GDC first before you get access to it! As for the train issue I'm not 100% what's going on there, if you think it's a bug you may want to report it in the troubleshooting section.
  9. Guys, this is the V10 reporting thread -- We don't look in this one anymore due to it being outdated. Please use the official rejuvenation club to report your bugs. Locking this thread!
  10. This is an issue we're aware of but aren't really 100% sure of what's causing it at the moment, especially the battle animations. We're thinking it's related to the field effects as they're piling up more and more and it's a lot to load in, but we can't really say for sure. That combined with RPG Maker XP being a pretty old engine, it's easier to experience lag. Hopefully we can fix this in a future update, but for the time being apologies for the inconvenience!
  11. Of course! Feel free to do so!
  12. Hey Rejuv fans! Don't forget that when you're making a topic about V11 to put a spoiler warning in front of your topic title. It'll save us the trouble of having to go through topics and having to edit the title so people can be warned up front.

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