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  1. Yep! His VS portrait in-game actually has been changed slightly as well to match his official art better, as I felt it's more visible what a sorry state the poor guy actually is in like this. The differences between his normal and his spirit portrait are much more clear now, too! I've put a comparison in the spoilers.
  2. Taking a short break from Gen 8 spriting to work on something else that's probably a little overdue....
  3. please watch this stream highlight of mine it's so fucking funny and im still laughing 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DreamblitzX


      great, now I'm laughing and crying at the same time because I watched back the hidden land / temporal tower stuff, and it's EoS, but then there's chat saying stuff like 'dialga ate a snickers'

      also still just getting the instatears from a secondhand randomized playthrough after all this time, I think that's a pretty good indicator that Explorers DX is what would be able to make me instabuy a switch

    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      you didnt even steal ALL the items

      you suck at being a criminal

    4. Zumi


      dream i feel that, i had to laugh bc my chat was making jokes but i was actually crying while playing HJSDFSDBHJ it was wild


      also bibs shut the hell ur mouth

  4. As I explained on discord, our current consensus on the matter is that only base Gen 8 is set to be included with V13. We haven't settled on what we'll do with the DLC additions yet in the sense of whether we're adding those in a patch or in V14. so we can't make any promises on that field yet!
  5. I don't really care much for musicals, but my favourite artists are Kensington and Coldplay!
  6. Tip: If you have Photoshop, open up your tilesets in there and copy in those swatches you have in an empty spot on the tileset, then merge it with the layer the tileset is on. Grab the bucket tool, turn off anti-aliasing and contiguous mode, then color all those swatches you have pure black. Et voila! You'll have all of the outlines turned completely black in one go without having to do everything manually. Don't forget to remove the swatches later on though, lol. I'm not sure if there's equivalents of this in other programs, but it's extremely useful to recolor stuff so I'd recommend finding a program that supports such a function.
  7. Dunno where you got this information from, but I doubt anyone's said anything of this sort, so there's no real reason to believe there's not gonna be more crests. I'm not really too sure on the details myself either though, lol.... But I doubt this is the last you'll see of them.
  8. I think I have three more songs from SWSH that i'd like to remix someday!! the league tournament battle music, stow-on-side's music and hop's league battle music. Piers' theme is a fourth, but I don't think I'd be able to do it justice for as long as I don't have some really good idea as of what I want to do with it OTL

    1. SilverAngelus


      You were right the first time, Piers' theme is too good to be edited.

  9. This week is a rather plentiful week of updates, isn't it? Well I've got one last thing to show off for now! But before we get to what's being added, let's introduce you all to someone! Some of you might remember this character being on some of Gearen's billboards in older versions of the game + you've also probably met her mother Jolene in the game by now, but I'd like you to meet Volta! In the older versions of Rejuvenation, she was the electric type gym leader, who would go on to retire and be replaced by Erick, who then still played a significantly smaller role than he does now. In the current version of the game she was a gym leader that acted as the stand-in for Saki, but now Erick has taken over her spot as gym leader as she went off to GDC to become a news reporter... Basically reducing her to a character that's only been mentioned once or twice. But now you're probably wondering, why haven't we seen more of her yet if she's still somewhat relevant? Well, I'm here to answer that question! In V13, we're adding a hints system that is accessible through the TV's you find in houses. This system is meant to help you find your way around if you're lost on as of where to go next, which is particularly useful when you haven't played in a while and you have no clue where you left off... And Volta will be the one appearing on TV to tell you all about the latest scoops and happenings that will put you back on track! And to go with this new hints system, she got a fresh new look to go along with it as well. Meet our new Volta! Next time you get lost in the game just find the most nearby TV, and Volta will be there to tell you all about the latest happenings so you can find your way back to where you need to go! We hope you will appreciate the addition of the hints system. It's going to be a bit of work to write them all out considering how long the game itself is, but we hope it'll help some of you in the future! Don't expect these V13 content updates to be this frequent by the way, as this post is about something for which the graphics were finished a few months ago already. Updates in regards to new V13 content will probably remain scarce for a while until we're done with Gen 8 implementation (unless Jan wants to post something about it whenever he feels like it LOL), so please be patient with us for a little while longer as we try to get all of that sorted out first! Oh, and I completely forgot to mention it in my previous post... but Happy New Year from everyone in the Rejuv dev team! Let's all hope for another great year!
  10. 1) Mmmmm not really. I do like most of Dan Brown's books, thought! Just that I'm more of a fanfic reader than anything else sdghfjsdfsvbdgns 2) There's a good couple of artists that inspire me! A couple of my friends, but also some other artists that I simply follow on twitter. I'd recommend checking out Jenna Brown's, Loish's, ExTrident's and Hitofutarai's artwork, those are some of my favourites!! I have, actually! If I ever somehow end up not being able to draw anymore, I'll probably consider pursuing music and particularly digital production as a career path. I still want to take vocal lessons again at some point as well.
  11. Good! and absolutely, i take full responsibility and i regret absolutely nothing
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