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  1. Post Game board is up and omg it nearly take half amount of the scroll bar. Also surpirsed Ame didn't put Regigigas in the same part as its underlings and that the rest of the ultra beast don't have a scoreboard.
  2. So in e14 her lesson is basically about priorities however since e15 it was changed to something about the void. However in my recent playtrough of e18 she talks about how looks can be deceiving but in another playtrough she still talks about the void. So is the deceiving look speech available in e15 or is it new? Is the lesson she picks choosen at random or there is something to trigger one or the other?
  3. To be fair the love ball actually works like this in gen2.
  4. Back in the online league, her profile pic shows her with all the dragon psuedos that exist in gen 5. Not sure about her other 2 mons but i expect its either haxorus and kingdra or flygon. Note that the other 3 psuedos are the aces of other characters. Also she would most likely use arc-pulse in her team.
  5. I recommend 2 of my favorite books, once you'll read it you'll love it. And both of them are New York Times best sellers too! So thats a plus.
  6. If you notice carefuly there seems to be Mosely in the background in the spectator (just under you opponent)
  7. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!

  8. morellul is available at terajuma jungle and cutiefly in pom - pom meadow
  9. These water tiles (the one the MC is in front of) are unpassable capture062.bmp
  10. Where did you find a yungoos? Also i what will happen if use the randomizer on my current save file
  11. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!


    Clefable is OU again Jayda. Suck it.
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