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  1. Rabbna

    Theories about Lin's Team.

    Back in the online league, her profile pic shows her with all the dragon psuedos that exist in gen 5. Not sure about her other 2 mons but i expect its either haxorus and kingdra or flygon. Note that the other 3 psuedos are the aces of other characters. Also she would most likely use arc-pulse in her team.
  2. Rabbna

    Depths PC

    Does anyone know where exactly is this thing? It exist at least since the relationship points is intoduced and its supposedly in tanzan depths but i cant find it anywhere.
  3. Rabbna

    Book/Novel Recommendations

    I recommend 2 of my favorite books, once you'll read it you'll love it. And both of them are New York Times best sellers too! So thats a plus.
  4. Rabbna

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    If you notice carefuly there seems to be Mosely in the background in the spectator (just under you opponent)
  5. Togepi is actually fairy type not normal.
  6. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!

  7. morellul is available at terajuma jungle and cutiefly in pom - pom meadow
  8. Rabbna

    Pokemon Rejuvenation v9 Randomizer

  9. Rabbna

    Pokemon Rejuvenation v9 Randomizer

    Where did you find a yungoos? Also i what will happen if use the randomizer on my current save file
  10. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!


    Clefable is OU again Jayda. Suck it.
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  13. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!

    Kanto Hat Ash Pikachu Event giveaways all day on Saturday, April 22nd