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  1. Hey, would be cool if you could do a debug mod for Sardonyx. ^^
  2. Yeah I know. I just want to know if the random machine thing in the starter room gives anything special (like it did in rejuv) xD
  3. Hi, I'm gonna start a fresh save for the new episode and I'm wondering if there are secret/jackpot starters? (like in the older rejuv versions for example)
  4. Nice, I was looking forward for a new Rejuv Follower Mod. Good job.
  5. If the protagonist had an ingame canon team, what would it be? (besides the Mawile and Nancy's Sylveon)
  6. A-Vulpix gets Kantonian Vulpix egg moves via move releaner.
  7. Hey I would like to do a water monorun and I would appreciate it if someone would give me: Poliwag, Female, Modest Horsea, Female, Modest Marill, Female, Adamant Mystery egg: Frillish, Female, Calm Good IV's would be very nice. Thanks in advance. Game.rxdata
  8. Mega Miltank xD Normal/Fairy Regenerator HP: 95 Attack: 100 Defense: 125 Sp. Attack: 20 Sp. Defense: 95 Speed: 120
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