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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Paul25


      Happy Birthday! ^_^ 

      May this day be repleted with never seen b4 pleasures! C:

  2. How often do you check your discord?

    1. Fumble


      oops i never saw this

      i've sorta been on a total social media cleanse (including reborn + discord) bc of stress + school so... pretty much never lol :(. i don't think i'll be back here for too long though, life's still pretty hectic for me atm, but when it calms down, i'll try to be back for sure !

  3. whipped dreams are unavailable iirc so I don't think you can evolve swirlix yet, but i recall there being a slurpuff trade in grand dream city? @Njab
  4. General Info: Known as: am i not popular enough to be known already?? :[ Age: :] Gender: Male Birthday: December 31st Location: New York Height: haven't measured myself recently but relatively short Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Lives with: My fam Pets: I do have a doge Relationship status: Single Favourite Food: Anything sweet Favourite Drink: Currently? Midnight Mint Mocha Frappucino Favourite Color: Silver's pretty cool Favourite kind of Music: MUSICALS YES Favourite Band: haven't really listened to any bands recently Favourite Album: currently? probably groundhog day: the musical Favourite Song: DEAR THEODOSIA Favourite Game: uhh pokemon SM was the last game i played so Favourite Genre of Game: RPGs are fun Favourite Hobbies: homework!!!1! also keeping up with drama Favourite Movies: Mean Girls Favourite Shows: don't really watch TV anymore but uh i've recently watched one episode of Friends on a flight so maybe that!! Community questions: So, who are you?: Someone who's not as active as they should be anymore :[ Anything you're responsible for? I made so many threads... mainly the old e15 completionist reborn guide that went up to shelly and a bunch of rejuv threads though. oh and i hax'd my way through redemption season 1 but i only got to my 16th badge so yea. (might've been able to get through season 2 though i doubt it) edit: oh yeah i also did hunger games way back and was like nations staff in season 2 (though i didn't really do anything; the others did so much more work than me haha). If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? uhh i don't really remember any of my old posts and i already deleted my intro thread bc of the cringe. maybe my completionist guide so you can see how very helpful i am!!1! What can I talk to you about? uhh I'm down with anything except for personal things bc i'm terrible at feelings or things involving thinking and opinions bc i have no capacity for that. might be on and off reborn for a while since trips and school soon TM so yea. Closing statements? don't look at my old posts they are horrible
  5. it's one of the rarest (if not the rarest) encounter at sheridan. i think i found mine at morning/day if it helps. definitely there though
  6. that's simipour's natural ability; it won't get pure water until it megas. i suppose it doesn't really matter what ability simipour has though since there's not much reason to not mega first turn edit: also it does learn acrobatics but that isn't really great since mega stone would make it only 55 bp rather than 110. i feel like knock off > gunk shot though since you already have ice punch for grass but idk what gunk shot is specifically targeting that ice punch doesn't also that mega octillery's really cool ngl i had a similar idea for a mega mega snorlax honestly seems really op tbh, but i wouldn't know until it's actually been experimented with competitively. giving snorlax fluffy if you want to give the fur coat route (to give it an extra fire weakness) and giving it a mega stone rather than that certain criteria would probably be a lot better, since it prob will be able to use the snorlaxium z
  7. You need to install the patch for version 9 that fixes this bug (look for the words in yellow and red in the first post, there will be 2 download links you can choose from): After downloading the patch, just extract it using anything that does the job like WinRar, open the patch folder, copy all the folders inside, open your Rejuvenation folder, right click and click paste, select replace all, and you should be good to go.
  8. grats icsw!! you def deserve your position! edit: oh rip just realized you resigned arkhidong :[ the work you've done as a mod is super appreciated, though!! but now who will update sotd on showdown (which is still slowly dying huh)
  9. @Njab - stantler and tympole arent shadow pokemon anymore - quagsire is now a shadow pokemon in carotos cave - meowth (kanto) and happiny are shadow pokemon in goldenwood forest - carotos cave for zubat should be mirage cave instead - pikachu can also be evolved into alola-raichu at terajuma - cubone evolves into alola marowak specifically in goldenwood forest (pretty sure) - there are also aipom outside on the big center tree of route 2 during the day - pretty sure squirtle is only if you chose a grass starter, not fire - i think dustox is also available in sheridan village (at night maybe)?? might be wrong about this one though - i believe venipede's also in phisial cave
  10. ^ happens to me too Also, when the Snag Machine is broken and in your bag, it says "Once was a machine that was capable of capturing Shadow Pokemon. Madelis interfered with the device and" and it doesn't continue from there. Another minor thing but after Venam leaves but you're still where her trial is (so Marianette hasn't left yet), Marianette still says we have to go to the 3 corners even though we've saved Luca, Lenny, and Venam already.
  11. very minor continuity error but I feel like the people who Melia told to hide in Goldenwood Grotto should actually be there if you go back, though I doubt many people would actually go back
  12. unsure if it's just me but the person in the emerald building in gearen who requests a battle will just keep repeating "how about a quick battle to pass the time" if you press no, forcing you to accept it
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