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  1. Is there some place where I can do a double battle regularly? I'm trying to test fire pledge and grass pledge.

    1. Zargerth


      Maybe the Lady & Casanova double battle at Grand Hall works. They might not be there every day though.

    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Yeah, the Grand Hall Lady and Usually-Not-In-The-Overwold Casanova are your best bet there as much as they seem to utterly thrash me every time I try to challenge them.


      I seem to recall an NPC in Reborn City saying that the energy from the Pledge moves lingers into the next round, thereby making their combos viable in Single Battles in theory. The only pokes that can learn two Pledges simultaneously are smeargle and silvally, though, and since I don't have either of those yet myself, I've yet to test it...

  2. We're getting trolled FeelsBadMan
  3. shelmet

    1. Sheep


      Is probably my least favorite bug type of all time.

    2. Sheep


      Oh also, you get it on Azurine Island.

  4. I'm not applying but this looks really cool. Good luck with this guys.
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