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  1. reviving this thread briefly because ive gone mad thinking about this small theory about future plot points about pokemon desolation The dream that the majority of the game takes place in is the dream of darkrai perfection and shiv and auroura have their powers because they are lucid dreamers
  2. I realized that if gengar used shadowball two times in a row he might have have lost belly
  3. and with this he has officially made it past where king nappy lost the nuzlocke
  4. was the wall of text intentional for the korrina theory up until you saw her in game because it felt like there should be images somewhere in between edit even more images seem to be missing around when korrina goes to the boat yeah this episodes images are definitely broken for at least me oh seems like its fixed now another great episode XD
  5. I have had no reason to doubt his nuzlocke being genuine yet
  6. two rock slides misses on kiki XD the luck continues the last pentaop member to lose the nuzlocke was at shade doombotmecha edit he got me to XD
  7. im glad sir fetchd got revealed but it means another day delay for reborn XD
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