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  1. I just remembered something remember how much trouble aya and bennet gave the pentaop and then he goes and beats it with 3 pokemon XD
  2. TTar: Lets take out Peanut, Jacques, and Karen bc it’s an Ice Gym Also TTar: lets grab two flying types XD
  3. in his defense that's a lots of comments to sit through you might be better off messaging it on discord
  4. im going to be so triggered that he doesn't evolve his alolan graveler when he has link stones...
  5. I went back and watched the episode again he didn't use a revive
  6. to be fair he seems really open to be adding new rules even after ending the nuzlocke im just proposing him not using revives
  7. im more worried about in battle healing items instead of set
  8. the like goal has been met pog also really liked that he went back and saw the kiki death premonition
  9. ame apparently tweeted to tyranitartube about how the battle is meant to be lost and he mentioned it in his meme video there seems like theres a good chance the series will live on
  10. out of all those shade requirements the only one that makes the most sense for the average player to do is siding with randomus. beating garchomp to get the best ending is a big yikes almost no one going to have it on their 1st playthrough. not giving blake the ruby ring is somewhat tolerable albeit you expect the player to not have a deep enough connection to the character in need of rescue to not give in to the persons demands. exposing corey makes sense in a way but the storyline has no real payoff other than more of his background unless shade is the plot device that puts the true ending in working order and you need all of his points for him to be satisfied don't forget the issue with having to do this in a timely manner you barely have any time to backtrack before its too late to expose him. can someone explain what the significance of the other person being kidnapped is because I don't see how this should be a matter that affects the end story. lastly the taka battle really not fighting taka getting the true ending is on the save level of needing to not give blake the ring albeit more so because its even harder for someone to understand that fighting him is a bad thing and instead punishes a person that would think go about fighting him for reasons of it being another battle or they don't want taka to get punished for letting you go forward without an obstacle...
  11. commander the talk about the true ending reminds me how Im worried that I wont be able to experience the true ending on my 1st playthrough If I could at least get a dm about the requirements I would appreciate it. im not going to ever replay this game from however far back it would take to get the changes to get the true ending
  12. Dude if the games creators do that I lose all respect don't joke with me here also there's one guy trying to silence the comments talking about a force loss...
  13. Idk hopefully everyone leaves plenty of comments to tell him to keep playing also I have seen a few nuzlockes for reborn continue normally even after dropping nuzlocke hopefully he does the same
  14. can someone pls explain why they went for thunder fang on dishsoap and not peanut and the preceded to use brick break on dishsoap and not peanut peanut has the most special defense...
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