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  1. guys he isn't even at the grass gym yet do we really need to talk about his chances against shelly XD. I honestly would like it if there was minimal comments about how hes going to lose here or how hes going to lose there we don't know what his team will be like/how much preparation he will have
  2. Its my belief that unless they personally say the game is not being worked on anymore its rude to ask even though the last update is a long while ago for the record yes I believe he is not abandoning the game
  3. he never counts force losts also that is a long time away
  4. freak out? I don't think he would unless it was an especially good pokemon he missed
  5. flashbacks to the pentaop complaining about pokemon being perfect ev/iv and they didn't even get to the pulse 2 shenanigans
  6. that made it even more exciting lmao because he was making suboptimal plays because he thought it wouldn't listen also its fun to imagine the timeline if he was level 21 at Julia instead of 20 it could have easily have happened
  7. honestly the one problem with this game is that we are way to high leveled for how far we are badge wise. I don't know a good work around it though
  8. yeah but like was mentioned before he might not even want to play it anymore if its not a nuzlocke. Also updated team fanart and my favorite reply to the tweet
  9. He has an overleveled combusken I trust he can obviously sweep the grunts the upcoming rockruffs dont have a weakness on him and he has double kick unless he's level 21 he's fine for that fight
  10. ferns kinda nice omegalul lvl 19 combusken still doesn't seem to get level system blissly unaware of field effects
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