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  1. G'doots

    Metroid prime 4 thoughts

    It’s actually good news though...
  2. Up throw kills. spikey ball is a threat the moment it comes out of its mouth. You can pressure platforms or combo with it. when you down B the head remains damagable, and the pot is the body. I’ve seen clips of someone spiking the head and the body getting sent to hell. you can unleash side b and use the cloud to mask your actions by standing in the poison. It’s popular to down b in it.
  3. He’s an oddball character that hasn’t been explored yet. Idk how good he’ll be, but he isn’t a straight forward character. one thing that caught my eye is that he can pretend to be Forsburn.
  4. G'doots

    Metroid prime 4 thoughts

    I’m so much happier that it’s back with retro. American made games and Japanese made games feel so much different.
  5. G'doots

    So, who is your preferred Zelda in Smash Ultimate?

    Funny, Dank Samus is literally a Metroid.
  6. G'doots

    So, who is your preferred Zelda in Smash Ultimate?

    There is no set tier list, but here are the thoughts of Dabuz and Leffen at the moment. Two top players with completely different opinions, backgrounds, and mindsets. A lot of top players haven't been TOO vocal. Also Faster= Better is a bit of a stigma. It's not entirely accurate, Being super fast and having no kill options is way less optimal then being decently fast and having kill options. Shiek is terribad in this game for that reason. People often confuse what is feasible and what is realistic.
  7. G'doots

    So, who is your preferred Zelda in Smash Ultimate?

    Adult Zelda is actually being debated as being a top 3 character.
  8. Most of my characters out range f-tilt. The only character I play that I may have to worry about those moves with is Squirtle, but if I am at kill percent, I probably will have tagged to Ivy or Zard. Also Pikachu has those same aerials. Only aerial Pika and Pichu don’t share, Pika got the better deal on.
  9. I personally think he is overrated and that his high tournament placements are being carried by amazing players, not the character. Only move of his I am scared of his is forward smash. Other then that, he can’t zone, poke, or play safe. And that is one HUGE thing that makes Pikachu good, that Pika can both play super aggressively and super passively. There is also the fact that pikachu’s Biggest weakness is that he has Stubbs where his arms and legs should be, and if his limbs are stubs, then what does that make pichu’s?
  10. Neither. It’s Naruto Ninja Storm or DBZ Tenchaichi Budokai But Final fantasy.
  11. Inkling, Pikachu, Olimar, Mewtwo, Peach/Daisy, and the 3 Falchointeers. (Chrom, Marth, and Lucina) DK and Bowser are way better then K Rool.
  12. I get the same feels when it comes to Spanish. Persona is interesting because it has so much culture in its demons and shadows. P3 has the best music and one of my all time favorite songs in all of video games.
  13. Make it a live service game with a loot based progression system. It will include purchases that are cosmetic only. The game will also be streamlined to help gain a stronger main audience that will be welcoming to both newcomers and our longtime fans.