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  1. So Joker looks like a hybrid of Wolf and Cloud...  I main Wolf and secondary Cloud... this works for me.

  2. I think most hack and slash games are easy because I grew up playing this and God of War. Only other good hack and slash I played and liked was Bayonetta and No More Heroes.
  3. It's THE Hack and Slash. It's literally the Hack and Slash all other Hack and Slash games wish to be or are trying to copy the homework of. The only thing about it I wouldn't recommend to others about it is that It is the 5th entry in a series, so some plot elements won't make sense. Also the series is notoriously difficult. They make the enemies just as bad ass as Dante and his friends are. Every Hack and Slash wants to be Devil May Cry or God of War and rarely succeed.
  4. Nothing says that you cannot use the word trap to describe actual traps. The following examples are fine. ”I was playing Pokémon Reborn and I fell for the Nuzleaf trap. How do I escape it?” ”My favorite character in Smash is Snake! I enjoy using his traps!” ”I am having issues in my life and I feel trapped and scared.” That is using the word like how it was originally intended and that’s fine. Whats not ok is something like; ”I was talking to this cute girl, and I was going to ask her out, but I found out that she was a trap!” ”I used to think Naoto in Persona was a cool guy, but then I found out that it was a trap! lol” Those statements aren’t using the word in an innocent way but are instead using it as a slur to insult those who went through a transgender process in their life. Being a constant target for bullying and oppression is going beyond someone simply being “sensitive”. It’s also worth noting that saying that you aren’t offended by identifying as a White Male Hetro Human doesn’t prove any points. If anything it states that you aren’t a target of any popular derogatory slurs. It’s not nearly as a scary world for a Straight White Guy as it is for for some who is, let’s say, a Gay Black Furry, a transgender Latino/a, or a mentally handicap Native American. Just because a person doesn’t find something offensive, doesn’t mean it’s not. In our community we value the importance of the concept of respect. That is why it is and will forever be, Rule 1.
  5. Incineroar is for cool people only it’s fine if you just leave him for cool kids and Mac has SERIOUS issues i used to play Mac but I completely dropped him in Ult
  6. Something oddball is that Joker info for smash is seemingly hinting that it will drop soonish. So some of the Jane stuff may be rumors and not facts.
  7. 3 has some of the best music in the series. The issue with 3 is that out of the three, there is no definitive version. FES and P3P have their own flaws. I personally prefer P3P though. The main battle theme and final boss theme are my jams. I also like the op song, Burn My Bread Dread. 3 has a theme of hip hop and emo drama. 4 is more light hearted and jolly, while also being dark. It’s music leans towards pop punk. 5 is centered around style and flashy shenanigans. And the music is based on a genre called Acid Jazz.
  8. So your choice is between one great memorable game, and three forgettable w/e ones?
  9. Fire emblem has just been pretty awful recently. They are pandering away to much to the anime fans and not the good kind. Yeah, there is a lot of money there, but there aren’t any great games there. Disgaea on the other hand is a series I wish I could enjoy more. I enjoy the first dozen hours of it, then it gets grindy and the shenanigans bleed into the gameplay and it feels less and less like a strategy rpg, which what usually draws me to the series. Now that I think about it more, these two come from my same complaints. Strategy RPGs have been sucking nowadays. They used to be one of my favorite genres.
  10. Breath of the Wild. Big epic open world, tries to do away with most conventional Zelda Elements. Landed up feeling hallow, empty and very unzelda in the worst way possible. Most if not all Mortal Kombat and Injustice games. Some of the best selling fighting games out there due to it's love for the casual audience and abundance of single player content. Despite all of that, the actual fighting game themselves are pretty terrible. The models and backgrounds are pretty, but the actual in game animations for attacks are terrible. dmc (the Devil May Cry Reboot) Does a lot of things that are like OH GOD WHY? and literally insults it's audiences intentionally. Casual fans say "it's still devil may cry and underrated". Hardcore fans are bothered by the streamlining and how not devil may cry the game feels. Dragon Ball FighterZ Holy fucking shit does this game look pretty as hell and have great attention to detail. But holy shit is the fighting game elements shallow and kinda messy. Xenoblade Chronicles (all 3 of them) Get huge praise and sound super promising. Land up being super boring and do a lot of things that seriously bother me on a personal level. Lots of potential, lots of it wasted on bad japanese trends and cliches. All of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. They always screw SOMETHING up that annoys me a ton. They are usually 50% great and 50% UG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SCREWED IT UP! World of Final Fantasy. Sounds promising as hell, but was hella cringy and a bit of a mess. A lot of non-Bayonetta platinum games games. A prime example that combat and gameplay can be fun, but the game itself can be ruined by the core game being shitty as hell.
  11. I played XBC1 and 2 and XBCX and thought they were ok at best. I would probably make some huge changes that would make the fans of those series really mad at me. Like how Capcom had upset a lot of hard core MH fans with Monster Hunter World.
  12. My only concern regarding Visual Novel threads is that I have to push that talking about Eroges and sexual content is against the rules of this community. We've had a VN thread once before and that became a bit of a problem. As for VNs Danganronpa and 999 are both great. As for JRPGs; Persona 3-5 Digimon Cyber Sleuth Golden Sun Crono Trigger Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Dragon Quest 11 Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 for Action RPGs Dark Cloud Rogue Galaxy Odin's Sphere Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Megaman Battle Network Bloodborne Dragon's Dogma Western RPGs Bioshock Borderlands 2
  13. Click this status to see the Pokémon Direct link.

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