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  1. Ah, that's fair. You're really doing a lot for this run, thanks!
  2. Character profiles? From what I've seen you mostly offer your wisdom via T3's discord, but if you wanted to mirror them here that'd likely be some pretty valuable content for new players.
  3. Plus the gang storyline, and beneath the Grand Staircase. I have to say, I think it will be amusing to see him react to that last bit, both with Sirius pontificating fueling his theories and him immediately leaving Aster and Eclipse to their fate.
  4. @N1Dude Man, Cosmic Power really snaps Terra in half, doesn't it? However, I think that the trade of levitate and some stats for the ABSURD damage of stored power+unaware is worth it. SP also really helps with the Quagsire matchup, since it retains the crazy base power and with Unaware his boosts get cancelled right back, so Clef is still stronger. The only thing I'm even mildly worried about is Hippowdon clicking Bulldoze to null my speed boosts, but I figure it will probably click Stone Edge for more damage.
  5. Thank you so much! I may just try and burn down Rawrchomp through the cheap trick (tm), since synthetic seed (which I'm relying on to get Clefable going quickly) changes it's type to ???, meaning gar would hit anyway, and without glitch field I'd be sacrificing an incredible amount of special attack. Protect completely slipped under my radar, which is funny 'cause the Venipede I'm planning to train for the job might still know it, being level 25 and all. That 2x speed could be incredible, but I've gotta go find a calculator to see just how many EVs I need to pull it off. As for the rest of the team, I figure that I might as well rely on Prankster PS Murkrow for the midboss, with Meowstic along for the ride and to stall out perish Song turns. That should also help deal with Gchomp if it gets out of hand. The last two slots I'll probably just figure out from my regular team, based on what TMX's I need, but Cofagrigus is another option--while it wouldn't be useful offensively, Tspikes could help break down Terra's walls, and it would be incredibly bulky. I also have a few Sucker Punch users and a Haze Crobat who could all help revenge kill, and a HP psy Gastrodon who would like the glitch world just fine. Thanks again, I'm still only just before Luna but by the time I hit the circus, you've helped me become much more prepared for the challenges to come.
  6. Basically, I've figured out that while Terra makes use of unaware, she has no way to deal with it herself. So the build so far is: Clefable@Synthetic Seed Unaware Cosmic Power Lucky Chant Stored Power ??? 252 spdef, 252 ???, 4 ??? I'm also intending to support it with Scolipede@Synthetic Seed Speed Boost Iron Defense Baton Pass Megahorn (Flex Slot) 252 speed, 252 ???, 4 ??? If I use Iron Defense turn 1 and baton Pass turn 2, with luck Nidoking will boost turn one and scolipede never takes a hit. The first mon of mine to get attacked is a +4 def +2 spdef +1 speed unaware Clefable, who cannot be crit, and who can from there boost up to +6 +6 +1 and take over the match with a field-boosted stored power. As for why I'm going this far, the answer is simple: I want to beat Terra at her own game, and my team rn is.....not the best suited to that. So, my questions are: 1. What are the best EVs for these two? Scolipede is mostly just going to pass boosts this run, but they need to do that as reliably as possible, and Clefable mostly just needs to live long enough to take over. I guess that 252 spdef would ensure max damage, but should I go HP or Def on Clef in order to best weather her physical mons? Finally, are there any holes in this evil scheme of mine? Is there anything else that can go wrong here? Thank you for your time.
  7. Me: Luna's a kid (at least, she's not an adult), and as a  20-something it costs $0 for me to be normal about it.

    DJ Arclight:

    Luna 2.png

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    2. A̸͖̬͎̖̯̼̫͍ͣ̾ͧ͆͋͘͟ͅžͫ͗̈̅͗ͯ



      Any half decent fighting type 6-0s her tho. 

    3. ZEL


      Luna is an adult, though. She's at least 18, Ame said she might actually even be a little older - though she also said that Luna is younger than Taka, who is 22.

    4. doombotmecha


      Oh, thanks. I couldn't find her age on the wiki, only that she adopted Serra/Radomus as her parents. It's honestly quite a relief.

  8. I need 3 more Turtwig in like 10 minutes to make it by the end of community day. (This is abt pokemon GO). It wouldn't be nearly as hard if my house wasn't a GO desert.

  9. You know, with all the grinding and EV training I did before Radomus, I expected him to be just a little easier. As it was, I beat him with only one Pokemon remaining, my Drapion. Oh well, at least nothing got too out of hand.

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      "Aaaaand, Con-GRAAAA-tulations on besting one of the premier chess players in the world! Who does it feel to have claimed such a spectacular victory?"


      My most recent match with Radomus was pretty neato- as a Type Mirror, it was pretty much bound to be, ya know?



      I spent the first 8 rounds letting him to make the battle go on his rules, with my mostly speedy team with against his slow one in Trick Room. The match was actually pretty even in the stage, as my one slow mon (the oranguru that messed up Dittoceus earlier) managed to nab a couple Ancient Power boosts while his malamar picked up a couple Superpowers. By the time the Trick Room wore off, both of us only had three pokemon left.


      There was just one catch: I had managed to get my own malamar out in time. Since my raichu was already looking a little beat up, I knew that both his metagross and malamar would aim to finish that off, and since his squid was at either +2 or +3 Attack and packing Night Slash, that was almost guaranteed to do the job. But my malamar carries Topsy-Turvy for this precise sort of situation- I inverted the malamar's boosts (Contrary? What's that?) and set up my own Inverse Field in a single go, raichu somehow managed to survive Metagross' attack (still not sure how that happened 🤷‍♀️), and the rest of the match was a massacre from there.



      Fair warning, though: you're at the point where the exp. curve decides to be utter shite, leading one to be slightly underlevelled for the next Gym even after a fair bit of grinding, and severely underleveled for the one after that to boot (at least, from my experience). Turns out that it's a bit tough to beat a boss whose levels are 6 over yours across most of the team, and whose ace is 6 levels higher than that... 

    3. doombotmecha


      Yeah, I've been worried about that. The EXP curve is always the bane of a pokemon fangame's existence. I'm definitely shaving off some rotation members so I have less grinding to do later. Unfortunately that probably means Klinklang is getting the boot. My one spot of hope is that Volcarona should sweep the next two gyms, provided I can find an opportunity to set up. I'm legitimately scared of Charlotte, though. I have prankster weather/fake out/etc....but is that enough? Can Flygon truly turn the tide? I might train some more rock types up just for this.

    4. Q-Jei


      Honestly, the first time I've played Reborn, I experienced it with a Flygon in my team. At this time, Charlotte was easier to defeat than I expected. Using Earthquake along with Rain Dance would make this fight less difficult to handle. You mainly have to meditate on the ideal team member to defeat Rotom-H since this mon in particular is clearly the less frail of Charlotte's team.

  10. F yeah! I finally have a bike!


    Also I'm at 7th Street. It's a real trip.

  11. Oh funky! I can't wait to try those out once I get done with my current runs, especially that Dusknoir one. My instinct is sirfetched as well but I'm concerned by it's non-flying typing. Why would a ff alt not be fighting/flying?
  12. Off topic but what's a crest? I got stuck early on in Rejuvenation and I'm looking to finish reborn before I try it again.
  13. If any of you hear "Eye of the Tiger" in the distance today, that's the sound of me EV training every single mon I own.


    "Rising up, back on the street.

    Took my time, took my chances~"

    1. Wolfox


      Ran the distance now I'm back on my feet 

  14. Beat El in the Citae d'Astrae fight. I was using Prankster/Perish Song Murkrow so it wasn't that hard, but I loved the associated story beats, especially with mx. spoiler and the foreshadowing for the reborn restoration project. For now, I've gotta EV train for Radomus.

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I... don't think I've ever had to cheese Dittoceus, now that I think about it. My first run just had my flygon and chesnaught beat it into submission IIRC, and my current one saw Prankster!Light Screen into oranguru spamming Calm Mind until the "deific" mimic's false Judgements barely did a thing anymore.


      I was pretty surprised that the second happened the way it did, though- the oranguru was freshly caught and thus was 5 levels lower than the rest of team at the time, never mind the lack of EVs. Don't mess with them apes, man... 🙊


      Anyway, good luck with your upcoming 'chess tournament'! Seems like you've quite the nasty foe at the end~

    2. doombotmecha


      Huh, funky. Come to think of it, I do remember my Flygon eating a hit from it, but it wasn't EV trained, so it took like 70%, and the perish count was already at 1 after that turn anyways...


      I'm definitely excited to try Oranguru out at some point. I could pick it up now, or just grind up my own M!Meowstic and keep using it for screens+psy support. 


      I'm honestly excited for Radomus. My mystery egg Larvesta is finally about to evolve!......too bad it dies to a single chess!psychic. Apart from that, I have 2 ghost and 2 dark STAB mons, plus Crobat to help take out Gardevoir at the end, so I'm not concerned.


      Anyway, thanks for the good wishes! You have a great day too!

  15. @pyrromanis 0580 4936 5314 is mine, I've already sent you a request as "d00mb0tmecha" Welcome aboard!
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