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  1. RWBY episode 2 is out! I won't spoil anything but I really liked it. very excited for the next one!

  2. Chugging my way through Pokemon Uranium rn. It's a much easier game than Reborn-types or Insurgence, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's merits. The dialogue really reminds me of mainline pokemon games, which makes me miss Platinum. I've got this annoying bug with the coin case though, which crashes the game when I try and get it. This is even more annoying because I'm also having issues with the coin case in Rejuvenation, which I'll make a thread about in the appropriate subforum later. Anyway, S51-A is the best fakemon ever IMO. I just love friggin aliens!

  3. I want the surprise to be him actually evolving Debbie >_>
  4. still not sure why everyone's using spoiler tags, but i'm gonna keep doing it too
  5. Every pokemon fangame has its flaws, but to this day I find Insurgence having no way to solo-trade-evolve to be the most egregious. You're literally relying on the game having a fandom in perpetuity, in order for a good chunk of the dex to evolve.

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    2. Mindlack


      She’s in the Black Market actually IIRC (she’s the one speaking of something like “another world”). 

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Said Black Market happens to be in Helios City, so I'm not wrong. In any case, she's how I got away with using gengar (or any trademon, for that matter) on my team for the first time ever, so she kinda sticks with me as a result.

    4. doombotmecha


      I can't believed I missed that! Thanks to both of you for your help!

  6. I'm seriously considering it as well, I'm super curious about how he dealt with the first gym. As for insurgence itself, I'm don't like it as much as I like Reborn and its kids, but it's not really bad by any means. The absurd variety of really good early mons (Drilbur, Riolu, Magnemite, and Marill are all available before the first gym) I think causes the difficulty/player power arms race to spiral out of control. I do love the delta pokemon though, especially D. Charizard and the "New Moon" original weather mechanic. Back on topic: Yeah that stat war against Hitmonlee was probably the height of T3's stupidity so far. At least we won't be seeing that again -_-. As for upcoming fights, I honestly think he'll struggle with Azurine Taka, and that Cain at Bybyxion gate will give him trouble as well. Cain's team is super bulky, so I'm wondering how he's gonna deal with that. Maybe if he picks up and trains a mud-type from Azurine, like maybe Gastrodon or Seismetoad, that could really help. I'm very very excited to see T3 react to Solchomp though. I know he'll bs clause it (as is reasonable) but T3's reactions so far have been absolutely top-notch.
  7. I think the AI is programmed to use weaker moves at lower percentages in order to try and catch switch-ins.
  8. Very excited for this development. Watching every battle turn into a Swalot stallfest wasn't very fun imo. Now he will have to seek out new strategies. I am kinda mad he used one of his newest and best additions as death fodder, though. Palossand is a good Pokemon, dangit!
  9. Castlevania (the anime) is fucking hysterical.

  10. Tfw you're sick as a dog but your film professor drops a grade point for every absence


    EDIT: I was so sick I had to go home. yay?????

  11. Yeah it only gets Zen Headbutt via move relearner. Other than that, the guy's toast. Belly can't tank the entire gym, and with their setup moves each fighting type will instantly be on a level with Stockpile 3. To add to that, I really don't see how Belly hurts Stockpile 3 on machamp.
  12. There was a reason I said specially-offensive dark type. Dark types are immune to Mirror Coat. As for the guardians, that's why you just don't send it out early. In a double battle scenario, the fight would be easier at the end, since it would be two-on-one. Additionally, Glitch field doesn't negate abilities, so technically it would make it immune, but then people just Prankster+Perish Song it, or use any other damaging status move. For what it's worth, I think it's honestly more effective to block off status moves than attacking ones, since due to the high stats of pulse 2 pokemon, percent health damage is simply the most efficient option. EDIT: Actually, this is what I'm worried about overall. Stall only has to deal with the enemy's offensive stats, not defensive ones, so it may be going forward that the best route for all future single battles will be to just toxic stall until the cows come home so you never have to deal with the absurd bulk of enemy pokemon.
  13. Problem is, a single specially-offensive dark type with Focus Blast can put a stop to that.
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