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  1. I want Corviknight to be on my team more than I want a starter.

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      I am also looking forward to it, though might have to wait awhile to get the game we don't have a switch ourselves. The region looks good though. At first glance thought it was part dragon cause I didn't get a good look at it

  2. according to this leak the bun stays pure fire, despite learning kicks Also my favorite new pokemon is Corviknight. Combined with Scorbunny and I've got 2/6 of my team down. Also I'm playing Sword definitely because Great Wolf Sif is wayyyyyyy cooler than Shield Doggo.
  3. I'd heard his up-air is actually more similar to Shiek's. Could just be a common template though. His recovery out of persona is fine imo. It's a tether, but it has an incredible reach. This is not a character that can easily fall too far to recover e.g. Ganon or Mac.
  4. The epilogues are here...but they aren't done yet! Homestuck is back on the menu boys.

  5. Happy Homestuck Day everybody!

  6. Tomorrow is Homestuck Day and Hussie just posted the "_____...2!!!" Gif on Tumblr. I fear for my life.

  7. Is.....is it over?


    Edit: I suppose it is. Lovely.

    1. andracass


      it is over

  8. r/warframe continues its yearly tradition of becoming an utter shitshow for April 1. pix~

  9. If we do get a "the answer" type questline, I seriously wonder what it would entail. Like, there aren't really any plot threads hanging loose.
  10. One of the things I'd like to point out about the mystery girl's response is that it's actually fairly on-brand for what the PTs are trying to do. Their broader goal is self-actualization, getting people to speak and act against corrupt authority. Thus, making it seem it's the job of the individual does kinda make sense.
  11. So what do you all think of that p5r proto-announcement? Is this mysterious girl going to be FeMC or Marie 2?

    1. Wolfox


      Femc, or a new Phantom Thief

  12. Do y'all think the edgier deconstruction heavy fangames such as Reborn and Desolation could be classified as poke-punk?

    1. Wolfox


      Hmm I like it

    2. Vinnie


      You could yeah. Maybe poke-dystopian too.

    3. Wolfox



  13. JJBA is a realistic series because the main characters are constantly freaking the hell out, which is a rational reaction to literally anything that happens in JJBA.

    1. DreamblitzX




    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Also Jojo punching a villain mid monologue. 


    3. Wolfox


      True, the only one that I remember staying a bit cool during it all was Jonathan, and even then it makes sense for him to

  14. I am getting Scorbunny and naming her Cammie

    1. Wolfox


      Before the level up it will drop its first F-bomb. I'm on the monkeys team myself

    2. doombotmecha


      Pansage: am I a joke to you?


      The entire Pokemon fandom: yes

  15. Wonderful, I've always wanted to visit england In contrast to some others here, Pokemon Shield sounds like a pretty cool and inventive name by pokemon standards. Not sure how much I like Grooky or Sobble, but I love Scorbuny already. Even if it turns out to be fire/fighting, I'll still probably get and use it. Plus, it could be Fire/Electric, since the Direct focused on how energetic it was.
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