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  1. Okay so I fought ciel. And...I won. like really easily. In fact it was probably the easiest  gym battle since flobot. 


    I taught trevenant trick room, and grinded up an abamasnow I caught a while back, and WOW, abamasnow is a monster in trick room. 


    For togekiss I had roserade use two venoshocks which KO'd it, as she was able to take one air slash, if barely.


    Oricorio was next, and this next move was crucial. Trevenant barely survived an air slash to pull of trick room, and then sacrificed herself via destiny bond to take down ori. Hard part over with.


    Abamasnow takes center stage now and steals the show. Mine had like 2 iVs in special attack and a -spd + special defense nature so I EV'd it to ensure blizzard actually kills. minior, gliscor, noivern all fall like dominoes and megataria barely survives, no doubt due to the poor IVs. The nature actually ends up being a good thing as abamasnow survives with 3 HP and finishes her with ice shard. 


    You'd expect the flying leader to be the hardest of the circus trio, but she ironically was  the easiest. 

    1. not Azery

      not Azery

      you didn't just throw lilligant at her and insta win?


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