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  1. Most of old reborn is a shithole let's be honest. I think onyx ward would be the most fun though and probably the safest. Worst you have to deal with is what, Fern and his posse? There's a little roof garden too and it's close to obsidia which is where I figure most would do their shopping. Come to think of it it's the only ward that didn't get utterly wrecked somehow. Outside reborn proper, probably agate or spinel town. Actually the museum seems cool so Spinel town. It's close to the forest too and just seems pleasant even pre-reconstruction For neo reborn, maybe I'd move to obsidia, assuming the slums get fixed. Lots of job opportunity and the park is pretty nice now, plus you can go eat at the SPYCE.
  2. >Hears Walk Like an Egyptian playing

    > Jojo intensifies

  3. Like what musical genre do you think various Reborn characters would have a strong liking to? hardy - classic rock easily titania - symphonic metal aya - Hmm punk? It's even in her trainer title. Maybe an older style of punk, while Cain is more post punk. fern - rap easily, THE genre for big ego "swag jockeys" Cain - post punk, but pop works too. Corey - grunge, actually listening to Soundgarden's The Day I Tried to Live is what got me thinking about this topic. i'll add more later, but feel free to do whoever!
  4. To this day, after multiple playthroughs, that puzzle still gives me issues from time to time. like I sort of get it now but I always end up screwing it up and it takes me like 10 -15 minutes sometimes if not more getting it right. I hate her gym too.
  5. Came back from seeing Captain Marvel. I really liked it, TBH I enjoyed it more than the last avengers movie and homecoming.

    1. Yahen


      Yahy watched Cap marvel last week and it was coooooooly cool

      Yahy also loved infinity war. Not sure which one i liked more. I ate popcorn on IW but lots of candy on cap marvel

      So i'll go with mah gal Carol

  6. I think reborn and really pokemon in general is one of the few games that can consistently push my buttons. I guess part of it is due to how chance based some of it is, but I feel like I get more frustrated playing these games more than I do say fighting games or soulsbourne or whatever. There's just something about pokemon that kills my chill like no other. Funnily enough this isn't the case playing with actual people, just singleplayer. Like I still enjoy them and sometimes they feel relaxing but other times man I get saltier than the pacific ocean. Like an untimely critical, stuff missing when you don't need to, flinching 3+ times in a row...stuff like that. That's where I just lose all cool.
  7. Yeah it would make it easier. 0 and 10s are terrible lol. But idk alolatales was still outspeeding me when I tried it, then again I was probably leading with slow mons.
  8. Beat adrienne, took 5 tries. Megawile kept ruining things as it would one-shot just about everything and sucker punch dhelmise for a OHKO which sucked. Plus I had nothing SE against it if it was on the fairy tale field. I had to get  adrienne's whimsicott to first set tailwind(sometimes it would just spam dazzling gleam), then have trevenant set a trick room so it could outspeed megawile when it showed up on the field. By using destiny bond trev was able to take out megawile which let silvally and dhelmise clean house with their field buffed  anchor shots and iron heads. The hard part was getting megawile KO'd, the rest of adrienne's team wasn't that bad in comparison.


    You know wiseglasses for finding 10 people is a pretty lame prize. 

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    2. not Azery

      not Azery

      It wouldn't really be useful vs Titania because it turns into a Steel move, which here would've won you the game pretty much. Shame about the Lilligant tho, imo it's by far one of the best Grass types you can have.

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Ahhhh that's why, I didn't know it turned into a steel move.  

    4. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      I struggled with xem a lot too. Thankfully, I was able to cheese the hell out of him with Destiny Bond Sharpedo to off Granbull and Quick Claw Reuniclus to set up Light Screen before promptly dying, then setting up with Shift Gear Klinklang and my Delphox to sweep. Mega Mawile was sent out before Whimsicott came out to use Tailwind and turn it into a Fairy Tale field, so Delphox took it down with one Flamethrower.

  9. How much were their iVs reduced to? From 31 to 25 isn't what I'd call tanked by any means lol.
  10. It took me like 5 tries to beat victoria at devon. One time I was just like one hit away but lucario just swept the remainder of the team.  Mienshao's knock off and incineroar kind of made using the trick room strat a tad tricky. Eventually i found a way to pull it off reliably. I beat arclight first try, he's much easier in comparison IMO.

  11. Yeah leavanny's speed is what surprised me most. It's not even sunny in that fight but it seemed a lot faster than I remembered it. I guess it has a +speed nature or something. I didn't know leavanny got fell stinger until it used it on me in this fight, since last time I used leavanny was back in unova. But ohh mat block, interesting. I was under the impression it was a gimmick move but it I didn't know it protected both pokemon. That's kind of neat.
  12. OMG I totally forgot about the sucker punch AI exploit. I guess setting up would be key to winning these. Come to think of it that is usually the easiest way to win trainer fights in reborn. And okay I'm not the only one who found leavanny annoying lol. The sticky webs were probably the biggest issue in that fight with shelly/cain. Though moreso in how it made volcarona more vulnerable since everyone else on my team was getting outsped left and right by shelly's team regardless. I remember you said mono dark was strong, i'm guessing that required set up too?
  13. luna iMO was the easiest part of the gauntlet. once you get past her megabsol and weavile, but mega gardy is always worth respecting as a threat. Thing about luna is that megabsol frail as it is hits hard enough and is fast enough to KO a lot of stuff (meaning yeah you can take it out but risk casualties)which makes serra/radomus that much harder since you have less pokemon, unless you're using revives. Then weavile has focus sash so you pretty much have to have something that can tank two hits from it. Several attempts I would do well against luna but then lose to serra/radomus. Not sure how you're finding them a joke TBH.
  14. Lol this fight was nerfed? How was it before? Like sure the levels are lower 70s but these are still EV'd pokemon and you're dealing with megas too. If they don't want to nerf the difficulty anymore, you could always have a split outcome of the events dependent on beating radomus/serra or not but I understand that's a lot of work.
  15. Surely your non-kO'd pokemon get healed, no? I recall that at least happening. I remember not getting healed when I finished umbreon with a Z-move, but I think I did get a pokemon KO'd later attempts and still had my team healed. I figured it was a bug due to z-moves, much like how there was an exp bug with it. But why would having a pokemon get KO'd determined if if your standing ones get healed or not? Like idk, this gauntlet...I get why it's unfair but it's kind of strattling into bad game design. You're fighting 18(counting cain/shelly it's more no?) pokemon in a row with a team of 6, can't even change your team order between rounds, and not getting healed? Even the E4 at its worst let you heal/rearrange your party between matches. If not healing after luna is a thing, at least don't make us repeat cain/shelly again. It's not an impossible fight and I get why it's unfair but i'm not sure if it's really a positive for the game. Like even I only ended up beating it without bag items because alakazam bugged with setting psychic terrain.
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