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  1. >Hears Walk Like an Egyptian playing

    > Jojo intensifies

  2. Came back from seeing Captain Marvel. I really liked it, TBH I enjoyed it more than the last avengers movie and homecoming.

    1. Yahen


      Yahy watched Cap marvel last week and it was coooooooly cool

      Yahy also loved infinity war. Not sure which one i liked more. I ate popcorn on IW but lots of candy on cap marvel

      So i'll go with mah gal Carol

  3. Beat adrienne, took 5 tries. Megawile kept ruining things as it would one-shot just about everything and sucker punch dhelmise for a OHKO which sucked. Plus I had nothing SE against it if it was on the fairy tale field. I had to get  adrienne's whimsicott to first set tailwind(sometimes it would just spam dazzling gleam), then have trevenant set a trick room so it could outspeed megawile when it showed up on the field. By using destiny bond trev was able to take out megawile which let silvally and dhelmise clean house with their field buffed  anchor shots and iron heads. The hard part was getting megawile KO'd, the rest of adrienne's team wasn't that bad in comparison.


    You know wiseglasses for finding 10 people is a pretty lame prize. 

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    2. A̸͖̬͎̖̯̼̫͍ͣ̾ͧ͆͋͘͟ͅžͫ͗̈̅͗ͯ


      It wouldn't really be useful vs Titania because it turns into a Steel move, which here would've won you the game pretty much. Shame about the Lilligant tho, imo it's by far one of the best Grass types you can have.

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Ahhhh that's why, I didn't know it turned into a steel move.  

    4. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      I struggled with xem a lot too. Thankfully, I was able to cheese the hell out of him with Destiny Bond Sharpedo to off Granbull and Quick Claw Reuniclus to set up Light Screen before promptly dying, then setting up with Shift Gear Klinklang and my Delphox to sweep. Mega Mawile was sent out before Whimsicott came out to use Tailwind and turn it into a Fairy Tale field, so Delphox took it down with one Flamethrower.

  4. It took me like 5 tries to beat victoria at devon. One time I was just like one hit away but lucario just swept the remainder of the team.  Mienshao's knock off and incineroar kind of made using the trick room strat a tad tricky. Eventually i found a way to pull it off reliably. I beat arclight first try, he's much easier in comparison IMO.

  5. Ah well, first time I heard about pokemon was on the news during the porygon incident. The news seemed to make it out to be this dangerous and scary thing that was bad for kids as they said it was alike to dogfighting, had sexually suggestive scenes(of course they show James crossdressing at this point lol) and parents should be careful with it. I was in the 2nd grade and was initially kind of scared of it since the media made it out to be this "dangerous" thing lol. Then sometime later I caught it on TV and found it kind of cool, but didn't want my parents to know I watched it as I thought I would get in trouble. So I would flip the channel whenever they walked in lol. This happened for a while until my dad caught me, they were okay with it and ended up becoming a HUGE fan. I was totally involved in the whole pokemania craze and had cards, toys, clothes, videos....only thing I didn't have the first gen games but gen 2 came out I was all over and got them + a GBC(turquoise colored). I played those games to death and admittedly pokemon proved to be a great outlet for socializing with friends and making new ones. But man drama regarding pokemon cards was serious business back then lol. They were banned for a bit at our school, and many other schools did the same. Gen 3 is where I fell off though, and didn't get back into the series until diamond came out when I was in high school. I had nostalgia for the franchise but thought myself too "mature" for it but some junior student was playing during class, let me play for a bit and I was like, "dude this looks rad," and started looking up the new mons when I got home lol. Admittedly I found some of them horrendous looking(I like them now but man my reaction to drapion initially was something else) but stuff like torterra, dialga, lucario and garchomp got me wanting the game since they looked so cool. I was hooked when I finally played diamond and even now that game holds a special place in my heart. Being able to battle/trade online was mindblowing back then, as before it was link cable or bust lol. Since gen 4 I've stayed, and pokemon is easily my favorite Nintendo franchise and one of those series where I can always find enjoyment to be had. As for my favorite part? I guess I like how customizable the gameplay is in regards to how difficult you can make it and how to build your team, the surprising amount of depth, the worldbuilding and most of all the pokemon themselves, all of whom play an integral part in fleshing out the world. Plus it's great how there's literally a pokemon for everyone out there, like it's seemingly impossible to found someone who doesn't fancy a single pokemon design. Such is the variation and genius behind them that this can occur. I think this is something pokemon does better than other "mon" games, like in yokai watch and dragon quest too many designs are just overly goofy and offputting. Digimon is better but also suffers from a lot of over design too. But with pokemon there's a nice balance of cool, cute, awesome, and flat out weird. It's great.
  6. Guys be careful of going on twitter right now, there's currently a mass shooting video flying around(possibly the worst in recent new zealand history) and it's freakin awful.  Screw these white supremacists terrorists and sites like 8chan that entertain and promote them.

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    2. Wolfox


      holy shit... humanity has lowered itself once more

    3. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      video has been removed from pretty much everywhere unless youre really trying to find it, probably. so its safe to come out now.


      my condolences to all people and families that have been caught up in this. this is inexcusable and disgusting.

    4. JoStarNight


      My condolences to everyone affected by this heinous and despicable act. 

  7. Okay so I fought ciel. And...I won. like really easily. In fact it was probably the easiest  gym battle since flobot. 


    I taught trevenant trick room, and grinded up an abamasnow I caught a while back, and WOW, abamasnow is a monster in trick room. 


    For togekiss I had roserade use two venoshocks which KO'd it, as she was able to take one air slash, if barely.


    Oricorio was next, and this next move was crucial. Trevenant barely survived an air slash to pull of trick room, and then sacrificed herself via destiny bond to take down ori. Hard part over with.


    Abamasnow takes center stage now and steals the show. Mine had like 2 iVs in special attack and a -spd + special defense nature so I EV'd it to ensure blizzard actually kills. minior, gliscor, noivern all fall like dominoes and megataria barely survives, no doubt due to the poor IVs. The nature actually ends up being a good thing as abamasnow survives with 3 HP and finishes her with ice shard. 


    You'd expect the flying leader to be the hardest of the circus trio, but she ironically was  the easiest. 

    1. A̸͖̬͎̖̯̼̫͍ͣ̾ͧ͆͋͘͟ͅžͫ͗̈̅͗ͯ


      you didn't just throw lilligant at her and insta win?


  8. Sky drop STILL isn't fixed?

  9. So like I was having a bit of a hard time with fern/blake, and after 3 attempts I went back and switched shiftry for leavanny, whom I lead with. It made a big difference as I was able to finally beat them, and funnily enough solaris/orderly took only one attempt and felt much easier. Julia put in a lot of work this time.


    But alas....it's time for ciel. RIP.

  10. Taka's chatot can go to hell. He solo'd nearly the entire team. I could deal with everyone else(even minior loses to meganium 1 on 1) but chatot is a nightmare. Took like 5 tries to beat taka. I did find a neat trick for his komala, which is to use trick or treat and then use shadow sneak. His only non-normal damaging move is sucker punch which loses due to priority. 


    I've also gotten sivally(grass). Let me tell you, having flamethrower  alone helps immensely against steel types who have otherwise been troublesome entire game. 

  11. Ugh screw this turtwig puzzle. I'll just try to make do without him.

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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      I just don't have the patience for it right now. Maybe if titania gives me too hard a time I will.

    3. Neco


      If you take a look in your graphics folder, you can see a solved puzzle under pictures --> Puzzles. You could argue that this is somewhat cheating, but seeing the completed picture helps immensely (unless you're already doing that).

    4. Monochrome_Complex


      I haven't looked at the picture since I wanted to try and figure it out legit but I'm too impatient right now haha. I'll just try again later.

  12. Well terra gave more trouble than expected, Garchomp would basically solo the entire team. His flamethrower hit really hard, felt like I had to have rain up when he came out otherwise he'd 1-2 shot everything. I thought setting grass field would help with him(it did help with quagsire/palossand) but it had the opposite effect as it just buffed flamethrower.  I ended up teaching rain dance to roserade in place of venoshock for this fight which helped. I ended up taking garchomp down by having roserade use toxic and using protect/fake out/switching to ludicolo to stall the poison out.  The rest of her team was relatively easy, but garchomp was ridiculous. It took about 5 attempts total.

  13. I guess I'll go chase down Terra now. Actually one of my favorite parts of the game, and since I got into reoborn on episode 14 it's kind of the first "final boss" of Reborn I've fought haha. I'm not expecting her to give me too hard a time.

    1. Vinnie


      Sorry about the misinformation on that other status update but yeah, Terra was amazing. It's slightly nostalgic but also really humorous to see your own nostalgia be twisted.

    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Haha yeah, and no worries about the other update.  Gotta say, the whole glitch field  idea and terra being battled inside the computer was very clever and creative. The dialogue too  of course.

    3. Vinnie


      A lot of the glitched text feels like one big meme but it's still neat. The glitch field is amazing too. Aside from a couple random showdown games, I've never played gen 1 competitive pokemon, so getting to play around with the bugs, the old pre-phys/spec split and critical hit chance is really fun.

  14. Despite being an ice specialist, Blake was actually pretty easy. Beat him first try and by setting up sunny day and grassy terrain I was able to to rip him apart.

  15. Charlotte down.  I initially tried fighting her with a lvl 62 ludicolo and that simply wasn't cutting it, so after 4 or 5 tries I had to do some grinding. I got ludicolo up to 70 and meganium to 67 which made the fight a LOT more manageable as ludicolo was able to finish off darminitan(who was hit with fake out previous turn) 2nd turn  whereas it couldn't before. Surf spam works better than I expected here, though you should be doing it in the rain. With rain and light screen charlotte's heat waves weren't that scary and i even gave gourgeist a weakness policy so it could deal some extra hurt on Ninetales. Ludicolo was an MVP this fight. 


    I also got trevenant as destiny bond could come in handy later on. 


    Charlotte was tough but mainly because my best mons against here weren't leveled enough. Once I grinded she wasn't too terrible.

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