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  1. I freakin HATE Taka. One of my most disliked Reborn characters. His  minior swept my entire team. Really wasn't expecting him to jump me in the desert.


    ugh jerk.

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    2. Teto


      Minior is just a wrecking ball.

    3. not Azery

      not Azery

      Never had a problem with em, but I'm also usually already sweeping by the time one gets in.

    4. Candy


      ironically, as a character Taka is one of the most widely liked me thinks xD

  2. Monochrome_Complex

    fast leveling to level 70

    The grand hall guys become too tough later on to be consistently reliable, it's a bit counter intuitive TBH. Like they really don't need megas if they're there for grinding, especially when they're probably at the level cap. I guess we gotta "earn" our grinds but like when trying to catch up mons it's annoying since most things under 75 won't even last against say level 85 pixilate hyper voice megardevoir. Indra is a better bet but some of his sets are kind of obnoxious too. Yellow is an easy team to beat but brown is kind of tough. The desert was one of my favorite places to grind but it's only accessible AFTER adrienne. Idk why but the idea of strolling around the desert knocking out legions of 35 ft draconic palmtrees is hilarious.
  3. So is alolatales being Ame's spirit pokemon canon?

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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      She used to like Mismagius too.

    3. Wolfox


      And Gardevoir... Each of those 4 represent part of Ame 

    4. seki108


      I recall hearing that IRL Ame liked using Whimsicott during Gen 5's weather wars.

  4. Adrienne down!!! Took about 3-4 attempts, it was a matter of knowing when to send out my pokemon and keeping granbull alive long enough to where I could focus on the other mons without getting killed first(he's slow). Weezing could OHKO whimsicott and Tsareena could OHKO Gardevoir, provided she wasn't intimidated. Volcarona is probably my MVP atm, she has been putting in so much work since Charlotte. Megawile didn't stand a chance. it ended up coming down to swampert and florges, and with florges weakened by two heat waves already swampert was able to tough her out and triumph.



    1. GenEric


      honestly i just teached my gallade wide guard and swept with roserade

    2. not Azery

      not Azery

      Haxorus happened. Nuff said tbh.

  5. I feel like you should have a chance to change your party right before the big house meteor fight(especially since there's a healing machine next to the house PC) without having to trek back to the circus. I wiped out on solaris due to having a freakin level 37 floatzel on my team for using waterfall/surf during the treatment center.  That kind of sucked. 


    Ciel took only two tries, and 1st try was because I grossly underestimated her togekiss' speed. The majority of her team went down easy(setting up electric terrain this fight helps so much, and an ice type that can tank noivern's heat wave and outspeed gliscor make them easy) but altaria nearly wiped out 5 mons alone, thankfully donphan was able to reduce her speed enough to where swampert could finish her off. I was going to KO her with destiny bond initially but she used roost instead and messed that up lol. 

  6. Terra was tough, took me about 6-7 tries to beat her.  Her Garchomp is so strong it can solo half my team by itself. Excadrill was annoying too since it would oneshot nearly all my mons while outspeeding them. Key was keeping swampert or donphan alive long enough to KO excadrill and having electric terrain out when garchomp showed up so its flamethrower wouldn't deal as much to tsareena. I kept having an issue of Tsareena not being able to KO garchomp quickly enough and dying before getting it past half, but I had togedamaru set up electric terrain, donphan and skuntank bring garchomp to yellow before sending tsareena out, had her play rough garchomp to finish it, and since the electric terrain was still around she was able to handle quagsire and hippowdon no problem. 


    PULSE swalot was a piece of cake, togedamaru handled it by herself.


    On to the showdown at amy's house with meteor. I decided not to fight taka this time.

  7. Monochrome_Complex

    Starting Reborn for the second time...

    Charmander is fantastic, and early on OP. I used him flying run and we was decimating early game with dragon rage and as Charizard he's still quite strong, problem is that he can't get fire bonuses off fire fields due to his typing. But with sunny day/solar power he's a something of a glass cannnon. Chimchar of course is always reliable and quite good, though his fire movepool lacks field control you'll find in charizard's heat wave or typholsions' lava plume/eruption. How he's pretty fast, hits hard with close combat which he gets relatively early, and in every fangame i've played he's been legit. However certain fights will give him a hard time. Cyndaquil is just kind of decent for early game, as his lacking movepool and poor defense is a bit of a hassle. However if you can teach it fire pledge early on(preferably before shelly) it'll be a lot stronger and due to flash fire his line can put out the highest damage on a burning field. Typhlosion is an absolute MONSTER on a fire field, as you probably remember from Charlotte. He also gets lava plume which can let him start said fires but I found lava plume pretty cumbersome in doubles as it hits your ally too, just make sure they're running protect or a nonphysical attacker who can resist it. I never used torchic, but I hear he's one of the best. I never used tepig either, but I imagine he's not as good as his other fighter counterparts. That said I doubt he's bad. fennekin is a lot of fun. Unlike the other fire starters she's not as offensively strong but her typing is good for the game and mystical fire gets a buff on misty field which let's her even take on shade's team. I find her underrated myself and she can do more than just damage.. litten is boss. Incineroar is slow as dirt but since a lot of leaders are gonna outspeed you anyway it's not that big a deal, as he takes hits better than most of the other fire starters and his typing is very useful. mudkip I used last playthrough, he's quite good. He does struggle with some gyms but so does everyone to be fair. But I've found him useful entire game and he has a good typing.
  8. Monochrome_Complex

    Help with V11 Gym leader

    Rock does NOT resist bug, and never has. This means bug WON'T be SE against his rock types. on the Reverse field, but will resist them. Keep that in mind, that might be where you're going wrong. Masquerain should be using flying moves for SE damage. flying, fire, normal, and poison will be SE against rock.
  9. So yeah I beat charlotte, and she was a PITA as expected. Took me about 5  tries.  Sometimes I'd end up with terrible luck(like missing 3 targets with muddy water in a row)  or just crumble under her relentless offense. I ended up winning because instead of using a potion on her rotom who was in red, she switched to ninetales while I had my own volcarona on the field, who was able to set up a quiver dance and luckily avoid her volcarona's heat wave. With a field  boosted, sun boosted, quiver boosted heat wave my volcarona was able to one shot hers, finish off rotom and two shot Ninetales while also surviving ninetales' heat wave. Praise be to volcarona.

  10. No matter how many times I play through Reborn, Charlotte's battle gets me dreading it every single time. Wish me luck haha.

  11. Good lord I just pulled off the hypest finish with samson.  It was like straight out an anime.


    -so he opens with hariyama, I use tsareena who takes it down with two play roughs

    -next is Blaziken, who I take out with swampert's earthquake, which lands a NICE and OHKOs him. Swampert loses about a 3rd health to brick break.

    -Uh oh, Hawlucha. UGH. I wasn't taking any chances with this jerk so I sent out weezing, who BARELY survives acrobatics with 3 HP and destiny bonds for the kill next turn. Phew.

    -But my woes weren't over yet, Mienshao made its debut.  This guy was a nightmare. He outspeeds my entire team and takes out swampert before swamp can even do anything. Due to life orb damage I abuse switching between togedamaru(while using spikey shield)/tsreena/volcarona and he eventually just sort of kills himself.  I'm lucky samson didn't use any potions this fight, for some reason. I only have one pokemon left by the time he does get Ko'd though, which is medicham.

    -Lucario is faster, and meteor mash lands an okay which brings cham to yellow, but cham gets a powerful drain punch 1st turn and is able to finish him off next turn but is in red now. 

    -Boss battle, here comes conkledurr. He's juiced up on his seed, the crowd's cheering for him. Medicham has only one shot. She's level 65, conkledurr 71, full health. It all comes down to the next move. Medicham centers herself, for she must make the best high jump kick she's ever made in her life. The pressure is on.


    She makes the jump and the kick...


    It hits..



    AND IT'S OVER 9000!!


    Instant KO, the giant falls, and the badge is ours. 


    What a battle. 


  12. Monochrome_Complex

    Which do you personally think is more difficult

    Rejuv on intense, though I never tried it. I saw the souta fight though via shinyscarlet and I was like nah. Rejuv has harder puzzles than reborn too. The glass baking puzzle was a hassle and in the old versions crawli's gym was...something.
  13. I wasn't expecting luna to be one of the harder leaders so far.  She was such a pushover before. Thankfully she gets easier as the battle goes on but that life orb absol lead is disgusting. And leading with a fighter yourself gets you play roughed. It and honchkrow are her biggest threats, thankfully the battle is pretty easy after them.


    I also rose my level 15 larvesta into a volcarona. That was a bit of a drag but it's worth it. 

  14. 1st time using stunky/skuntank in reborn and i'm surprised by how long this guy has been a main on my squad. He starts off really weak, but once he gets acid spray then later bite, he's able to hold his own. He gets toxic naturally which is great, then gets nightslash which combined with focus energy = crits all day. Sucker punch is an excellent move and he also gets flamethrower on evolving, which despite his special attack stat can still come in handy on certain fields.  I got radomus' badge and he's still pulling his weight on my team. Can't believe I slept on this guy before, he's pretty legit.

  15. Tsareena is a beautiful pokemon. I love her so much.

    1. Candy


      me too~