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  1. Good day! I am Jason Grace and I'm here to welcome you to the successor of Battle Royale: Pokemon Reborn Edition, a Mafia Variant hosted in this club last year. I present Death Island: Fire Emblem. It's a game with elements similar to the original edition, but has been remastered to suit the franchise it's taken from. It contains a player-friendly RPG x Mafia system, even for those who have not played any of the games in its source material. Nevertheless, if you're interested in a game of social interaction, virtual killing, and persuasion, check out the official Discord server for this game: https://discord.gg/Sh7CRpA All details and means of signing-up for this game are there. Cheers!
  2. Reborn Big Brother Mafia: End Good day, folks! It has been quite a long journey from start to finish, but today, it all ends because the result is inevitable anyway. In a typical day, the end of the day would start with our House Guest Nicki being shooed by the other House Guests and end with Nicki entering the House again through a secret entrance. But, we're left with five House Guests and no method available for stopping her rampage as she devours House Guest after House Guest. With that said, it's time for us to declare our winner. The circumstances that have lead to this victory may be disagreeable to some, but the way she has put herself in the top spot is definitely remarkable. Let us all welcome... Nicki as Hypurr, the Coyote, the Pet, and Lyncher. She has won the game. Also, along with her, Bean the Original as ECT, the Coyote, Lightningrod, and ECT. He has won the game. Meanwhile, the other four House Guests came close to winning. These are: Caimie as Seal, the Commuter, Agent, and Ninja. Candy as Amine, the Bride, Cursed, and Toucher. Seal as Castiel, the Sand Castiel, Priest, and Diabolist. Bazaro as Jace Stormkirk, the Treestump, Pathologist, and Yakuza. Thank you for your participation all throughout the game. It's been a long journey and thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to take this ride along with all of you. This is Jason Grace! And I formally close the last game of Season 3, Reborn Big Brother Mafia.
  3. Reborn Big Brother Mafia: Night Nine The day started off with a desire to eliminate Seal the 2nd for his controversial consecutive nomination of Caimie. It didn't last long though. After some thinking, a number of House Guests decided to vote Jace Stormkirk up for eviction. Just as he was on the brink of being the majority vote, the Bazaro tree turned his eyes on his notes and analyzed the circumstances of Roswell's death. It had to have a greater meaning, like everything else. Nicki the 2nd had to be the common denominator or else, it wouldn't make sense. Nicki2 was evicted... or not. Nicki survived the lynch. Meanwhile, two House Guests will be receiving totems for completing the Everydaily Challenge. You will receive these within 12 hours. That is all... for now. Night Nine lasts at least 24h. Good luck, everyone! And remember, Big Brother is always watching you... Always.
  4. Reborn Big Brother Mafia: Day Nine The House Guests are fewer in number, now down to single digits. The show is getting even more intense as House Guests evict fellow House Guests in a competition for the grand prize. The nominees for this Eviction Day are only three as we enter the single digits. These are: 1. Jace Stormkirk 2. Nicki2 3. Seal2 Who shall be today's most recent evictee? We will know by the end of this phase. Additionally, it seems luck is not in favor for one of our House Guests. Roswell was evicted. He was Yahen, the Yahen, Cat Lady, and Suspect. The newly elected HoH comes from a single vote, Roswell... or not. It seems to be that HoHs have a history of getting evicted before fulfilling their duty or simply forgetting to perform their duty. The only challenge we have for today is the Everydaily Challenge: United We Stand. Task: The House Guests must stand together to continue surviving in the Big Brother House. To succeed, at least 75% of the living House Guests must vote and the votes shall only be split between 2 nominees or less. Reward: Two players, selected at random, will receive a totem with a special 1 time use ability. That is all... for now. Day Nine lasts at least 48h. Good luck, everyone! And remember, Big Brother is always watching you... Always.
  5. Event 8.1 "It's time to return the favor." Bean says as he shoots a live gun at Alaris. ... well, that story ended well. Alaris was evicted. He was Alaris, the Mastermind, Lookout, and Town Crier.
  6. Event 7.2 The Crimson Blanket survived Bean's reckless laundry washing. Apparently, being a colored piece of clothing helped him retain his color and not let it vanish to the other pieces of clothing. ... but despite Bean's awful clothes handling, he still wanted to be with him. Going out of the washing machine, he tried to return to his Pet Bean. Instead, he saw Bean with the other House Guests. They asked him, "We can only give you one, so choose: Your favorite Crimson Blanket or a brand new, fresh Candy?" "Blanket's dirty now, so I choose Candy." Bean said. Kiet was deeply hurt. Candy shoots Crimson Dragon. He is Castiel, the Sand Castiel, Priest, and Diabolist.
  7. Event 6.1 Bean was washing his dirty laundry. Why it was dirty, only he could tell. He was washing his favorite crimson blanket in the House's washing machine. Unfortunately, he forgot to separate the white pieces of clothing from the colored ones, so all his white colored clothing became crimson after the crimson blanket bled. Bean shoots Crimson Dragon. He was Castiel, the Sand Castiel, Priest, and Diabolist.
  8. The number of roles anong all the players including the dead. Assuming that example as a basis, it would count as two Town Roles and one Mafia role.
  9. Reborn Big Brother Mafia - Day Six We're drawing closer and closer to a smaller population in the House. With this, I'm sure you're all excited to survive another day once again in the Reborn Big Brother House. Let's hope you haven't been nominated for eviction though. That would be really unfortunate... I'm sure you want to find out who has been nominated for eviction today and we'll get right down to it. Day Six's Nominees for Eviction The players nominated for eviction this phase are: Seal2! Roswell! Candy! Alaris! Bean! Who do you think deserves to have their Reborn Brother Mafia journey ended today? Vote wisely, House Guests! Head of Household Election Well, I suppose it wouldn't come as a surprise who you've all selected to become the Head of Household. Once again, it's our Celebrity, Yahy. .... or wait Nightly Eviction Yahy and Bazaro were cuddling in the Living Room, sharing love stories, secrets, and their opinions of their House Guests. Their dynamic has been one of the greatest amongst the couples formed in the Big Brother House. Unlike the other House Guests involved in Showmances, like Yahen who went on to catch another lover or Newt who wanted out in the middle of his relationship with Bok Choi, Yahy and Bazaro stayed particularly strong and nothing came between them ... until now. Yahy was called to the Confession Room by Big Brother. Apparently, he was to be arrested by the Police after they found out evidence in his home that he was involved with the Mafia and had Underground dealings with some of the well known Godfathers. Meanwhile, Digital Amber was also kicked out of the House for lazing about in the House and sleeping in most days in their stay. Yahy was evicted. They were Newt, the Celebrity, Troublemaker, and Framer. Digital Amber was force evicted. He was Candy, the Candy, Snow Queen, and Insane Doctor. Because of Yahy's eviction, Kiet is now the Head of Household. Daily Challenges Day 6 Daily Challenge Lock Down Task: Find out how many TOWN ROLES, MAFIA ROLES, and THIRD PARTY ROLES are present in the game. (As in, how many ROLES there are used for each alignment) To succeed, you must get the correct number of roles in each alignment, with a +2/-2 margin of error for each alignment. The Head of Household will be submitting this list publicly and pinging me and Alistair in the post. Reward: Everyone receives a random piece of information, either pertaining to player visits, the set-up, or secret mechanics. New Everydaily Challenge United We Stand Task: The House Guests must stand together to continue surviving in the Big Brother House. To succeed, at least 75% of the living House Guests must vote and the votes shall only be split between 2 nominees or less. Reward: Two players, selected at random, will receive a totem with a special 1 time use ability. Day Six lasts 48h. Have fun, dear players! And remember: Big Brother is always watching you. Always.
  10. Reborn Big Brother Mafia Night Five - Nearly Half the Players Good evening, dear players! It's been a relatively normal day, not too eventful nor too bland, but before you settle in for dinner and bed, another House Guest was chosen for eviction. With one of the nominated House Guests evicting herself, you were left with four nominees to choose from. It's time to say goodbye now to... L'Belle was evicted. He was Jelly, the White Goo [Town], Grey Goo [Mafia], and Brown Goo [Town]. Bok Choi's true identity is revealed. He was Nick Crash, the Spy, Appraiser, and Supplier. With less than 20 of the House Guests remaining in the House, I wonder who will be left to take it all. Meanwhile, our Head of Household performs their duties ... or not. Newt forgot to nominate another player. There will be no automatically nominated player. As for the Daily Challenges, the results for this day's Daily Challenge will be revealed at the end of the game while the New Everydaily Challenge has not been completed. Night Five lasts 24h. Sleep well, dear players! And remember: Big Brother is always watching you. Even at night.
  11. Event 5.1 The House Guests were playing dodgeball in the lawn area. She, Caimie, Yahy, and Nicki were playing together whilst Drakyle, ECT, Bean, and Candy were playing against them. It was a relatively close fight. Bean was eliminated first when he got hit by a ball while trying to retrieve one of the fallen balls, trying to make them his "pet". Caimie and Yahy were eliminated next after trying to catch the ball, but instead, both were hit by the strong force of Candy's ball. Lía responded to this by hitting Candy while she was looking at ECT. It was now on even terms. Drakyle and ECT tried to bait Nicki into getting hit by tag teaming. It was successful, but she managed to make a final ball land on ECT's chest. Now, it was a one-on-one. Drakyle and Lía threw balls at each other back-to-back, both dodging the balls relatively easily. Lía tried to get a hit on Drakyle by attempting to throw 3 balls at once, but it turned out for naught because her throw was weak and Drakyle easily catched one of the balls. Lía tried to shoot Drakyle. Her gun backfired and she died. She was LykosHand, the Lykos, Fabricator, and Lightkeeper. Because she has technically killed herself, voting for this phase is ANONYMOUS. Please submit your votes in your respective player channel.
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