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  1. Forum name: Odybld Showdown alt(s): entreflores Discord: Ody-incarnate#7896 Availability: Shouldn't be availiable but will be because fuk exams, gmt+2 Favourite type(s): Water Least favourite type(s): Bug Why am I doing this
  2. The problem is not that Mirai Nikki is a terrible show that brought the worst kind of -dere to prominence. The problem is that it copied Yuno's design from Aria and now I gotta meditate and erase her existence from my memory to enjoy my gondolier girls in space Venice

    1. Odybld


      tumblr_mz7ecpDWYV1rtckf3o1_500.gif But noooo let's copy the design and paste the worst -dere ever

    2. Wolfox


      I wouldn't say it was terrible. in fact I really enjoyed Mirai Nikki. Including Yuno

  3. The last three movies I watched in the cinema where Rampage, Ready player one and Three billboards. Something's pretty off when the best written one out of the three is the Dwayne Johnson action flick

    1. CodeCass


      That's surprising. I heard Three Billboards was supposed to be really good. 

    2. Zarc


      I really enjoyed Ready Player One 

    3. Odybld


      Three billboards has propably one of the most surreal scripts of a movie that aims to handle a very humane story. The people in the film are written without an ounce of empathy, they mostly act like psychopaths, without being able to empathise with the other persons. It's full of witty barbs thrown around, and it's not the good kind of black comedy, that comes from a place of understanding that we're all effed and that's life and we can only laugh at our own pain. Instead, it's literally like watching two handicapped people verbally punch each other and see who comes out of the fight on top

      Ready player one was an enjoyable movie to see and hear, but there's almost nothing good to it when the mind tones down the spectacle and sound and comes in contact with the things in it. The script is whatever, the characters are whatever, the emotional resonence is whatever and the way they handle references is whaaaaatever dude let's throw some things in there

  4. 10/10 just so damn smart and good
  5. Battle Angel Alita movie is THANK YOU BASED JAMES CAMERON

  6. You made a stellar assumption just from point 1.1. of what I'm writing. Should I call it off altogether? 

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    2. Odybld


      Perfectly fine, thank you, do you have any tangible argument to add to the conversation or are you here for the shits and giggles? In any case go to the popcorn stand, you'll need a big refill

    3. Alistair


      I'm cutting on the sugar, thanks. But, yanno, if you want to avoid people jumping in for "shits and giggles", try PMs. You're welcome, advices always come free of charge. Do have a nice day. @Odybld

    4. Odybld


      I recieved a public reply for a public post that was still in the introduction stage. I replied publically but outside of the thread to avoid derailing. 

  7. The old web address (pokemonreborn.com) doesn't redirect to the new forums anymore. I think this should be fixed, especially for old links in other places and whatnot
  8. I don't apologize on taking it out on Az. I was testing something in the forum. Also, I just spoke the truth and we all know that

    1. Azeria


      rude af


    2. pyrromanis


      What did I miss, and why should anyone ever should apologize to Azery? He should apologize for his existance first!

    3. Wolfox


      what even happened?

  9. I'm back here, so let's go Known as: Ody (my real name, shortened), entreflores (showdown alt), deXufa (current showdown alt I should change soon) Age: 25, almost Gender: Male Birthday: 18/08/1992 Location: after a semester abroad in Spain, back to Athens, Greece Height: 1,70 Hair: brown, shaved short and going bald Eye Color: brown as well Lives with: not the flatmates anymore. Parents, grandma and... Pets: three cats, the mom, the daughter and the outsider. also a canary Relationship status: single Favourite Food: my island's traditional meat pie and Schnitzel Favourite Drink: water is amazing. Also coffee, good beer, orange juice, and a greek stevia cola are pretty good Favourite Color: Blue Favourite Music: 70's rock, jazz Favourite Μusicians: Miles Davis, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (with Shorter on sax), Rainbow, Led Zeppelin Favourite Albums: London Calling, Heaven and Hell, Rainbow Rising, Made in Japan. Lately I have a big thing for Physical Graffiti Favourite Pastimes: Walking in the woods, listening to music, following sports, stuff Favourite Movies: The usual suspects, Pulp fiction Favourite Shows: DBZA So, who are you?: I'm Ody. I came here for the game in early 2015, and it looks like I'm still here. I concerned myself over here with things ranging from the game to competitive mons to the people of this community. I've been a fallen from grace ace, sometimes a good contributor, and sometimes a pain in the ass. I pretty much took a leave of six months starting this winter, I went for an Erasmus semester abroad in Spain, and here I am back again. Great timing for this thread to pop out. Anything you're responsible for? I headlined the Item Guide for the Reborn game (which was updated for E16 thanks to Njab since I was preparing to go on a trip) and that's pretty much my greatest contribution. I also acted as substitute captain of the Ravenholts during the PokeNations 2 tournament, since our original leader Kaito had to take a leave. I pride myself in making a quite extensive appreciation thread for the various people here that I wanted to pay tribute to. I think I can say that I put a great effort in helping weather the first days of the E16 release with helping people out, especially newer members with their questions (oh and reporting some posts). And I've also assisted Bibs, Zumi and Chubb back in the day with the glorious Hunger Games Simulator. Also I've been a member of a small clan and/or group of jackasses known as Arcana Rush. What can I talk to you about? Well, fire that gun and see where the shots land. I have no problem trying to help out to the best of my abilities regarding the game and competitive mons too, and I don't mind at all talking about anything, especially if there's music I like involved, anime or manga that I like, food, drinks and coffee, that short of good things in life. Once things get rolling, no idea where they'll go. Closing statements I don't want to sugar the pill: I don't exactly know how and why I'm here right now, if this is a comeback for me or if I'll continue fading, if Reborn will pull me back or if this awfully ugly forum and the ugly thing known as 'scord will kill my love for the old forum and showdown server. I feel that the community is in kind of a decadent state, dying out little by little. I object in various ways in how the community is also ran from up top. So it's really hard to gauge my input here in the next six months, much less farther down the line. Let's see how it all plays out and what I can do as well.
  10. So I'm back from Spain since 10 days ago. I was thinking of making an AMA. But I'm bored.

    1. Hycrox


      wb ody


      also no more ama train pls

  11. pyromannis

    the goat

    1. Odybld
    2. pyrromanis


      I'm a pig not a goat :P
      though sometimes yes, i'm the greatest of all :]

  12. Pmrple

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    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow


    3. Zarc


      congradulations for your second black magician girl huh ! 

    4. Odybld


      Pυrple tho

  13. Slowly slowly... turn away... 

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