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  1. Curious question. How is the difficulty in Normal Mode? I've been playing on Intense and now I'm stuck on Angie
  2. Does anyone know where to get a thunderstone in this version?
  3. So I accidentally killed the shadow Grimer and decided to just get it with Jenkel but things are different. Will there be a way to get shadow mons later on?
  4. WOW I just finished episode 4 and that ending THO!!!! I can't wait for episode 5 to come out (hopefully)
  5. Oh I love the soundtrack when you fight Aurora. Can I find it anywhere online?
  6. I just started this game and I just want to know if I can find pokemon with hidden abilities
  7. So if we want to have the original tracks we just have to change them manually then? I'll give these new tracks a try first
  8. The plot was so good when I played this although the new soundtracks surprised me. I want to know why some of the soundtracks like Team Meteor Admin's track are changed. I loved the previous ones
  9. Ahh the classic Blaziken bulk up speed boost sweep
  10. I have a deep hatred for Tristan. I finished the game already but he made me so mad. His Exploud kept killing my pokemon in Silver Rise and then his gym battle was absolute hell
  11. This is probably a bug. I'm doing the battle tournament in Blackview and there's no battle music playing when I'm battling
  12. Ok. There's this rock in the forest that's blocking an ice pyramid that leads underground. How do I get that out of the way?
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