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  1. Last time Marianette was so impossible I had to lower difficulty, this time just Cosmic Power!Solrock did all the job, lol

  2. Nothing like battling (and defeating) Keta in Rejuv right after getting to the end of Kenneth's side chatper, lol

  3. You get a clear notification about how the current episode is over, so no, it hasn't ended, you've still got plot. When you've finished, then Gearen will change. It's currently bugged I think.
  4. kithas

    Where do I go next?

    To Route 5, I think it was the one with the meteors...
  5. kithas

    Where do I go next?

    That is very strange, could you share some screenshots or maybe your save? I don't remember if it previous versions were like that...
  6. kithas

    Where do I go next?

    Yo probably would want to go looking for Magma Drift (the reason for going to Kristiline Town from the beginning), but the TM house is encased in NeverMeltIce. If you want to defrost it, you may want to go to the library west to the house to research how!
  7. kithas

    Forest Reforestation

    Well if you cut Vivian's tree in the past (the route will be all green and with taillows flying) you'll need to get back to it and plant the tree again, then the fisherman will be there (in the "multi coloured trees" mode of the route).
  8. kithas

    Money grinding in Grand Hall

    I think it depends more on the trainer you want to grind on, for example for the TMNT boy all you need is a good plant/electric type, for the guy that has only fossils + Throh, Mawile would be a good choice, etc. They rotate depending on the weekday.
  9. kithas

    Help with V11 Gym leader

    The key to the reverse field is that if a type usually resists another type, then the second one will be super-effective against it. For example, using Fire against Water-types, or Ghost moves which usually don't hit against Normal-types, here they are super effective. Rock-types usually resist Normal moves, so you can have something like Return smash against him. As for your team, I'm not very good for it but I think mons with types weak agains rock would protect you against receiving STAB.
  10. kithas

    Where do I go next?

    I'm sorry... My answer was for @morbid, I don't really know what are the keys for yet.
  11. I read someone saying the items not picked up in old gearen were in the Lost & Found on the GDCPD. I didn't confirm it but take a look maybe.
  12. kithas

    Kimono girls

    Speaking of them, does anyone know where to find the Kimono Girl who would be just where my character is? I've gone throught the whole island now and can't seem to find her... thanks.
  13. Where are the jailer's keys to be used in?
  14. Well, he doesn't ask to go anywhere, so I have still no idea.