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  1. At the time, that egg is bugged and isn't available. I think mods also mess with the rest of the overworld eggs, but Seviper's in particular is a problem from the base game.
  2. I agree with @bobirobi20, it's difficult to make Julia's electrode with sonic boom threatening at 90's (& also more difficult to rebuild their teams with attacks/stats according to the levels scaled) It would be fun to make it possible to basically "relive" the original battles. I know the trainers are stored somewhere accesible by the debug mode. It could be made to be more accessible (a "memory chamber" or a "time capsule" maybe?) to fight the original fights again. It could be said that, again, Julia or Florinia wouldn't be at all challenging being that their levels are at most around their 10s, but, well, I think if all you want to do in Reborn is smashing a team of voltorbs at lvl 10 with your lvl 95 Hydreigon, this mod isn't for you. But it could be used to try other sets, to just relive the better battles of the game without the plot-related stuff (or with the TM's and everything else)... Maybe a good thing that could be done to balance a bit the mod would be to take out the monetary reward to avoid farming for money, and maybe (or not) also the xp rewards?
  3. I mean, globally we're at 60% of EP19's content, not so close I think?
  4. Ah, then I thought it was like the "inside" of the Main Character or something like that.
  5. The same way you entered, I think, by the place with the PC/Healing, south of there and then down the mountain. I don't recall any actual obstacles
  6. You have to get a key item called center keys, which I think comes from a sidequest in Kakori...
  7. Are you talking about the ghost in the Odd Tower? Because I'm pretty sure there's a whole sidequests plot around him
  8. To complete the stone stepping way you have to knock on the rock pillar just before the lava pool
  9. I like this! Although I hc it has been some time since Reborn's endgame. But, well, details are details, these are pretty fun to look at
  10. I thought immediately about Wispy Tower
  11. Oh, I thought you had to change the name of the save you want to Game.rxdata and you could only use one save at a time.. Thanks also!
  12. Given the fact that the MC doesn't seem to belong to that world, and that we're are bound to end up confronting Spacea and Tempa and their leader, probably Giratina is a good bet (Plus having an extradimensional dragon as a partner would be very cool (?) ), and given they've already been involved in several Time-travelling hijinks (either traveling themselves, as Adrest, or the thing with Narcissa), I would think also Celebi would be a good bet.
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