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  1. HM02 Fly is given around that time, after you defeat Souta, the gym leader you need to defeat to use it.
  2. Nah I dont think it will be like that except if V13 goes really fast
  3. Because she acted to the MC completely different from the rest trying to save them from the plot (even from death!) and asking hem to live a peaceful life far away from their friends. Her despising Nancy would have been for being able to act like our mother. But the fact is that, mother or not, Crescent treats the Interceptor much different from the other ones.
  4. Hmmm, I'm not sure if it would be cool for Lin to be a Game-warping type of Big Bad when nothing on her backstory/lore has hinted to that. T3RR4? Yes. Anna? Maybe. The mysterious entity that could be speaking to us between episodes? Totally. But I don think Lin would need to end like that. She's a villain in her own way, with Unlimited Power as her theme within the constraints of the game universe.
  5. I recall him having a Torterra as his ace, but for the place he'll probably be fought, yep, between Steelix or Garchomp. And the legendary will be definetly Landorus, Groudon is already taken (and I think the "greater" legendaries have only been used for story purposes?)
  6. I fear Magnezone's speed and typing would make it extremely weak to EQ, and while I do like mamoswine a lot, I would like to try using other pokémon first by not repeating team compositions with Reborn. I think I will end up using Clefable because typing, stats and Ability and maybe Spiritomb for the other slot, but I'm still wondering about the shielding functions the Dual Screens could do to my team.
  7. I find it interesting since I agree Crescent seemingly acts like a "mother" of sorts to the MC (Still have to see her kidnapping the MC just to keep them safe) but the idea of different versions being Different universes/dimensions doesn't seem very plausible inside one big plot because it would be possible for one single character/player to play/have played the same playthrough from the earliest version.
  8. There's a problem with your theory in that Spacea & Tempa let us know they're receiving orders, while they're manipulating Melia. And since I don't think Griselda would be able to give them between Geara's possession and Isha's...
  9. And adding to the mess that are Maria's Versions (Melia, Marianette and Melanie) we get the mansion thing: Not counting Darchlight Manor (South of Hiyoshi/GDC), we have the Prologue Manor, with Maria, Anathea and Indriad, who seems to end up South of Sashila, and the Flashback Manor, seen next to Kugearen City in the "Past" (María ends up Sealed, we know Gardevoir) and in Where Love Lies in early Gearen City. It's bigger and probably Marianette's manor too... And in present Gearen ends up becoming Chrisolia Hotel (some dialogue suggests it being a mansion before a hotel). So now we got two potential places where Maria could have lived intñ the same timeline and two places where Anathea died in different ways. The point being... I don't know, I'm just really hyped for v12 (?)
  10. It would be very funny if you just transformed into the normal version of the Rift pokémon since there're no back sprites for the Rifts (?)
  11. I liked it. I also think Arceus is going to play Minecraft with Reborn around the Elite 4 or just after that, so...
  12. Let's not forget that GDC's mayor, Cassandra, works with the same group that wants to keep Melia vigilated/to kidnap her. I like to think it was a maneouver for keeping her safe (and we still don't know what's up with Amanda's intentions). But I think the important part is that Melia almost gets to have the same position as Marianette.
  13. You maybe need to find her around the Bridge in the jungle. Or try searching in the place just before the Valor Summit
  14. The two people that coulld be the same are Nymiera and Alexandra, who states the former is an ancestor of hers. Then we also got Nim-Lorna, who seems to be a manifestation of Alexandra's power and who, according to Damian, isn't human and is going to bring the end of the world
  15. If you've already been in Grand Dream City, there's an entry just west (left) of the southern entry of Honec Woods (near a shack). You'll know you're there because of the excavator.
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