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  1. Well, base Claydol has an overall better design, a better typing (I know I'm biased when talking about ground-types), a useful Ability (Even if Synchronize is also interesting) and better defensive values. That's for starters. Then if you take into accound Claydol's Crest, you've got a Ground-Psychic levitating pokémon with a 105 defense and a breaking 120 Sp.Atk with its 120 Sp. Def. The crest also gives Claydol a bonus for Beam attacks, taking out their charging turns and giving a x1.3 boost to the likes of Hyper Beam or Solar Beam. I like more Claydol's design before the crest. After it... Well, it's just not fair.
  2. I think, speaking about the gang in Rejuvenation comparing it with the one in Reborn, the main difference would be Melia's role: in Reborn the PC (even if starting as an outside force coming by train from outside)) is part of the plot, the others are kidnapped, attacked and are losing until the PC comes to the rescue or helps them move forward. In the other hand, in Rejuv, one has the feeling that, even being the Interceptor and actually having plot points made about them, with Nancy and Crescent for example, the PC is just there, the gang is well defined with Melia at its head (and in the heart of the plot), and if the PC wasn't around, another npc would fill the task, be it Ren, Aelita, Erin or Melia herself. Speaking about Melia's status as Mary Sue, I understand why people think that, but I think her power does not actually work as an actual power but as a Plot-moving force, is not compared to the magic of Madame X, Crescent or the likes, and her plot importance comes from, well, being the Main Character.
  3. You have to complete the gym puzzle I think, fight him and then in the case you didn't face him before (I don't remember exactly the secuence) exit the gym leader room upwards (to the opposite way you came from) and there will be Crawli.
  4. It says that Spacea & Tempa had their own kingdoms/domains of Space & Time but both ruled from Griselda's castle. Plus I think Rejuvenation's lore is that Griselda allied herself with Ieisel to gain access to his magic (e.g. Crests) and then went mad with power, conquering or trying to conquer the other kingdoms. It was definetly not a rebellion lol And for Ieisel, Zygara's King and maker of the crests (but I still doubt his relation with garufan) is not related to Isiah and Isaiah, who were two medics at maximum 50 years ago, both having the letter "a" in their names
  5. Great! tbh I though TRs were the new TMs but I'm glad there won't be so many changes!
  6. I also didn't play SwSh but I think they made TMs consumable items again? don't do this, also. Bad decision.
  7. Oh mbd I didn't see that, then yeah it would be cool
  8. I think they will just add the new mons and moves and that's it
  9. It's not implemented into the game as in Rejuv but you always can have multiple game.rxdata files that you renamwe when you don't use them and name "game" when you do. Like a manual version of the multiple save system.
  10. I'm still not sure about Indriad (even being able to associate him with Yvetal, the current Yvetal's trainer, Madame X, seems to be against him and Storm-9 in general) or Nymeria (With Aevium's protectors being the Regis I associate her more with Regigigas, while Xerneas could be more a Melia thing).
  11. There is a door behind the waterfall next to the gym/theatre, just in case...
  12. I'm pretty confident the only one in Valor area is the one I told you... I think there's one around Kristiline (It could be Route 11 since I seem to mix them) but they're the only ones around
  13. It should be on the leaf just in front of the mountain. As in, before the first pool of lava. In the sea.
  14. It may be the amount of badges, as IN evergreen Island in the Sanctuary, the Empoleon only appears if you go late in the game but you can catch piplups before.
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