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  1. You'll need to find those three and you can explore the new Reborn City in the meantime. I think Victoria is in the Cementery, Adrienn in the Coral Ward, and DJ Archlight I'd say either the Grand Hall or the Ace club.
  2. You may want to build a tank Infernape, as it can be used both ways.
  3. So I have these six as my main team. The first four were the first important mons I added to my team from the places I went to (Starter, Goldenwood cave, Amethyst cave and Sheridan) while the last two are recent incorporations (Clefable being the main star in this V12 and saving my ass through sheer stalling in more than one plot battle) Then I have a box in the PC with some of the mons I can rotate with, I try to maintain them in a minimum of utility mons, previous team members or mons I really like:
  4. Yeah, they probably are. They're probably behind the gang's entry in the Great Tournament (even though we still don't know the reason behind it, we've known even "Aelita" or "Venam" fought, being impossible).
  5. What I also love (and there is abundance of in this update) are the specific pokemon versions: for example we got Risa's Party-tuff (even if it's hinted to be the same as an also battled Nagadanel) or the familiars of Rifts, or the Pyramid Guardians. I love the designs and always have fun fighting them.
  6. I'm thinking something with Misty Field and Wish and an insane amount of defense. So you either have an insanely strong steel move to knock it out before it sets up, or it's useless. And the steel-ghost weakness can be dealt with by Filter, which could leave it affected by weather and other hazards...
  7. kithas


    I think the popplio event has some pokémon battling you and having sprites in the overworld, if that's what we're talking about.
  8. Finally! I'll be able to see how I wreck most teams... My inner 8 year old is satisfied, thank you
  9. Wait I thought the only (presumably) romantic relationship for Melia was Venam? And Y'all If you're going for anything lower than romancing Angie you're all too weak.
  10. I think it worked for me when I got in, talked to people 30 times (not 30 different people, I repeated some of them like 6 times) inside the woods, and then I went to the tower and Bam, there it was.
  11. No, I think they started that sidequest in the middle of being in the Hiyoshi city sidequest... @Matthew_2k, you'll need to upload the file named "Game.rxdata" (make sure it's the Rejuvenation version, because the name is the same as the reborn one even if they're on different folders!)
  12. You need to go around Yui's ranch and do the quest that's offered for you there first
  13. If you manage to get to Sashila I think there's a way to Hiyoshi City in the northern open door, the blue figure in the last door.
  14. In front of Alamissa Urben, in the entrance!
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