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  1. The Final Three are participating in Diggersby's newest show, which is a different take on Wheel of Fortune. And only two of them can gain the right to participate in the finale of Total Pokemon Russia!
  2. It's showdown time! The final four face against each other in a poker challenge! Everyone is wagering their chips. The first one to run out of chips shall be eleminated!
  3. The viewers have made their choice! The next eliminated contestant shall be announced here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH-eSnLjucY
  4. It's time for a Community Episode! You, the viewers of my channel, get to decide the next elimination! Watch out for that twist! if you need to vote, the link is in the video description!
  5. Another fine episode brings an exciting ending to another story arc! Another fine episode brings an exciting ending to another story arc! Following this episode is a Community Episode! Now you know who are the Final Five. In Episode 44, a special poll will be opened up and you will have an opportunity to eliminate one of remaining contestants wiht YOUR own votes! Furthermore, Episode 44 will include several guests from the TPI community! Can you guess who would appear among those guests? If your reputation is good enough, you can even suggest yourself! About 3-5 guests should make an appearance in the upcoming episode! Ask me for my Discord contacts for more details!
  6. It's been a while, isn't it? A good way to start a New Year with a new episode! Their newest challenge is to write a news article that can give a good impression on Furret. Which article would leave the best impression on you?
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. The next challenge is divided in two parts. First, to craft a rifle of a choice. Second, to use that rifle in target practice. The ones with perfect score win their immunity! But... what's wrong with those targets?
  9. Starring Dusknoir, the next challenge features a rough imitation of an interrogation process! Each of participants must truthfully answer the questions that they wrote to each other before!
  10. The final leg of their journey is up ahead! Their next challenge is a mirror match! Each of contestants need to fight an opponent with the same appearance and moveset! Can they survive in the ring?
  11. The next challenge shall decide the final ten! It's a thrilling round of Russian Roulette! Load a revolver with a bullet, point it at your head, and then... you pull the trigger!
  12. No, it's not about Wobbuffet. It's about that famous intellectual game made in Russia! The next challenge requires contestants to answer various questions, each with their own twist! The first pair to get 5 points win!
  13. Episode 35 doesn't feature any challenge to participate! The contestants are free to do whatever they want. But even so... another elimination awaits them at the end of day! So what is their best way to use the given free time? Episode 36 features a different take on a Russian satirical novel "The Twelve Chairs". There are 12 chairs scattered around the city's landmarks, and only 13 contestants! Who is going to be left without a chair?
  14. Metang strikes back! The entire apartment is surrounded by his Beldum squad! With dwindling food supplies and sheer pressure of the blockade, how the cast is going to make their break?
  15. The first six episodes of TRPU have been remastered! Now they have the same improved audio quality as the recent episodes! It may me worth to start watching this playlist from beginning once again! (The respective links have been updated). Episode 34 will come out in July!
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