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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Have started playing this again after seeing it updated from Ep7, and after changing into and back from 'Adventurer Cradily' I went from the normal 'nonbinary' player character to this... redhead, in a black/purple jacket with greenish brown pants? Who be this? Is this a bug of some variation, or no? Because it's even changed my overworld AND in-battle sprite. They look cool, don't get me wrong but... this was most certainly not who I 'used to be'. Adventurer Cradily has co-opted some poor npc's sprites, I think...
  3. Uh... According to Bulbapedia... no. Not even a little. Level, tm, tutor, breeding - by all accounts, Neither woobat NOR it's evolution should be able to TOUCH the move body slam, unless the rejuv devs added it in for some reason.
  4. Dunno if it's been reported yet, but at least on casual, the Shadow Cacnea in Goldenwood forest isn't shadow, and the guy still talks about how he still has cacnea, after you beat him. Also getting the egg bug where you can't pick them up, yeah. I feel like V11 might have needed some more rounds of testing before being shipped out...
  5. Looking back on his last post here, he said he was indeed working on it, just slowly, since he was in uni/med school and had little to no free time for working on Desolation. He doesn't seem to have logged in since May, but that last post didn't show any sign of wanting to ditch the project, just that he promised an unrealistic date and was really sorry about not being able to meet it, and that he wouldn't be posting much until he had something to show. I'm gonna keep my belief of 'working slowly and not having a lot of free time'. I'm sure if Caz didn't wanna work on Deso anymore he'd at least log in for a brief 'sorry'. He seemed really touched the fans were still excited for the next update despite his inactivity, after all.
  6. I'm assuming that Caz is probably working on it quietly - probably life getting in the way, or even just wanting to have the game finished before he posts anything. Gonna keep assuming that too, until he asks a mod to lock the thread.
  7. Not trying to double-post but I found what look entirely like a bug as I was playing. In the ranch, there's a massive red tree outside that area with the yellow grass and the scarecrows. A textbox pops up when I interact with it but like... way off to the side? All I see of whatever's on it is 'irits rest in peace' because it's so far to the left that it's halfway off the screen. Either it's an error or that tree isn't supposed to have that function, so... just so you know. Attached an image as well, in case I'm worse at descriptions than I thought. capture000.bmp
  8. I can't remember why I never gave this a look before now. My brain is telling me that either the demo was shorter-sounding than I'd have preferred, or that for some reason it was all because of the pixellated quality of the Professor's initial full-body sprite, which sounds dumb so I'm going with the first one. Either that or I'm being an idiot and this thread didn't exist until very recently. Either way, this is really good so far~! What little of the plot I've seen so far has me intrigued - I'm eager to keep playing and see if my theory is right.
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  10. oooh, it's finished? Last time I played was on version four! Def gonna give this another go. I do have to admit though, that the pokedex alterations really turn me off. It felt kind of unnecessary to me, and it's jarring as heck to catch a pokemon and see just a random word instead of lore. Past that though, it's a decent game! Certainly it looks really nice. I'd comment on the story but I never got that far in, rip.
  11. Tried to remember why I stopped playing this game and started up my old file again. Oh right. Tristan keeps kicking my ass with his mega-lopunny. That's why I stopped playing.
  12. Hey - curious question as I replay this game; is it possible to get a shiny of that one early croagunk? Just before I start resetting over and over?
  13. I never realized until now that you could choose to start with an Ultra Beast so I'm literally restarting my game ONLY so I can start off with my main 'mon Nihilego. Favorite design ever~ Also holy jeebus the UB sprites are some big in the starter selection area. Are they supposed to be so gigantic, or is that a bug of some kind? Just that they kind of overlap each other to the point of not being able to see them separately that well.
  14. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

  15. Is Solrock still in Amethyst cave? Because I've been everywhere and I can't find it anywhere. I figured that with seven badges, I ought to be able to get far enough into the cave to find it, but... nothing.
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