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  1. WitchAngelNekora has done a recorded playthrough of Delicia's Return to Dreamland; I think she's the first and so far only one.
  2. @Starry Knight just saw the updated topic title + post. For a Pokemon guide: there's a notepad file in the game folder, "obtainablepokemon", that has information on how and where to get all the Pokemon (with legendaries in a separate notepad file, "legendarysidequests"). For items: There are also notepad files for TM, Marble, and Mega Stone locations, and for Gym Leader sidequests that give plates (as an alternative to mining for them). For other notable items: evolution stones are sold by a hiker at Bolaii Beach (where the 5th gym is), Ability Capsules are sold at Ability Capsule Corp in Olidroll City (6th and 7th gyms), evolution items (like Up-Grade, etc.) are at the Battle Mall (around 8th gym). Let me know if there are any other items you're interested in knowing the locations for. For walkthroughs: there are a few complete Youtube playthroughs. Off the top of my head: HeroVoltsy SuperFffu Vince&Sylveon JK Dreamer It's possible there are others I haven't seen or aren't coming to mind at the moment. Spork is still regularly updated so some of the sprites, maps, and dialogue in the videos might be outdated, but for the most part the progression (as in where to go and what to do next, etc.) should be the same. If you prefer text over videos, I'm not sure that a full text walkthrough exists, but I can answer questions about the game if you ever need help or want to know where something is.
  3. This is in the known bugs list. I'm not sure why it happens and it seems to happen randomly.
  4. They are in a postgame sidequest though, + I'm currently working on a dream exploration event with Dreamer Musharna!
  5. Changed Lilligant's nickname to Lily in the league battle; I might have mixed up Lana and Lily since they both start with L. And thanks @ offering to connect them on the map!
  6. The map is completely accurate! About Aliora City and Classic Park on the map, they are connected through the gatehouse, the reason they're in different places on the map is because I couldn't fit Classic Park above Aliora City there since Aliora Meadow was already above it.
  7. I'm happy it worked! Just the map should be needed this time; I edited the waterfall events to transfer the player to the bridges above the waterfalls (for the first two) and the area where Mesprit is (for the top waterfall), so you'll be on land this time. Map365.rxdata
  8. I was able to Surf after landing on one of the white tiles. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I needed to give you the tileset I updated too? I think this is my first time uploading files for fixing something like this, and I wasn't sure whether I needed to give you just the map or both the map and tileset, so I tried just the map first to see if that was all that was needed. Here's the tileset data; this also goes in the Data folder. If this doesn't work for you I could reupload the game, but hopefully it'll work since I wasn't ready to reupload yet; there were a few other changes I wanted to make and the fact that this issue was discovered when it would have normally been maybe a week or two before I was ready to reupload again (if this doesn't work) is giving me anxiety;;; Tilesets.rxdata
  9. I just set the white tiles at the bottom of the waterfall as passable, and after that I was able to surf by interacting with the water tiles south of the white part of the waterfall. Here's the edited map; this goes in the Data folder. Are you able to move after downloading this? Map365.rxdata
  10. I opened the pokemon.txt and compared Skitty's learnset to Bulbapedia and it seems that in Spork Skitty only learns levelup moves up to level 28; will fix for the next reupload. (also there's a bug reporting thread for reporting bugs) EDIT: @alan28 I've fixed Skitty and Delcatty's levelup learnsets; if you need them now rather than waiting for the next reupload here's the pokemon.txt file; in the game folder, place this in the PBS folder and say yes when asked to replace. Also, I forgot to mention but outside of this case where Skitty and Delcatty's levelup learnsets were incomplete, you don't need to wait to use evolution stones because I gave stone evos the same levelup moves as their pre-evolutions pokemon.txt
  11. Hi Kat, I'm happy you've been enjoying Spork! This is actually intentional; Belinda's nickname theme is having her Pokemon named after other Pokemon on her team to confuse opponents.
  12. After downloading from the download link, extract the files and go into the extracted folder. Double click the "Game" file with the orange icon and the game will open. Also the game is for PC; it isn't a ROM hack so it doesn't work on emulators or mobile. I'm not sure what device you're using but I mentioned that because a lot of people who mention downloads for fangames not working are trying to run them on an emulator.
  13. That's awesome, it's kind of like a movie intro!
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