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  1. That's strange. I'm not sure why the error would mention map000 since there isn't a map000 in the game or mentioned in any transfer event as far as I could see. I checked in Spork's data folder and there isn't a map000 there either. Branching Cave was really fun, and so was using the Cyberse Sylveon! Cyberse Sylveon carried my team a lot. I look forward to visiting Norall in the next part! Aside from the diving, I think the only thing I noticed error-wise which wasn't really an error but not updated text is after the battle with Felicia and Delicia, Felicia says "You really are as good as he said!" which was referring to Barker in Spork after the Game Corner.
  2. That was fast! About to download now. Removing the zeroes didn't work?
  3. I don't see a difference in the script either, so I'm not sure. The only thing I could think of is maybe it's the zeroes in 008? Since none of the other map coordinates have zeroes in them.
  4. Sorry for the late reply/followup. My computer/desk chair broke last night so late morning - early afternoon was finding a new one. I played through part 1 this afternoon-evening. I had a lot of fun exploring Tinder Forest searching for the Farfetch'd. I also liked the Pokemon options to start with and seeing all the Pokemon interactable in the player's house and being able to get Pokemon from Frank, Sierran, and Spade. I only found a couple of bugs, neither of which were major/game-breaking: You can walk through all of the fence here at the player's house: and a small amount of black space is visible here (can be fixed in debug menu option Metadata -> turn on Snap Edges for the map): Another thing which isn't a bug but this trainer says that Aliora City is close still: I think the teams you came up with for the player characters definitely fit them, as well as the types used. A couple months ago I had fun trying to come up with headcanon teams and personalities for the three of them; I considered in the distant future doing runs with each player character with those teams (still thinking of, a few are planned for each). I'm looking forward to the next part and seeing what's happening with Celebi and the mysterious figures! I was excited when seeing that part 2 is already around halfway.
  5. I didn't remember how to when I think you mentioned about the name and files earlier, but I found it just now. In the Game tab in RPG Maker, there's a Change Title option when clicking. Downloaded and will play tomorrow!
  6. Reuploaded (mediafire) DDDL and Spork DDDL Updates: -revamped map added: Neon Temple -added to Nosy Nosepass DJ Ultra Beats interview DDDL Fixes: -adjusted battler altitude for Stufful, Swirlix, Woobat, Geodude, Noibat, Tentacool, Finneon -Lightning Lounge DJ booth countertop priority fix -Shalour Sable blurry item icon graphic fix Spork Updates: -shiny Inkay line has been revamped and Peach now has a shiny Malamar -Peach's nickname theme changed from Spongebob to Splatoon -shiny Gallade has been revamped to match shiny Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir -shiny banana Vivillon made for Inktober prompt ripe on Vivillon Pattern Creator -revamped maps added: Virima Hotel, Virima Library, Sand Castle, Olidroll Underground, Vitamin Factory, Mysterious Mansion, Neon Temple, Rania's Training Gym -added to Nosy Nosepass DJ Ultra Beats interview -added human Lass tourists to Sea Star Society (the ones that appear match your chosen region/hometown) -overworld sprites for Alolan Geodude (Steffi), Fomantis, Oricorio, Oranguru, Passimian, Drampa, Sandygast, Bruxish, Dhelmise, Stakataka, Blacephalon, Turtonator (larryturbo), Alolan Rattata (NicoMts), Alolan Diglett, Poipole (SweeperSnivy), Morelull, Minior, Togedemaru (SageDeoxys), Jangmo-o (princess-phoenix), new Celesteela (OldSoulja) -added Slime Man Data Vault misc file (dream that led to the sidequest) -in starter selection, can now choose form for: Oricorio, Furfrou, Rotom, Basculin, Deerling, Burmy, Shellos, Flabebe, Unown -Flabebe line now have their canon flower colors -Steffi made new map icons for Frank, Sierran, and Spade -new Olidroll Underground and Vitamin Factory music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxK0-bLCW4g -In Pokemon Centers, added Frank and Sierran as player options to switch to along with Spade, and removed outdated info about Spade being recently added in ep 2 when ep 2 was 3 years ago -adjusted saturation + new colors for dentist battle and overworld sprites -removed intro notice about Gen 7 and Mimikyu Shadow Shield since I felt it was kind of distracting Spork Fixes: -Forest of Feeling Vespiquen bridge freeze fix -shiny sunny Castform backsprite position fixed -gen7movesandabilities notepad file: removed outdated info about legendaries not being obtainable yet and added the legendary moves that are in -fixed unset countertop tile that prevented being able to talk to Seamus at the ranger base -fixed a Pokemon Fan Club NPC being invisible -added missing Misty Seed icon graphic -Lightning Lounge DJ booth countertop priority fix -Shalour Sable blurry item icon graphic fix -Taillow now learns Reversal at level 45 -Swellow and Glalie now have their full levelup learnset -adjusted battler altitude for Stufful, Mareanie, Salandit, Yungoos, Dragonite, Barboach, Carbink, Yamask, Swirlix, Dedenne, Shuppet, Duskull, Mimikyu, Sandygast, Amaura, Archen, Genesect, Wimpod, Pikipek, Baltoy, Foongus, Bounsweet, Excadrill, Pyukumuku, Lampent, Quilladin, Chesnaught, Honchkrow, Scraggy, Scrafty, Krookodile, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Geodude (both), Woobat, Swoobat, Noibat, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Froslass, Beldum, Pansear, Pansage, Panpour, Spoink, Bronzor, Roggenrola, Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja, Pawniard, Bisharp, Blitzle, Charjabug, Joltik, Togedemaru, Helioptile, Rufflet, Mudbray, Rockruff, Litleo, Deino, Cubchoo, Beartic, Aromatisse, Trevenant, Sylveon, Incineroar, Tentacool, Unfezant, Binacle, Seismitoad, Goldeen, Horsea, Finneon, Lumineon, Malamar, Morelull, Skrelp, Altaria, Goodra, Drampa, Seadra, Kingdra, Petilil, Lilligant, Beedrill, Butterfree, Frillish, Mienshao, Leavanny, Scolipede, Gorebyss, Vespiquen, Beautifly, Togekiss, Delphox, Florges, Heatmor, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Spewpa, Tranquill, Durant, Watchog, Herdier, Pancham, Deerling, Gothorita, Zoroark, Marshadow Hopefully I didn't forget anything, there was a lot for this reupload.
  7. Reuploaded (mediafire) UPDATES: -shiny Inkay line has been revamped and Peach's Malamar is now shiny -Peach's nickname theme changed from Spongebob to Splatoon -revamped map added: Mysterious Mansion FIXES: -adjusted battler altitude for Dragonite, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, Chesnaught, Honchkrow, Scrafty, Tyrantrum, Carracosta, Swoobat, Froslass, Bisharp, Aromatisse, Sylveon, Incineroar, Malamar, Altaria, Goodra, Drampa, Kingdra, Vespiquen, Beautifly, Mienshao, Leavanny, Scolipede, Togekiss, Florges, Zoroark, Marshadow
  8. Huevember days 23-24: Professor Mangrove and Aoki!
  9. Something that's recently been happening to some players that I was unable to replicate is getting stuck on the bridge at the Forest of Feeling when Vespiquen approaches the player for the Moltres/Mesprit sidequests. When loading up their save files I wasn't stuck and could reset the event and get them through the scene, and I tried testing it in my file too from both activation tiles multiple times but never got stuck. Today Steffi and I were able to find the cause and fix it! There's a super specific set of circumstances that causes it to happen. Obtaining the Bulbasaur will cause an exclamation mark sound effect after the next wild encounter in the forest, and the ! sound effect from there causes the player to become stuck. I'm still not sure how those events are connected, but we were able to fix it by deleting some event commands from the Bulbasaur event that involved exit animations and the exclamation mark. In the meantime until the next reupload is ready, I strongly recommend either not doing the Moltres/Mesprit quest yet or waiting to obtain Bulbasaur until after doing it. I apologize to everyone who was stuck because of this issue, and I've unlocked the save file troubleshooting thread to make it easier for people to have their save files fixed if there are others who are stuck.
  10. I liked the quest of getting all the Sticks. I feel like it ties into the theme of exploring more of nature and the rangers' actions that you wanted to focus on well. Plus seeing Lime doing more ranger activities too, since while a little of that was seen in Spork with dealing with the Tyrantrum along with the Genesect quest, there was more focus on the group's activities as a whole with the Battle Frontier and Smoothie than on any individual member's life outside of the group. For mediafire, if basic is the default, then that should work. I don't think I have anything beyond the basic since I see recommendations in the corners like this: And I've had space to fit multiple episodes of Spork (before I took down the links to older episodes), DDDL, and Delicia's Return to Dreamland at the same time. Looking at the storage space used, it seems like I still have a lot remaining too: Also, I meant to say in the last post, it makes me really happy that you've enjoyed Spork enough to make drawings, a custom difficulty mode/run, and this project!
  11. The revamped Tinder Forest map (will be added the upload after the upcoming reupload) will make more use of Cut, I really like the revamped Tinder Forest + Village maps, they have a cozy atmosphere with more campfires! Tinder Village + Forest are kind of bonus areas that weren't planned at first, and were added because I had a dream about a similar place. I do like the idea with your project of giving them more focus!
  12. I created an account when I uploaded Spork to mediafire, though I don't remember if it was for more file space. I think I tried to create an account for mega too but I didn't understand how to proceed from there? It's been a long time since Spork was first uploaded so I'm not clear on those details, sorry for not being able to help more there. I'm not sure if you had this project in mind when you first made the title screen art of Lime at a campfire in Tinder Village, but it definitely fits perfectly and I'm very interested in seeing where this goes!
  13. Huevember days 10-11 Here's Delicia, and Kirby and Susie from Kirby with raspberry pie! Edit day 12: added the pink Inkling!
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