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  1. I recently hatched a shiny Squirtle for my girlfriend, but every time I try to view it in the "Pokémon" tab, I get an error: "Incorrect bkGD chunk index value", then two lines down it says "CNxFile Object: Graphics/Battlers/007s.png". I raised it all the way to a Blastoise and got the same error message, only the 007 changed to 008 and 009 upon evolving. It doesn't crash the game, but it pops up every time, and I'm unsure how to fix it.
  2. Didn't see anyone else with this issue, but I just finished the final Kakori Help Center quest, and I can't leave the room. If I go up the stairs, I end up where my character is in the screenshot. Walking forward takes me back down the stairs. Hooray for infinite loops. Anyone know of a way to fix this?
  3. Man Blackview is killing me with all of these buildings. Can someone tell me where the abandoned Ranger building is where you meet the recruiter? EDIT: I'm so stupid. Found it.
  4. Has anyone noticed bugs with the Blackview Random Pokemon Dispenser? Sometimes it doesn't drop a Pokemon and just takes my credits.
  5. Good luck with your issues, Caz! I hope everything is okay
  6. Thanks for being so helpful Caz! EDIT: Whoo just got my third natural shiny! SR for shiny Budew and shiny Ralts and just got a shiny female Roggenrola that was just running around. Bought a Jar of Paint for Meowstic, but that's not natural.
  7. Got a little farther in the game, and it's amazing. Caz, your game is awesome I can't wait for future episodes just like Reborn and Rejuvenation. I haven't found many bugs, but I do want to point out two minor ones. In the loading screen, the dedication page says "credits located in base foler", and after the events in I think the Weeping Depths, Ava is standing at the entrance waiting for you. I ended up coming back up on Route 1, so I talked to her from the right side. After the conversation, she walked right through me. EDIT: Also found out that Protean gains Normal type from Hidden Power, rather than the move's type, so no HP STAB
  8. Thanks Caz! And man this first battle with Shiv is tough. His Aipom keeps getting 5 hits off Fury Swipes.
  9. I just started Desolation today, like 5 minutes ago, and I already found a bit of a huge bug. In the room where you find the bomb onboard the ship in the very beginning, if you talk to the spot where the bomb is before going upstairs or even talking to Ava, you can skip the whole thing and when you walk out, the Fire gym leader asks what you've found.
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