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  1. I have my boxes sorted towards levels, trade, support moves and skills... instead of looking for empty space among them i just dropped these pokemon in last box, as it was next to first one and handy. Well I won't be using that one anymore... Luckily I put larvitar and deino in another box. Pls then just drop Jangmo-O, bagon and axew into my box 1 ("Ready"). I will get myself another pelliper and dusk lycanroc. And I cant remember what else I had there, only know that i cant get the dragons again from events... Game.rxdata
  2. Game.rxdata I used Mods for controlling weather to get me a tropius (and something else probably) and later I noticed my last box in PC turned into >Shared box< (which I by the way never figured how to use even). Anyway, now there is an absol in that box while before I drag the Mods folder into my reborn folder, I actually had probably 12+ pokemon in my >box 50< that I just started to train including pseudo legendary dragons i just acquired in ep 18, dusk lycanroc, drizzle pelliper and not sure what else. I assume the dragon event pokemon are no repeatable even. So...can you pls see can you recover my pokemon from box 50? Give me box 50 instead of shared box again?
  3. Tina

    Starter trade

    thank you n_n
  4. Tina

    Starter trade

    Found it. The battles in factory were hell, I lost 20 times first battle.... I got litten. How do I get chespin?
  5. Tina

    Starter trade

    what waterfall?
  6. Tina

    Starter trade

    But I beat her. Maybe there is a problem with my save file after switching versions? It says new badge is required.
  7. Tina

    Starter trade

    Solice. And I cant use rock climb either.
  8. Tina

    Starter trade

    I didnt buy affordable housing, i bought the bulbasur-island and now i cant buy anything anymore. I cant access agate city either. Still need incineroar and chespin.
  9. Tina

    Starter trade

    Seems like there is a quest in reborn now where a npc asks you for starter eggs to donate. I would like to try completing this quest. Actually I have all starters except incineroar and chespin right now. I actually have most of the pokemon obtainable in game by now to trade also ...
  10. Tina

    Trade errors

    Black screen and this happening in trade. can anybody help?
  11. Tina

    Cant trade

    He got black screen several times, I once. Then when lists manage to load, this: now we got error
  12. Tina

    Cant trade

    During trade I had black list on place of palyer's pokemon and he was seeing black list on place of mine. I also couldn't move cursor from my first pokemon, I could offer just the first pokemon in my party. What does that mean?
  13. Tina



    You are the creator of the game? 

    Can you tell me where can I find absol? 

    I assume it will be available in the late game? Is there a chance you can give me one into my save file since it isn't a OP pokemon or anything, I would just like to have it. 

    I played Rejuvenation from the early versions, but I lost my save file during windows update and now I started a new game. 

    1. IkeSmasher_xX


      Sorry to interrupt, but there is a thread where you can ask this and people will help you

      Jan is taking a break iirc, so please use this thread

      As for absol if you want i'll put one in your save if you so desire

  14. Favoring Glurak/Charizard/Dracoolose since Gen1. 


    Looking for pikachu, ttynamo, other starters trade.

    Offering charmander with dragon pulse, mienfoo with knock off, growlithe,  skrelp, turtwig, pilplup, oshawot , pyroar, shinx, clawitcher, joltic, lapras, shellos, abra, darumaka, swablu, heracross , smootcham, scrafty, yanma, carnivana, tyrogue, exeggcute,solosis,totodile, sneasel, electrice, riolu, liwcik, absol with play rough, fennekin, cyndiquel, aron, munchlax, magicarp, eevee, vulpix with drought, stunky with play rough, flebebe, mawile, snivy, bulbasor, chimchar, turtwig, squirtle, marril, chancey with seismic toss.

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