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  1. Happy Birthday ūüėĄ, i hope that you will have a fun day ūüėČūüćį

  2. So i was playing Pokemon rejuvenation V10 and i got to Arc light cave so when i got to this part it suppose that Erin interact with me and talk but it doesn't and now i'm stuck here without anything to do can't progress the game at this point anyone know what to do?


  3. DraidenX

    Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode

    can u do another sandbox mode for E18?
  4. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  5. Do anyone have already a honedge from the mirage castle, mind if can trade it to me even if it have bad stats i can give a shiny froakie.

  6. do anyone know how to get Dratini? now it seems it can be capture.

    1. ShadowStar


      You cannot legitimately obtain Dratini in Pokemon Reborn. By "legitimately" I mean that it cannot be obtained without the use of Mods such as Randomizers / Sandbox

    2. DraidenX


      i mean it can be encounter now i just check it 5min ago.

    3. Alistair


      The obtainable pokémon page still says that it's not in the game. Your pokédex may claim that it's somewhere in Ametrine Mountain, but that just means the event exists; you cannot yet access it. Probably because it's hidden behind a Rock Climb area or something like that.

  7. DraidenX

    SWM modular modpack [E18]

    cant download if u can fix ur page would be much help.
  8. DraidenX

    [E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    i was playing normally until i wanted to saved before 3rd gym poison type and closed but gave me error and when i tried to play it force closed me, i appreciated if u fix this even if i lose some progress. Game.rxdata
  9. do anyone can give me a Ditto with good EVs i need for breeding ill give a Chamander or Froakie.

  10. any who have a Adamant Beldum? ill trade it for my Ralts or Togepi

  11. sooo..... what is the best starter to choice? here

    1. KingRyan


      As in pokemon reborn? I would go with Froakie personally. You can't get it anywhere else, and protean greninja is insanely powerful. 

    2. Combat


      For the sake of the argument, Speed Boost Torchic is also a nice choice. Fast, and unobtainable outside of being your starter.

    3. DraidenX


      how do u build Greninja as atk or special atk?

  12. So i have a question to all hopefully you all answe.


    how do i train the EV's? i being trying to do that here and do know how to start.

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    2. huangover


      This article will help you if you're just trying to learn the basics.


      You can buy the Power Items in the Obsidia Dept Store on one of the upper floors, can't remember which.

      If you want Pokerus, I'd be glad to trade you something with it. Just remember that its contagiousness only lasts for a limited time (you can slow this by putting the affected Pokemon in the PC, or by having it spread to other members of your team).


      As for helpful places to EV train:

      Speed: Underground Railnet, if you haven't fixed it up already. The shadows on the ground are Woobat, which give 1 Speed each. If you enter from the Peridot Ward, there'll be 2 shadows right near the entrance, so you can just leave and come back to reset them. What I like to do for fast special/physical sweepers is to give my Pokemon a Power Lens/Bracer, then battle 32 Woobat (if you have Pokerus) to max out the preferred attacking stat. Then I'll give them the Power Anklet to finish up Speed training.

      HP: If you choose not to renovate Azurine Island, this is a great place to train HP. Most Pokemon there will yield HP, but sometimes you'll run into a Golbat or whatever that yields Speed instead. If not Azurine Island, wild Audino are pretty common outside of Calcenon City, though you'll have to be careful as everything out there is Level 50+.

      Attack/Special Attack: What I like to do is fight the Woobat mentioned above and then use the EV resetter in Peridot or the friendship berries from the Obsidia Dept Store to reset Speed EVs.

      Defense: The Magcargo in the Rock Smash rocks in Pyrous Mt on Apophyll each yield 2 Defense EVs. They are Level 35. Watch out for the field effects.

      Special Defense: If Reborn City has already been renovated, surfing in Azurine Lake will get you mostly Tentacool or Tentacruel, which give 1 Sp Def. However, Wingull gives you 1 Speed.

      Remember that you can always keep track of how many/what EVs your Pokemon have on their summary pages.


      Hope I helped :)

    3. DraidenX


      thx for the tips i hopefully will do that thx all

    4. doombotmecha


      the EV guide is also great for planning out a run--it's every pokemon in the order and arrangement they appear

  13. so how do i the yureyu key in this E16 i went to the last 1 were supposed to be and is not there.