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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Yeah i just had poop luck, i ended up getting it after 40 min of resets. I'm so used to getting shinies in like 10-20 min. vov"
  3. For the pokemon you get as a reward from there, can you get them shiny? i have been resetting for a shiny pichu for a good while with no luck and was wondering if it was possible. TT^TT
  4. Is petilil still in east gearen? guide says it is but i cant seem to find her. uwu
  5. That's a bummer, looks like nasty plot is going to have to wait. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ Also, does anyone know if cleffa is still in route 2? i don't think ive seen one so far, or would the encounter be during day/night?
  6. Is it still possible to get spiritomb in the game? if u can, i remember reading that you had to talk to people 500 times in goldenleaf in order to get him, but i never tested it out.
  7. I see, i must have horrible luck then, skull fossil 5 times now. QoQ
  8. What fossils can be mined with the kit? i keep finding skull fossils. :<
  9. I don't think the npc is there anymore, i looked everywhere and couldn't find them, i saw a video of it and it appeared to be a pretty old gearen. owo"
  10. Just wondering if there is a quick claw in the game? one would be pretty useful. ~3~
  11. I actually found 3 budews in the span of like 30 minutes in corta forest, i skipped the time to morning just in case. On another note, does anyone know were shiny stone is at? gota have it ready for when i want to evolve my roselia.
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