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  1. I haven't played reborn in ages so I went for my favorites instead
  2. Can't agree more with those top 2, I love persona 3 and metal gear solid 2 to death.
  3. Do you know how this happend? also here you go have a good day Game.rxdata
  4. how will others watch, are you going to have others record there screen?
  5. I don't know if that's intentional or not would probably be best to make a small bug report on the matter just to be safe by going to the bugs forum. The part of going to 5-20 different oasis spots( looking at your first response) at the very least sounds like a bug even if tower disappearing isn't
  6. Someone asked for a animation sneak peak on the discord and thought this would be a good place to show something while people are waiting for the game to get done.
  7. It's cool to see how the forest/route looks all connected thanks for sharing this it kinda reminds me of the official guidebook setup. Are you planning on turning this into a project? if so best of luck with your endeavors it looks amazing. Edit: Don't if you know this or not so apologize if you do but, heracrossite and pinsirite are obtainable by giving nyu blue moon icecream so don't know if you should add that. Also thank you so much for using PNG format rather than JPEG.
  8. I have a sinus infection cold combo and I feel like I'm dying found out that's a common thing said by men with colds/flues don't know if there's any merit to that or not.

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Yikes, hope you feel better soon. Yeah there's the whole thing about "man flu" sorta thing.

  9. yeah I don't think that'll be in the game maybe someone will add it as a mod of sort after the game is done
  10. Perhaps the club feature on these forums would be good for such a thing, its a place people could collaborate on certain languages with each language having its own topic. The topics would make it easy to keep each language organized, though that being said don't know if anyone still uses the clubs I haven't seen them be very active.
  11. Looking this I'm just thinking how long it took you to mine those to display them unless you used editing to achieve this.
  12. After looking at a youtube video going in depth about ORAS the youtuber made a excellent point that I'm sure others have thought about before. Mega evolution was a mechanic that was meant to show a bond of the trainer and pokemon ,but that doesn't really add up when any pokemon can do this at any point. There should be requirement of max happiness to really demonstrate that not just anyone can do this ,and that there is a connection going on. A npc could be implemented to let you know if you've reached max happiness don't exactly know if salons are in all main games ,but they could the solution for that. So please let me know what your thoughts are, here is that video that made me want to make this topic.
  13. Happy birthday 🎉 hope it is a good one 🙂

  14. Quite the ambitious endeavor best of luck on this project.
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