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  1. Looks like sword and shield might be blowing it's loads like it did in previous gens, showing off almost all of the pokemon in a short period. *sigh Sadly I don't see there being hole lot of new pokemon so this is conserning.
  2. there is a spoiler icon in the text editor when you reply and edit posts it looks like a eye just cut and paste what you wanted said into the spoiler box that comes up when clicking the eye icon
  3. The folder labeled fonts (in the reborn/rejuv folder whatever game you are playing) click on the font file and it should come up with a display of what the font looks like and on the top of the window that comes up there should be a button that says install just do that for each file. hope that helped
  4. Do you still have the drive to play rejuv or has all of your extra time going into the void called the editor killed the drive?
  5. Here is Earthquake and boy does it have a history it's been submitted and resubmitted quite a few times. If I remember correctly the move fissure was actually one of the attempts I submitted for earthquake. Hope all of you enjoy the gif and have a amazing day/night wherever you may be.
  6. Ame has graciously given me some gifs of the pokemon moves I did thank arceus and Ame. Ame's computer is not a toaster unlike mine so these are probably close to the frame rate they will play at. Hope these will help tide over the wait just a little bit and I hope that all of you have a amazing day. There is one more I have but probably will post it at a later date
  7. from what I've seen of bugs they are like hydra heads you cut one down 2 more take it's place
  8. Don't know if this has any merit to it but I've heard some people theorizing that the reason gamefreak is not putting all there staff onto newer games is because gamefreak feels like nintendo is phasing them out and nintendo doesn't need them as much because pokemon go apparently is making alot more then gamefreak has been making them. Hopfully pokemon never turns fully into a mobile cash grab series.
  9. you could or you could throw her from atop the highest building in reborn and forget she existed which is the preferable option
  10. Cool artwork Zumi I like the one with 2 pony tails the most she just looks so happy to be in the game ^^. One more thing I love how she is holding the pokeball between 2 fingers.
  11. The gif is not 100% at the speed it should be because my computer is a toaster but, wanted to show you this one because it's one of my favorites. Also it didn't seem right to show the move off with a none tapu so not only did I put it on a tapu but put it on my favorite tapu I edited in just for this. Hope you all like it and have a amazing day everyone ^^
  12. I haven't played reborn in ages so I went for my favorites instead
  13. Can't agree more with those top 2, I love persona 3 and metal gear solid 2 to death.
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