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  1. cool map hope none of this gets changed come ep19. The text is kinda hard to read with the magma and aqua list although personally I have a harder time reading the magma one but, that might just be me
  2. this might be a thing in ep 19 so I'll just post this here hope you find them great eggsamples of the summary versions
  3. 1.do you have a favorite plush around your house? (I'm assuming ame and you have a number of them around the place) 2.I think your doing engineering correct me if I'm wrong but what made you want to pursue such a study? 3.you probably already said this but what is your favorite gen? do you regret making this topic due to how many questions your bound to get?
  4. do you want it back to the way it was? if you don't still have v11 I can send you the old fennekin line to you via a message if you want, or if you do have have v11 go to the graphics>battlers copy 653s,653sb,654s,654sb,655s,655sb paste them in v12s graphics>battlers folder and say replace
  5. think it'd be cool if this could be one of the passwords for reborn but I'm sure ame already has alot of other passwords planned. thanks for the update commander
  6. do you have have favorite aesthetic in games or other media? any pet peeves? favorite color? if you could have one animal as a pet that is not usually a pet what would you have? would you ever attempt the ungodly torture that is a nuzlocke? would you give a smeargle a hug? also have a good day cass
  7. "I really thought someone like kiki would've died" he was talking about his mightyena but still that is a big oof
  8. has this turned into another dead project? big sad
  9. thanks for the suggestions, love that you phrased budew was sunbathing.
  10. happy birthday ame/boss/friend/ect. may you enjoy the day, also make sure that cass boops you.

    1. andracass


      i have done as you commanded.

    2. smeargletail


      so glad to hear, I'm sure it was the best boop ever

    3. Amethyst


      i have no memory of this place...

  11. For newcomers of the game please stay away as this might have spoilers I feel the need to say this would be a personal project somewhere in the future and not really something done as dev thing. If I were to try to make wallpapers with pokemon in them mostly reborn themed like say events in the game that have to do with pokemon for instance a alley zorua or absol having some certain premonition scene (but without any characters in the scene) in the game that you find notable. not super story focused things like the hydragon scene you know the one, just little mundane or sidequest, things having pokemon in them. Hope I made a clear Idea of what to suggest. This would might be after reborn and just a little side thing I'd like to try. The wallpapers with pokemon in them fascinate me because they are animals with personality so thought this'd be a fun what if there reborn focused ones
  12. Why do some record the game in such high saturation? The game looks like radiation coming from the screen.
  13. Is link guarding the link or something? oh boi the move thing is gonna be scary hope all the moves look okay on all the mons particularly the signature moves
  14. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  15. what is your favorite moment in the game? what qualifies a pokemon for a crest? apologies if these were already asked
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