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  1. Yes, you will get a PM saying that you have mail
  2. Hello everyone, today I am here to announce the return of two sets of commands for the server. The first is the mail system: Sometimes you want to message someone who isn't currently online. While you could pm them on the forum, you know they never check their messages and would probably even miss things as epic as this announcement. Thus, this module allows a way to get around it. Mail is a system to send people messages while they are offline for when they return (or if you feel like it, when they are online). /message [user],[name] - sends the user the message. If the user is online, they will be notified right away. Message notifications will popup in a pm window. Messages have a limit to their character count (as of right now, 200 characters) and a user can only have 5 messages waiting for them. /viewmailbox - views the status of your inbox, will tell you how many messages you have and how many are new /viewmessage [number] - views the message at a given slot (and marks it as read) /delmessage [number] - deletes the message at the given slot (and updates the number of the rest of the messages) Please note that a mailbox is tied to the username. Thus, please make sure you spell the recipient's name correctly and that is the name you expect them to log in with next. The second module is the records system: Pretty much, sometimes I just want to prove how much better at battling I am than Jeri. So, I challenge Jeri to a battle, beat him easily and now I want to make sure there is proof I won. /records - views your win/loss/tie ratios /records [user] - views someone else's win/loss/tie ratios /clearrecords - resets your win/loss/tie ratios Please let me know if you have any questions or want anything else to be coded
  3. This is a Light Novel but all of you have to read Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria... its ranked #2 on MAL for a reason. It is honestly one of the most fun rides I have read in a while. In total, it is 7 volumes and is a pretty quick read, all in all. The spoiler free reviews on MAL give a pretty good look into the series. If any of you do read it, I am really interested to know your reactions at the end of each volume :3
  4. So the tool that I use to restart the server is down so I think something is up with nyu's comp

  5. I put the server back up

  6. Reborn Backup - is up

    1. Vinny
    2. Magus


      #god dammit host gator

  7. Ewwww... wifi clause Also, I thought I made 6G OverUsed the default... at least that is what it was when I tested it recently. Lastly, it is surprisingly easy for me to make tiers. If you have any good ideas for tiers or scripting things, please PM me
  8. I can reset the server now if needed. Please text me if the server is down and I will put it up from my phone

  9. Backup is up

    1. Arkhi


      Merci beaucoup

  10. I can't put up the backup until after my hours are done at 9 :( hopefully we will be back by then

    1. Godot


      hey swims! your awesome!

  11. Sorry for the late reply but congrats
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