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  1. Smoke

    Gauntlet Battles 2 and 3

    Oh I get you now. So, should I go Black belt, or a Choice item? And if Choice item, which one?
  2. Smoke

    Swords Dance

    Dang. Well, I'll find a work around. BTW, is there a ghost type TM for Shadow Ball?
  3. Smoke

    Swords Dance

    Is there a sword dance TM or do I have to go to the move tutor to get it? Cause if I do, how am I gonna keep the move and get to the Glass Workshop without losing swords dance? Cause the only pokemon I have can learn Rock Climb (A move I need) is the same one that I need to learn rock swords dance.
  4. Smoke

    Gauntlet Battles 2 and 3

    About raising the levels. Until they take out the disobey your trainer thing (which will never happen), I can't risk it because I always lose a turn. And the reason I have Lucario and Gallade is because of the dark type user, as well as the fairy type user. (I have a work for the dark type user, but not the fairy-psychic team.) Metagross would've handled both with ease, if gen VI hadn't done the dumbest thing ever and removed Steel's dark type resistance. I'm iffy on stat boosting moves because I feel like being over powered and outspeed will make them useless. .Is swagger really a good suggestion? Giving opponents a stat boost, when it almost never has a worth while pay off (because for some reason my opponents never face negatives of confusion and my pokemon do at the standard random times) is just unwise. But, I'll try Swords Dance. Lucario will need the power boost. And is there a stronger Steel type move than metal claw for the fairy type user? Charizard knows Heat Wave for coverage. It damages both opponents pokemon at once. Waterfall actually helps a lot with Cain and Shelly (Alolan Marowak, Nidoking, Volcarona)
  5. Smoke

    Gauntlet Battles 2 and 3

    I don't think I'll ever get to the Hardy battle with this freaking gauntlet in the way. My team: Blaze(Charizard) lvl 90 holding Charcoal: Flamethrower Fly Heat Wave Roost Chomp(Sharpedo) lvl 90 holding Sharpedonite: Waterfall Protect Chomp Dive Sir Aaron(Lucario) lvl 90 holding Sitrus Berry: Aura Sphere Brick Break Metal Claw Rock Climb Zeus(Manectric) lvl 89 holding Magnet: Thunder Wild Charge Rain Dance Flamethrower Ares(Gallade) lvl 85 holding Sitrus Berry: Zen Headbutt Double Team Close Combat Low Sweep Vulcan(Metagross) lvl 90 holding Metal Coat: Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Strength Brick Break In Rotation: Terra(Flygon) lvl 89 holding Hard Stone: Earthquake Rock Slide Dig Dragon Claw Athena(Gardevoir) lvl 90 holding Twisted Spoon: Moonblast Calm Mind Psychic Grass Knot I'm also training up a Litwick I bred. IVs: 28 HP 19 Attack 31 Defense 31 Sp. Attack 30 Sp. Defense 31 Speed
  6. Smoke

    Reserve Gym Leader quest

    Oh got it. So, I'm down here. Where do I find her?
  7. Smoke

    Reserve Gym Leader quest

    What's the WTC? You mean the Water Treatment Center? I thought that was remodeled to be a housing place for the people in Peridot ward.
  8. Smoke

    Reserve Gym Leader quest

    Does anyone know where I need to go next for the reserve ground-type gym leader quest? The one where the first step is to battle the workers in the forest next to Coral ward.
  9. Smoke

    Gauntlet is a pain

    How do I get the TM? He keeps just getting/giving money. Edit: Nevermind, I got it. Edit: And now the final battle is being a pain in the neck. Could they have made these battle any harder.
  10. Smoke

    Gauntlet is a pain

    Thanks for the tip. Most of the pokemon i was told earlier can beat the gauntlet are either unavailable or too slow to level up.
  11. Smoke

    Gauntlet is a pain

    This gauntlet is relentless. The Mismagius is just too much. None of my Pokemon are gonna beat it. Their either ko'd before I really need them, or not high enough level (So I keep them in my PC). My team: Vulcan(Metagross) lvl 89: Meteor Mash Strength Brick Break Zen Headbutt Chomp(Sharpedo) lvl 89: Waterfall Dive Crunch Surf Sir Aaron(Lucario) lvl 90: Aura Sphere Brick Break Metal Claw Rock Climb Blaze(Charizard) lvl 89: Flamethrower Fly Flare Blitz Roost Ares(Gallade) lvl 85: Zen Headbutt Double Team Close Combat Low Sweep Zeus(Manectric) lvl 89: Thunder Wild Charge Rain Dance Flamethrower
  12. Smoke


    I couldn't find where Dewpider was located in the Pokemon Location chart. So, does anyone know where I can catch a Dewpider?
  13. Smoke

    [Not a bug]Charizard not Flying type

    That would be weird. Considering the terrain is the same as the underground railnet, the Pokemon can't learn Gravity(because their all the Aron line), and none of them can have the no gaurd ability(According to Bulbapedia). But, are there other factors?
  14. I went to the Pokemon refugee battle. In it, my Charizard was affected by Ground type moves. Now, I've been out of the Pokemon loop for a while now, but last time I checked that shouldn't have happened because of Charizard's Fire/Flying typing, and Flying-type Pokemon being immune to Ground-type attacks. Was it bug or am I missing something about that battle?
  15. Smoke

    Looking for Heracross

    There lies the problem. I need the Heracross to get to Hardy's gym. I'm stuck at the damn gauntlet battle!