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  1. Noel's Clefable has Magic Guard as an ability. Here's a link to that ability on Bulbapedia: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Magic_Guard_(Ability) Basically, Clefable can't take indirect damage (burn, poison, wrap, etc.).
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. I have done the hard part for Rejuvenation Episode 10. Basically the Excel file (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jojxTPN7YMNRrdA0Oaq6BayT4WwAWmbkYdYk2-0IKkk/edit?usp=sharing) is how I've done every single one of my guides, however after that I write more details in the forums. You can view the file and happy hunting!

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    2. Maneeee


      In the south west house in sheridan, gothitelle throws you one for you to battle.

    3. Ross_Andrews


      You're right! Thank you.

    4. Maneeee


      Lapras is available before Crawli, in Evergreen Cave as an event.

      You can get one by blizzarding in the evergreen cave (south) area and eq/magnitude afterwards.

  5. Check out my new location guide for Episode 17! Spoilers ahead!


  6. What I mean is that, since the Ace title is gone now, the only other title that appeared in the Alpha and Beta Clubs was Supporter. I was wondering wether or not only these Supporters will ever be accepted into these kinds of clubs from now on. And what happens to old Veterans who were never Aces to begin with? Are we just going to luck out now with a new access to the testing groups?
  7. Since Veterans and Ace Members are pretty much the same, would future Alpha and Beta releases be available only for Supporter members now?
  8. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

  9. Fell Stinger should have its power modified from 30 to 50, and btw the Phase Dial, doesn't work.
  10. The Phase Dial doesn't work at all. There isn't an option to use them on a Solrock or Lunatone, whether or not they are in the main party. Also the Phase Dial can't be given to any pokemon.
  11. Umm... Wishiwashi seems to want to evolve into Lycanroc Midday Form... Interesting bug I've found!

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    2. Animefan666


      Where'd you find Wishiwashi?

    3. Ross_Andrews


      Tomorrow you will find out in my new guide! Check it out here for the first 3 badges: 


    4. Jan


      Yeah, this was fixed in the latest patch! But thanks for notifying me anyway!

  12. Hello, Jan! I am the creator of the Pokemon Location Guide based on the number of gym badges made for Pokemon Reborn: 

    I am wondering whether or not you will be interested in me creating a similar thread for Pokemon Rejuvenation. If you are interested in this, then I will try and compile a new location guide, but I have not played Pokemon Rejuvenation yet, so it will be a new experience for me. For Pokemon Reborn I had both the experience of repeated playthroughs (1-2 for each release) and Amethyst has made available the PBS files in order to gather info on which pokemon are available on each map in the game. The PBS files would make the compilation of the guide much easier.


    Since I am playing your game, you are entitled to setting me any conditions you want (no location on gen 7 pokemon, no location passed a certain point, a one month [or more] spoiler ban, don't give lengthy descriptions on how to get pokemon [found in a region in a grass area vs. an enitre video walkthrough like finding Beldum in Reborn]) or you can prohibit me from doing this guide all together. The choice is yours.


    I hope you will allow me to create the second guide and if you can send me the PBS files, then all the better.


    Ever hopefully,

    Ross Andrews

    1. Jan


      Sure! A location list by location sounds pretty useful. I'll send the PBS files your way soon. 

    2. Ross_Andrews


      Here is the new guide!

      For now it is up until Venam, but I will complete it along the way!

  13. Hey! I am wondering whether or not my location guide can be pinned to the "On the Hunt" sub-forum. Here is the link: 

    Hopefully it is ok!

  14. I can run your previous save file (the working one) through a debugger if you want. Just tell me what you want in the new one.

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    2. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      I'll send the pictures of what shinies I used to have in pm

    3. Ross_Andrews


      You can just list the pokemon you want here, for example:

      Shiny Pikachu, all 31 IVs, 252 EVs in speed, has Volt Switch etc.

    4. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      check the pm, I've already put all the pokemons that matters to me, the rest is I can bring back, just all of those since those are time consuming to get and breeding them gets me like 2 boxes of normal ones 

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