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  1. Heres the squad for Mono Fire Intense. Most of the box stuff has been used at least once, but only Salazzle has been really useful recently
  2. Reserved, now that I have an idea solidified. Troubadour (Staff/Either Axe or Bow)
  3. Any chance of certain crests being made available earlier? Some of them seem really fun, but having to wait 70 levels for certain mons to be usable is a bit....oof. Im specifically thinking of stuff like Ledian that are available early, and can't contribute very much or fill a niche even at it's highest evolution (especially as the game progresses and gets harder). My next intense run was going to be a bug mono with Ledian + crest as my starter once the PBS files are released, so that's what got me thinking. It'd be nice if I didn't have to cheat to do stupid fun stuff like that lol (I don't actually mean giving them *that* early, but you know what the intention is).
  4. Fallon stumbled through the dark passage until eventually reaching a place in the wall that felt different than ones before it. Squinting, he could see Naomi just ahead of him. "Careful. We don't know what's on the other side of this. The general himself could be manning it, even," Okay, he really doubted that part. But best to be prepared regardless. P10, Flux Antoinette
  5. You get it by playing one of the mini games at Axis High University. I think it's the high striker one? It should tell you its one of the rewards
  6. Talk to a woman on the 7th floor of the department store. She'll ask to see a Gible and if you show it to her you'll get the Dark Matter Core key item. As for the Dark Material I think there's only one. I only had one when I did the event and it worked
  7. When you're surfing towards Angie's castle from Kystalline Town there's a decent sized island with it on it. If you tried that and it's not working, make sure you have both the Dark Material and the key item core
  8. Mareanie is catchable in the sunken SS Oceana. You can find it in a dive spot on Terajuma Shore
  9. You get the crest for your virtual badge starter from that questline. The other two are in Kecleon's shop on route...2? The one before Amethyst Cave/Sheridan with the big tree
  10. Arenite Wall works like Reflect/Light Screen but for super effective moves specifically. You get it as a tm at the end of E12 I have no idea on Matrix Shot, I don't think I ever saw him use it
  11. How do I get into the secret library where the Claydol crest is? Ive been looking for a while and haven't been able to figure it out
  12. The power plant in West Gearen, where you had to find Dufaux before
  13. Red house in West Gearen. Though you will need to have beaten all of the other Virtual Badge stuff first @Nhel
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