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  1. I'm kinda hoping that they give it Storm Drain or something at least. "Magcargo's body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees F. Water is vaporized on contact. If this Pokémon is caught in the rain, the raindrops instantly turn into steam, cloaking the area in a thick fog." - Pokemon Sapphire dex entry Why does something twice as hot as the sun get destroyed by a light drizzle? It even says it turns into steam on contact which should make it immune at worst.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day ^^🍰

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      Thanks dude!

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  3. Grimacing about his narrowly avoided shot, Fallon let loose another one at the soldier. "You aren't getting away this time." he said before looking back at Johanna. "Something like that." To tell the truth, he didn't know why he missed either. It looked like they would have been completely enveloped. AD18, Don't Miss Soldier 2
  4. Fallon couldn't help but laugh at how easily Naomi turned things around. That mage was by far the biggest threat so far, and making friends with her would lessen casualties significantly. He did wonder about the ears though. People like that...were a little far from home, to say the least, and she didn't seem trying to hide them. "Great Naomi!" was all he managed to get out before noticing a soldier nearby and sending a blast his way. AE17, Worm at Soldier 2
  5. Word of warning. Do not use Plant in All-Star Mode/Century Smash. Apparently it can corrupt save files.
  6. The brief respite from the fighting finally gave Fallon a chance to look at what he picked up earlier. Recognizing what it was from when he was on his own, he passed it to Kris as he walked by. "You can probably use this better than me." he said and thought for a moment, looking at the door up ahead. What was it she said she was doing before? "Maybe you can even liberate some 'cuties' with it." W14, trade Lockpick to Kris
  7. Make sure you're on Patch 3. It was a problem in the first two.
  8. "Of course they have siege magic. As if this place needed to get any worse." Fallon muttered as he took up his position and let loose another blast. T12, Worm Cav1
  9. The mon with the exp share will get more exp than the others Im not sure as to the exchange rate, but I tend to hit the level cap pretty quickly with all my mons when I have it on. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  10. Fallon's vision went dark as the shot of lightning knocked Ceridwen and her dragon to the ground with a sickening thud. In an instant, he was no longer on the battlefield. He was crawling out of the ravine in the Wastes, blind and broken, but alive through nothing more than sheer determination. The spirits that gave him his power were almost deafening with their madness, screaming that once again, he had failed. It would be better to just give himself over like they wanted...wouldn't it? He'd never have to see something like this again, would never have to die again, would never have to lose everything again... Then a man's sneering face appeared as if to mock him, it's red hair dangling almost close enough to touch. No. He couldn't give in now...there was still too much to be done. "Valentine." he muttered as he regained his vision. The closest person to him was heavily armored, and before he could stop himself, he ran towards the figure and delivered a much stronger blast of magic than he had before. "DIE!" was all he could think to say before he finally regained composure. Maybe Naomi was right and he was a crazy old man, he thought amusedly as the knight was completely enveloped. But was that really such a bad thing if it kept him going? T9, Flux Knight 2
  11. Fallon picked up and read the paper with renewed interest. This wasn't at all what he expected to find, but it made sense in context. He assumed Klaus was the general's son and he never had the chance to give it to him, but who was this Matthias it talked about? Someone that lost themselves to the darkness? Surely that would be a big deal in the political and magic circles if it was a relative of a semi-famous general, but he couldn't recall ever hearing that name before. Perhaps if he found this Klaus fellow he could ask about it...and maybe even get help with some other things, if he really was a practitioner of ancient magic. Tucking the note back into the Flux tome, he resolved to question Johanna about it next time she was free...assuming the other thing they had to talk about went well. He wasn't especially looking forward to that.
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