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  1. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, GREG, JOY & JAY Mr Cuddles and Joy, seeing that Gyarados #4 is gonna be handled by Nicaea and Emm, focus on stopping the one attacking Suzie. Mr Cuddles is, however, too slow to catch up to the Gyarados on its own. Instead, Ember is the one who reaches the Gyarados first, slamming her beak against its mighty jaw, deflecting part of the attack and slowing it down enough for Mr Cuddles to catch up. Despite his power, Cuddles was still awfully slow. Ember's Peck (5212 Atk Value) deflects Gyarados #3's Bite (7236 Atk Value) Ember's Peck drops down to 0 Atk Value Gyarados #3's Bite drops down to 2024 Atk Value Mr Cuddles's Chip Away (14,373 Atk Value) deflects Gyarados #3's Bite (7236 Atk Value) Mr Cuddles's Chip Away drops to 12,349 Atk Value Gyarados #3's Bite drops to 0 Atk Value crit: 58,28 no crit Gyarados #3 takes 113 damage. Mr Cuddles's mighty slam dunk smashes Gyarados into the sand and Cuddles lands on its back. It won't be reaching Suzie in time before Cathode calls her back. Mathilda attempts to freeze and slow down Gyarados #2 by breathing cold air at it. Mathilda's Icy Wind (6081 SpA Value) on Gyarados #2 hit: 2,25 hit crit: 37,11 no crit Gyarados #2 takes 42 damage. Gyarados #2's Spe drops by 1 stage. Nicaea meanwhile sprays acid all over the downed Gyarados. Nicaea's Acid (9082 SpA Value) on Gyarados #4 crit: 97,46 no crit Gyarados #4 takes 63 damage. Gyarados #4 has fainted. The Gyarados flinches a bit when the acid sprays it, writhing for a moment or two in pain before falling unconscious. Emmanuel earns 10 EP. Nicaea gains 100 Exp. Level up! Suzie gains 100 Exp. Level up! Mr Cuddles gains 100 Exp. Level up! Ember gains 100 Exp. Level up! Terry gains 100 Exp. Level up! Gyarados gains 60 Exp. Cathode switches Suzie out for Gyarados. Gyarados's [Intimidation] triggers. Gyarados #2, #3 and #5's Atk drops 1 stage! [Turn 8 End] Ember's [Speed Boost] activates! Ember's Spe goes up 1 stage! Gyarados is asleep: 5,81 Cathode's Gyarados wakes up! Gyarados #5 is asleep: 56,05 Gyarados #5 is fast asleep. [Turn 9 Start; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] Cathode's Gyarados groggily raises its head. Its eyes flash a maddened pink and it lets out a roar, turning straight at Cathode. If no one interferes, it will attack her. [Cathode's Gyarados is out of control!] Cathode's Gyarados's Bite (11,880 Atk Value) on Cathode Gyarados #2 is Confused: 94,69 it's still Confused confusion: 47,22 doesn't hit self Gyarados #2 manages to shake off the confusion temporarily, raising its head to ram its teeth into Mathilda who was the closest target. Gyarados #2's Bite (3600 Atk Value) on Mathilda Gyarados #3 is Confused: 27,89 It snaps itself out of confusion! Gyarados #3 doesn't like being interfered, but also............... its eyes look as fearful as they are maddened. The appearance of Cathode's Gyarados has shaken it so much its teeth can't even match the strength of Ember's beak anymore. It can struggle but for naught, as Cuddles sits on its back. It tries to bend its body around to shake Cuddles off before trying to bite down on him. Gyarados #3's Bite (3600 Atk Value) on Mr Cuddles Gyarados #5 is fast asleep. [The Gyarados have been neutralized as a threat, aside from Cathode's Gyarados] [Do you wish to continue combat?] 1. Continue combat. 2. Call for other Cadets to clean up. Gyarados #2 (M), Lv: 20 [CONFUSED] HP (333/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-2) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #3 (F), Lv: 20 HP (198/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-2) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Gyarados #5 (F), Lv: 20 [SLP] [CONFUSED] HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-2) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (43/43) - -5 Atk Cathode - Gyarados (209/209) - out of control! Emmanuel - Nicaea (69/96) - -4 Atk, +1 SpA Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315) - +1 Def Jay - Ember (96/130) - +1 Atk, +4 Spe Greg - Matilda (82/82) -------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Alpha, Omega* Music: Utopia (Past) Alpha flinches at Radovan's reponse, looking away. "I don't know what Uno would want now, for I am merely her past. Her present is different from me, but Omega knows what she wants. Omega is her future, so she's the conclusion of Uno's life. She lived through this in her past, the past which is Uno. So if Omega says Uno wants this, then that is what should be." Her voice gains some determination as she speaks of Omega. "When we create the perfect body for Uno, she will be set on her path to the future that is Omega. My role is mostly done, I set these events in motion." "But if Omega is the one telling you what to do, wasn't she the one to set those events in motion?" Zeta responds in confusion, looking at Radovan for confirmation. Meanwhile, Alpha stares at the young girl, eyes glistening and mouth agape, before she bites her lip and grabs the veil again, pulling it over her eyes. "No. That was my role. And it's over. I can disappear when Uno's body is built. That is all I can do now." You can see Omega reaching the hole in the dome. She's high enough that you can't make out any finer details on her anymore. -------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* Music: Watchful Eyes Before Sena rushes through the door and moves upstairs, he catches a glimpse of Rita's expression wavering momentarily into that of fear. Once he opens the door and enters the hall, several Baltoy bar his way, but Verna and Dolly clear them with ease. Dolly, however, flies down instead of up, moving towards her master, while Sena, Zeromaru and Verna move up. Two floors up and Sena bursts through the door leading to the roof. Looking over the side of the roof, he sees Rita and the "parents" must've entered the building, as they're nowhere to be seen. "Sena, what!? We can't have any delays, this is the perfect opportunity as they're finally split up! Gah, you handle the situation on your side, I bet I can handle Alpha on my own!" The trasmission from Betani cuts afterwards and Sena is left alone, but only momentarily. "Sena? Why're you running from your parents?" A voice calls out to him. "Your mother and I were so happy to see you again! Aren't you happy to see us too?" "S-sena!" A loud explosion is heard as the door leading to the roof bursts open, nay, the entire flooring of the roof bursts open as three Claydol fly out of the building. But not only them... Sena can see Rita and Dolly being levitated by some sort of psychokineting energy emanating from the third Claydol in the back. "S-sena help!" Rita yells in pain, as her body is contorted by the energy. "bAD gIRl" The voice emanates from the Claydol levitating her. "DiSObeYInG yOUR mOThErrrrrRRrRRRrrR" "Y-you're not my mom! D-dolly is-! I n-never trusted you! Aaaargh!" [Was Rita really trying to bait Sena before? Earlier, she seemed intent in believing that these clay dolls weren't really anyone's parents so why would she just naively believe them all of a sudden? Letting Dolly fly down to her probably provoked the Claydol "parents", putting Rita in danger. Had Sena believed in her, this could've been made easier...] "SeNNA wE LoVE yOu" [Turn 1 start; COMBAT PHASE INITIATED] -your target is Claydol #3, holding Rita- -Claydol #3 is currently out of reach- [GOAL: Defeat Claydol #1 and Claydol #2, your parents, to reach Claydol #3] Music: Grasping for Air (Intense) Turn Order: Zeromaru (Sena) -> Claydol #1 -> Claydol #3 -> Claydol #2 -> Verna (Sena) Claydol #1 (), Lv: 25 HP (270/270) #################### ATK: 87 DEF VALUE: 147 SP.ATK: 87 SPD VALUE: 187 SPE: 103 Nature: Hasty (+Spe/-Def) Status: - Ability: Levitate EP: --- Moves: ??? Claydol #2 (), Lv: 25 HP (270/270) #################### ATK: 87 DEF VALUE: 147 SP.ATK: 96 SPD VALUE: 187 SPE: 93 Nature: Mild (+SpA/-Def) Status: - Ability: Levitate EP: --- Moves: ??? Claydol #3 (), Lv: 28 HP (272/272) #################### ATK: 114 DEF VALUE: 153 SP.ATK: 89 SPD VALUE: 195 SPE: 96 Nature: Lonely (+Atk/-Def) Status: - Ability: Levitate EP: 56 Atk Moves: Confusion (8544 SpA Value), ??? Player Pokemon Sena - Verna (86/86) Sena - Zeromaru (118/118)
  2. "Thank you very much, Master Yoriie." Bakudai gave the Onmyoji a bow. His hair was a bit ruffled from the wind the kodama blew at him, but otherwise he was quite unimpressed. He hopped over to Megumi, pulling his pipe out. "Now just relax, you'll be good to go in no time." Move to N11, use Heal on Megumi
  3. "..." Baku gave the frozen tea a deadpan stare before looking in the direction from whence the wind came. "Ruining a perfectly fine brew." He clicked his tongue three times and shook his head, the chains on his wrists clanking. He jumped after Yoriie, turning into his tapir form with a puff of smoke. His every step crunched the snow, producing a somewhat bouncy sound as his relatively large tapir body moved like a gazelle, matching Yoriie's speed. When the Onmyoji stopped, he jumped and landed back on his two feet, again in a puff of smoke. And as soon as Yoriie gave his command, Baku was on the move, gesturing for his master to follow and stay safe behind him. "Master Yoriie, chop chop." He said with a smile. Move to P10, leaving it up to Yoriie to activate the Realm
  4. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Alpha, Omega* Music: Utopia (Past) "I'm fine, they didn't hurt me, but... your Larvitar..." Zeta looked down. "I didn't know what to do so I took your Aether Ball and returned it..." Alpha wouldn't make a single movement in response to Radovan's question. She simply remained perfectly still as a statue. "What happened to Uno... she lost her body. It was a Magikarp Festival, much like now, but 10 years ago. At the Aquarium, she danced as she was told. She danced the traditional, long-lost Dance with the Gyarados. It was a ceremony, her body moved like the water-with the water, in celebration of Magikarp, who gave us life on the island. That man, Shun, he organised it. He trusted his Gyarados. But... that trust was unfounded. Uno suffered, crushed by the debris. Her body unrepairable. I am her ideal, her past utopia-the body she lost and would have matured into had that event not transpired. Why she desires this is because she wants it back, forever. And Omega will transform this island into a new body for her, planting her consciousness into it. A clay doll made from infinite lives, trampling the tradition that ruined its hopes and dreams. She'll be safe then, but I..." Alpha bites her lip, a stream of red immediately trickling down her chin. Her grip on her forearm grew tighter. She pulls the cover off her face. Her expression is kind and worried, but she forces herself to stay calm and show as little emotion as possible. "But I'm not... I don't..." She whispers, but is abruptly stopped. "What're you blabbering about?" Omega returns with a confident gait. "The stage will be ready, but the Gyarados we sent up to the surface still haven't completed their mission. The way this looks, I'll have to personally go up there and destroy the wards." She shrugs. "Alpha, you'll stay. I shouldn't have any trouble squashing those pests up there. I'll count on you to stop the ones here." Alpha nods as Omega snaps her fingers, summoning to her side two Claydol. Stepping up with one foot onto each of their heads, they begin slowly ascending towards the hole in the dome's center. ------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* Music: Watchful Eyes Sena stays behind the closed doors, alone in the building. The atmosphere is tense, as an odd nagging feeling continues creeping down his spine. He ascends the stairs, passing by windows overlooking the area outside the plaza. The faceless men and women, children and elderly... They were all dead people. No longer in this world, cheap copies made to delude the grieving. Even after 10 years, these dead people's loved ones were still entranced by these copies. What pitiful souls. What about Rita though? Her initial motivation was to find her dead mother. This dead mother's clay copy might be around here somewhere... Sena knew he could resist, but could Rita? She seemed obsessed before and, despite showing some positive resolve in rejecting this idea of clay copies, was she still wavering inside? Sena's A-Comm suddenly buzzes. It's Betani. "Sena. Omega seems to be departing for some reason. That's when we should strike Alpha, but also, I think we should let your friends on the surface know she's coming. Sena? Sena are you in position?" But Sena's eyes were locked on a scene he saw clearly through the window. It was Rita, walking towards the square, holding hands with some woman. Two other persons could be seen walking next to them too. A man and a woman. Rita was eagerly pointing towards the square, pulling the woman's hand. They were headed, positively, towards Sena's location. From the distance, Sena could identify, clear as day, next to Rita, the woman who was holding her hand: faceless, but the other two... His parents' faces, glimmering in the blue light on the watery dome. His mother's otherworldly smile as she saw him too and pointed in his direction... it was not a smile of love, but of malice. Betani's voice over his A-Comm as she called his name became an echo in his ear, background noise. The world stopped as danger grew imminent. With them, other Baltoy and faceless people also began to notice him. In this building, he was trapped. Banging on the door. Sena was on the first floor. Rita stood outside, waved at him, gestured for him to come down. Dolly grew restless next to him, flying about. His parents called for him, though their voices were muffled through the window glass. The door opened on the ground floor. [What will Sena do?] 1. Go up? 2. Go down? 3. Stay?
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, GREG, JOY & JAY Ember rushes at the Gyarados attacking Nicaea beak first at speeds matching a torpedo. Ember's Peck (5212 Atk Value) deflects Gyarados #2's Bite (7236 Atk Value) Ember's Peck drops down to 0 Atk Value Gyarados #2's Bite drops down to 2024 Atk Value Ember's beak flashes like a Ninjask's blade-a single glint as it made brief contact with the Gyarados's teeth. Ember basically flew through the Gyarados's open maw, flicking its bite slightly off course. On its off trajectory, the Gyarados only manages to slam its teeth head first into Nicaea instead of straight up Biting her. Gyarados #2's Bite (2024 Atk Value) crit: 81,89 no crit flinch: 11,63 flinch Nicaea takes 27 damage. Nicaea's Sleep Powder Nicaea has flinched! However, Nicaea flinched from the blow that pushed her and Emmanuel off their feet. The Gyarados slams its head into the sand beneath the duo's feet, forcing them to fall. Matilda's Confuse Ray on Gyarados #2 Gyarados #2 is confused. Matilda shoots a ray of light at the Gyarados though, confusing it. The showdown between Gyarados #4 and Mr Cuddles is set for an unprecedented end. The Gyarados's fearsome Bite against the Munchlax's forceful punch. Of course, the Gyarados has no chance though. Mr Cuddles's Chip Away (14,373 Atk Value) deflects Gyarados #4's Bite (7236 Atk Value) Mr Cuddles's Chip Away drops to 7,136 Atk Value Gyarados #4's Bite drops to 0 Atk Value Mr Cuddles's Chip Away (7,136 Atk Value) on Gyarados #4 crit: 64,81 no crit Gyarados #4 takes 63 damage. Cuddles's punch blasts through the mighty serpent's row of teeth, hitting it straight into the area between its eyes and sending it flying back the way it came from. The serpent lands on its back into the shallow waters near the beach. Meanwhile Cathode sends Suzie out again, the rock snake coiling up around her protectively. [Turn 7 End] Gyarados #5 is asleep: 33,11 Gyarados #5 is fast asleep. Ember's [Speed Boost] triggers. Spe +1! [Turn 8 Start; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] Gyarados #2 is confused. hit self: 14,23 It hit itself in its confusion! Gyarados #2 takes 43 damage. Gyarados #2 wobbily attempts to pull its head out of the sand but it only manages to dig it deeper into it, giving Emm and Nicaea leeway to do what they want. Gyarados #3's confusion: 83,35 Gyarados #3 is confused. hit self: 45,82 Regaining some of its composure, albeit momentarily, Gyarados #3 focuses again on the largest target-Suzie, rushing to slam its teeth into her weakened body Gyarados #3's Bite (7236 Atk Value) on Suzie Gyarados #4 feebly raises its head towards Cuddles. It can hardly fight anymore after that devastating punch, so it's up to Cuddles to now finish it off. Gyarados #5 is fast asleep, snoring lightly. Turn order: Ember (Jay) -> The Gyarados -> Terry (Cathode) -> Suzie (Cathode) -> Matilda (Greg) -> Nicaea (Emmanuel) -> Mr. Cuddles (Joy)  Gyarados #2 (M), Lv: 20 [CONFUSED] HP (375/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #3 (F), Lv: 20 [CONFUSED] HP (311/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Gyarados #4 (M), Lv: 20 HP (54/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #5 (F), Lv: 20 [SLP] [CONFUSED] HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (43/43) - -5 Atk Cathode - Suzie (18/91) Emmanuel - Nicaea (69/96) - -4 Atk, +1 SpA Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315) - +1 Def Jay - Ember (96/130) - +1 Atk, +3 Spe Greg - Matilda (82/82) ------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Alpha, Omega* Radovan slowly opens his eyes to a soft touch to his cheeks. Before him, mere inches from his face, Alpha's lips stand motionless as she runs her soft hands over his cheeks and down to his stomach. A pink glow emanates from her hands as she stills them over his stomach and a warmth seeps into his body, unlike anything he'd felt before. He cannot see Alpha's eyes as they are covered, but the expression of the rest of her face remains motionless. She steps away from him and he realizes that he's been tied up to one of the spikes that Omega had produced mere moments ago in the fight. "Radovan!" He can hear Zeta's voice coming from in front of him and as his vision clears up, he can see her standing next to Omega, who is holding a hand on her shoulder. Zeta's eyes are eagerly pointed towards Radovan. They look bloodshot as if she'd just stopped crying. Murki is standing on the ground next to her. "I-I was so worried that you were..." "But not for long. We'll just use his life energy as more fuel. He's more useful to us this way." Omega says with a smirk, patting Zeta on the head. "Sena and the others will come beat you up before you can do that, you'll see!" Zeta retaliates with a pout, pushing her hand off her head. "Tsk. None of them can even face Alpha and me as we dance. And even if they do somehow manage... well, hehehehe, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you." Omega walks away towards the stage, while Alpha remains standing next to Zeta. Zeta looks up at the tall woman. "Thank you for saving his life..." "...it was for our cause... for Uno..." Zeta shakes her head. "Please, can you help us? Just untie Radovan or talk to Omega!" "I can't. Omega would never let up. She is Uno's future. Were the events of today to move differently, she might stop existing. I am Uno's past, though. There is no changing me..." She looks down, a hand placed on her other forearm, as if unsure. An unexpected display of weakness from Alpha. [Does Radovan want to ask Alpha anything about Uno's past? This might be the best chance.] ------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* "Understood, Sena!" Rita gives a thumbs up at Sena's instructions. "I'll be there as soon as I manage this! Let's go, Motor, locate the best place we can contact them from." Rita runs off in a different direction with Motor in her hand, quickly typing on its holographic display. [Rita has left the scene] -Dolly has joined the party- The Shuppet lingers around you, flying around Sena's head. Betani looks at Sena and nods. "Let's go. We'll infiltrate the buildings around the stage square and strike from above. With Nee and my skills we can't fail." [Sena and Betani head towards the square] At the entrance to the square, there are several Baltoy and faceless people. Some faced people have also began nearing the square once again to reunite with their loved ones after the immediate danger was over. Betani hushes you down as you approach and stealthily leads you around them, pushing you into once building and closing the door on you. "Go to the roof, I'll climb on the other side. You and Frogadier have to stay focused. When I give the signal, you use Smokescreen." And she disappears, presumably off to the other side of the square. Two choices linger before Sena. Either follow Betani's directions and climb the stairway to the roof, or turn around and go back outside. [Will Sena climb the stairs?]
  7. As much as Bakudai enjoyed Lord Yama's tactical prowess in Go, he just as much enjoyed observing the bird-like mannerisms of the yokai. There was something awfully pleasing in the absurdity of he who spoke so dignified, yet remained bound by his bestial roots. He wouldn't make any of his thoughts even slightly apparent to the Lord, however. Let's just say Lord Yama could take it the wrong way. "Yes of course, Lord Yama. I will rush to prepare the tea in the meantime. Its soothing aroma should help ease any aches." He gave a slight bow again and then turned towards Master Yoriie. "Master Yoriie, have we any tea leaves left? This might be one of the last occassions in a while we could go look for some unless this current predicament somehow ends up getting solved soon solved."
  8. Bakudai approaches Kietasenshi from the side, bonking him slightly on the head with his pipe. "Silly willy warrior, I bet your dreams would be completely tinged with the pungent iron taste of blood." From his other hand, he'd sprinkle some sand over Kietasenshi, making the other yokai feel a bit tired, but not enough to force them asleep. Yokai were relatively resistant to that and, besides, their dreams usually tasted stale. There was no point. He'd push the slightly dazed Kietasenshi to the side with his hip before turning to Lord Yama and giving him a slight court bow. "Lord Yama, good to see you among us. It has been a while and I was wondering whether you'd be interested in another match of Go anytime soon. I enjoy witnessing your strategic splendor even if only on a game board."
  9. Bakudai leaned against a nearby tree, toying with his pipe in his fingers for a moment or two before placing it in his mouth. The baku had no immediate interest in the deer Master Yoriie was gutting, as he only really ate corporeal out of his own dignified taste. Master Yoriie, on the other hand, required sustenance, which was often scarce, so it was no place for Bakudai to ask for a piece. Glancing at Ivoh'to, Bakudai grinned, blowing a puff of sand in the air. "Perhaps a cat's playful prank?" He jested, knowing full well it wasn't. "Otherwise I'd be pleased. Changes in seasons bring many a bad dream to the commonfolk of this area. It'd be a feast. But now alas." He casually shrugged, an aloof smirk dancing on his lips.
  10. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, GREG, JOY & JAY Mr. Cuddles isn't fast enough to get close enough to hit the Gyarados before the sea serpent lunges at Ember. Ember sticks out her beak, parrying the Gyarados's Bite so it only scrapped her. Ember's Peck (5,212) deflects Gyarados #4's Bite (10,800) Peck's Atk Value is reduced to 0 Bite's Atk Value is reduced to 5,588 crit: 70,38 no crit flinch: 40,81 no flinch It's not very effective! Ember takes 34 damage. With the fangs parried, the move fails to hit any important spots on the chicken's body, instead only scrapping her wing. The other Gyarados being incapacitated or escaping, this gives Matilda a chance to Confuse another one. Matilda's Confuse Ray on Gyarados #5 Gyarados #05 is now confused. Nicaea jumps in as well. Nicaea's Sleep Powder on Gyarados #5 (75% Acc) miss: 24,36 hit Gyarados #5 falls asleep. The serpent heading for the times wobbily falls asleep as it's tag teamed by two debilitating moves. Its eyes unfocused and spinning, it falls with its body backwards into the sand. Meanwhile, Mr. Cuddles finally reaches the Gyarados, gathering energy into its fist, punching it again in its body. Mr. Cuddles's Chip Away (14,373 Atk Value) on Gyarados #04 crit: 69,73 no crit Gyarados #04 takes 128 damage. The punch pushed the Gyarados towards the sealine with incredible force, giving Joy a clear shot to throw her Aether Ball. It shakes 3 times, but right then, the Aether Ball bursts back open, smashed to pieces, the Gyarados back out and angrily glaring at Cuddles, Joy and Ember, totally not even noticing Jay. Cathode throws out the Gyarados and commands it, but...it's still asleep. It just falls into the sand, snoring peacefully. However, it still exerts an intimidating aura. Gyarados's [Intimidate] Gyarados #2, #3, #4 and #5 have their Atk drop 1 stage. [Turn 6 End] Gyarados #2 sleep: 20,61 Gyarados #2 wakes up! Cathode's Gyarados's sleep: 81,74 It's fast asleep. The sleeping Gyarados suddenly opens its eyes and rears its head up, lifting it from the sand and turning towards Emm and Nicaea. On the other hand, Cathode's Gyarados is still snoring peacefully, as is the escaping Gyarados. It must also be dreaming of rubber Ducklett spinning around its head. Ember's [Speed Boost] triggers. Spe +1! [Turn 7 Start; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] The awakened Gyarados launches immediately at Nicaea, its jaws opening wide. As it rushes towards Emm and Nicaea, it gives off a feel as if it could just swallow them up if it wanted to. Gyarados #2's Bite (7,236 Atk Value) on Nicaea Gyarados #3 confusion: 96,66 Gyarados #3 is confused. hit self: 29,18 It hit itself in its confusion! Gyarados #3 takes 43 damage. The confused Gyarados is still trashing about, slamming its head and body into nearby rocks and also into itself, contorting its serpentine body. The Gyarados fighting Cuddles and Ember is fairly cornered, yet rage still burns in its eyes. It fiercely without any restraint rushes forward, attempting to chomp on Cuddles despite knowing Cuddles could smash through its attack with ease. Gyarados #4's Bite (7,236 Atk Value) on Mr. Cuddles Turn order: Ember (Jay) -> The Gyarados and Gyarados (Cathode) -> Terry (Cathode) -> Matilda (Greg) -> Nicaea (Emmanuel) -> Suzie (Cathode) -> Mr. Cuddles (Joy)  Gyarados #2 (M), Lv: 20 HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #3 (F), Lv: 20 [CONFUSED] HP (311/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Gyarados #4 (M), Lv: 20 HP (117/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #5 (F), Lv: 20 [SLP] [CONFUSED] HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 (-1) DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (43/43) - -5 Atk Cathode - Gyarados (209/209) - asleep Emmanuel - Nicaea (96/96) - -4 Atk, +1 SpA Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315) - +1 Def Jay - Ember (96/130) - +1 Atk, +2 Spe Greg - Matilda (82/82) ------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Alpha, Omega* [α COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES Ω]  Music: Ruin Ωf TraditiΩn Larvitar cannot even reach any of the Baltoy before the blast of energy hits it, bursting into blue light upon impact. Alpha's Revelation Dance (Water type; 21,870 SpA Value) on Larvitar crit: 55,71 no crit It's super effective! Larvitar takes 1,366 damage. [Larvitar is KO'd] Larvitar is blasted back, falling on the ground next to Radovan's feet. Its body is completely tattered, with damage comparable to watter errosion cutting deep slices of its rocky carapace, leaving it scarred all across its body, revealing more of its red scales in a couple of places. The other burst of light hits Sableye from the other side, but Sableye's Detect prevents any damage. The energy simply bursts into brown, dissipating into the air. The while lightshow startles Murki who had to fly out of the way of Alpha's Revelation Dance. In the meantime, Zeta yelps seeing Larvitar's state. "I-I don't know, Murki and I don't fight, we stop fights... Like this one we should stop this one, your Larvitar, Radovan, he's hurt bad!" Kneeling to pick the Pokemon up, Zeta leaves Murki to cover her back. Murki looks back at Zeta and nods as Zeta takes Larvitar into her embrace, getting back up, tears in the corners of her eyes. "Sorry Radovan, we're running! M-Murki, Featherdance!" Instantaneously, Murki flaps her wings, covering the area in black feathers, just as Alpha and Omega land. Radovan, blinded by the feathers, feels a straight blow into his stomach, leaving him out of breath and unable to immediately react as he's picked up by someone smaller than him who starts running with him in tow. Murki's Featherdance Alpha's [Dancer] triggers. Alpha's Featherdance Omega's [Dancer] triggers Omega's Featherdance Alpha and Omega's bodies follow Murki's motions, releasing energy shaped like blue and red feathers respectively, that cover the entire plaza, blinding literally everyone on it. "Foolish girl, are you going to run through the flames!" Omega screams in frustration. "NO, you chose to stay, now witness Uno's revival! In fact, we'll use you as our fuel as well!" A flash or blue bursts across the plaza, coming from its entrance. All the feathers flying around the plaza disappear when hit by the blue light and Radovan can see Omega through the flames that Zeta nearly carried him through. But now Zeta stood in place, turning her head around like a cornered animal, Murki helplessly flapping around her. Omega's right leg is glowing a fierce blue as energy gathers around her. A quake resounds through the plaza as she steps forward with a feral scream. Earth itself splits open before Radovan's eyes before something hard hits his guts from below, slicing them open, sending him flying and bursting into flames. He immediately loses consciousness from the sheer pain, the last thing he hears being Zeta calling his name. Alpha's Precipice Blades... (38,880 Atk Value) [COMBAT PHASE ENDED] ------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* An explosion resounds from the plaza, startling everyone around Sena while they discussed. They all turn towards it, seeing a flash of blue light before the entire ground beneath their feet shakes momentarily. "WHAT!?" Betani shouts out in surprise. "Motor, scan!" Rita says, focusing on Motor's display. "Guys a huge burst of energy! I've lost signal from Radovan's A-Comm! Motor can read his and Zeta's life signs though... they're alive." "Still, what the hell happened!?" A wide-eyed Betani turns to Rita for answers, but Rita can only shrug in response. "I can't be sure. It was a ground type attack... incredibly powerful. It... it could probably level the entire town on the surface." "..." Betani looks down to her feet with a frown. "Hey we can't give uuuup! This is all the more reason to rescue them. Sena, Betani, you engage them. I'll send Dolly with you. Find Radovan and Zeta while I contact the others above. I'm sorry I can't fight with you, but Dolly is a pro!" Rita gives a thumbs up to Sena while Dolly nods fiercely. "Right then we'll have to use Frogadier's Smokescreen and your Noibat's Supersonic like you said. If I can land a straight blow at Alpha I might just be able to knock her out. Are you ready, Sena?" [Go save Radovan and Zeta?] 1) Yes 2) No
  11. "Ah, Young Master Yoriie." "I was just enjoying the pleasant day, but what is this? Trouble brewing? More people in our merry band? My my." Appearance: Either a giant tapir-like creature covered with a purple cloak and orange smoke, or a physically strong humanoid with dark gray skin and horns. Bakudai is 2,15 m in height, dressed in a finely-sewn purple kimono. His skin is adorned with orange stripes like a tiger's and his hands can sprout long claws and fur like a tiger's. Chains are tightly wrapped around his neck, arms and between his legs, holding his range of motion bound. The chains connect to his wrists, seemingly growing out of them, bloodied and rusted at the points where they emerge from his flesh, symbolizing the past actions that are now robbing him of his freedom, and the nightmares he'd accumulated within his form. He carries a pipe with him, using it to channel his magic and spread thin sand to put his foes to sleep with.
  12. #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* "Wait are you literally going to ask this Frogadier for advice!? Look if you're gonna be doing nonsense like this I'm better off by myself." Betani crosses her arms, while Frogadier looks at Sena. It watches Sena straight in the eyes for several moments as if weighing his resolve. It too seems unsure on what to do. It probably wants to deal with Alpha but something is making it reconsider... Maybe it too realizes that dealing with Alpha shouldn't be their prime objective. After all, establishing communications with the surface could prove vital. Clenching his hands, Frogadier points at Rita. "Huh me? My plan? HA of course my plan! But look Sena, we can't do both things. Of course Motor can do it on the run, but if we're going after Alpha, we'll also need Motor's enchanced scanners to get direct intel into the situation at the plaza. He can't do everything at the same time. Besides, a short message won't suffice. And telling them to get down here to us would be pointless, wouldn't it?" "Yeah. If we just told them to come down here, what if they got stuck as well? We also don't know if coming to this city is still even possible without Alpha and Omega's approval." Rita and Frogadier nod. "If you trust Frogadier and us, then contacting the surface should be our priority. They need to find Uno and guard the shards. We don't know what's even happening up there, so we need information just as much as they do. If all goes well, maybe one of Alpha or Omega might even be forced to go to the surface and destroy the shards themselves. Then we could strike!" Frogadier smirks, nodding at Sena and nudging his Aether Ball with its forehead. It's absorbed into the ball, which flickers to a green light. [You finally trusted Frogadier] Verna and Frogadier gained 150 Exp Sena earned 50 EP Frogadier is holding [something glistening] Betani tosses Sena a Super Potion. "Here we'll need to be ready. So, guess we won't be attacking right away."
  13. #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* Music: Not only roses have thorns, you know!? No one pursues Sena and Rita as they make their escape. In fact, as soon as they and the last living people from the audience leave the plaza, a ring of fire appears around where Radovan and Zeta are standing, entirely cutting entry to the plaza, both in and out. The faceless people have also been trapped within the ring, meaning they likely couldn't pursue. Alpha and Omega... they didn't mind letting them leave. It just gave them more time to finish whatever they had to do to set the destruction of #04 in motion. Radovan and Zeta would hold them a bit, but not long. As Rita and him turn a corner, she sits down, back to the wall, pulling her Rotom A-Comm. "I'll analyze the data from the two of them while you contact this Betani." A hologram appears on Sena's A-Comm. "YOU ABSOLUTE DORKS THE ENTIRE PLAZA IS ON FIRE YOU'VE TOTALLY RUINED MY SHOT AT ENDING THEIR PITIFUL LITTLE PLAN!" She immediately shouts at you, provoking Rita into standing up. "Ugh shut up it wasn't our fault! It's Sena's idiotic friend!" She says, pulling the A-Comm out of Sena's grasp. You're immediately sorely reminded of how she broke your last A-Comm.............. "Yeah whatever you should've known better than to bring an idiot with you. But Zeta's there with him..." Betani looks to the side, biting her lip. "They likely won't kill them so at least that's good. Anyways turn around I'm right here." The transmission cuts and you turn around to see Betani and Frogadier walking towards you from a nearby alley. Frogadier seems injured, holding one of its hands over its chest, where a big bruise is visible. But its expression is still determined. It won't stop until Alpha and Omega have been defeated. [BETANI & FROGADIER HAVE ENTERED THE SCENE] Music: Girl that walks alone "Ok let's discuss. Whatever bull they sold you is completely untrue. I know my adopted sister and she's been through a lot, but she wouldn't want anyone to die for her selfish benefit. From what I know neither of them are the real Uno, so she's definitely still on the surface. I can't believe I too was so dumb to actually believe for a second that she could've made such a fast recovery even if she was hit by the Tree of Life's attack! Ugh, this is my fault as well for not interfering sooner." Rita interferes. "It's my fault too... I was totally wrong about the Ghost Girl. She can't help me find my mom..." She looks down dejectedly, but Betani ignores it. "Boo hoo, it's up to us now to fix this." She looks up at Sena. "This Pokemon was fighting Alpha on its own when I arrived. Alpha beat it senseless but the two of them wouldn't kill it. They likely need all of the audience here for some reason..." Frogadier seems to avoid looking directly at Sena. Either it's angry or just shy. "It's your Pokemon isn't it? I have my Steenee, I don't want it or need it." She makes a shooing motion towards Sena and Frogadier, walking a bit to the side and closer to Rita. Frogadier doesn't move towards Sena. "They likely can't start this whole twisted plan of theirs without taking care of a couple points on the surface. Mainly the three Shards protecting the island from bad weather. Ever wonder why it's a storm everywhere but on Wailuda here? Yeah that's why. Alpha and Omega have to destroy these Shards before sinking the island. Then they'll have to use some form of fuel or energy to transform Uno's body into something akin to their bodies." "From my analysis, Omega's body is actually similiar in composition to the faceless Baltoy people. She's made from soil and mud." "Right, so they want to do the same to Uno to fix her. But using an entire island's worth of soil... They think she wants that, but they're wrong. At least I hope so. Our options are either try to find a way back to the surface or hold them off here. I don't see your friends so I will assume they're above. Good, they might buy us time." She paces around as she speaks. "So, bright boy, any ideas on what to do? I'm all ears. I vote we swiftly neutralize one of them, leaving the other without their dance partner. Alpha would be the easier target for my Steenee's precise kicks." "I think we could try and contact the surface, tell them what we know! With Motor's help, it might be possible, even if we don't know how far apart we actually are from them..." [Which plan do you support?] 1) Swiftly handle Alpha 2) Try to contact the surface 3) Ask Frogadier?
  14. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, GREG, JOY & JAY Before the reinforcements arrive or anyone else can react, the Gyarados simultaneously bite down on Suzie. However, Cathode's morale boost helps her out. Cathode's [Defender] Suzie's Def goes up +1 All Gyrados' Bite [10,800 Atk Value] on Suzie Gyarados #3 crit: 12,19 no crit flinch: 28,276 Suzie's flinched! (Suzie's Curse attack has been stopped) Suzie takes 16 damage! Gyarados #4 crit: 16,89 no crit Suzie takes 16 damage! Gyarados #5 crit: 68,02 no crit Suzie takes 16 damage! The first bite is enough for Suzie to be stunned from shock. All these sea serpents have already by then gotten an edge on her nerves, so three of them attacking her simultaneously just proved to be too much for the snake to act afterwards. The Gyarados pick the stunned Suzie up all together, throwing her aside into the rocks overlooking the beach. She tumbles into them with a loud sound of crushing rock as her weight smashed into them. And without Suzie, Cathode, Terry, Emm and Nicaea are now painfully exposed... Nicaea shakes her leaves at the Gyarados. Nicaea's Sleep Powder (75% Acc) miss: 94,71 miss However, she misses her target. Meanwhile, Emmanuel throws an Aether Ball at one of the Gyarados but it only shakes one time before breaking apart, and the sleeping Gyarados once again lands into the sandy beach. However, the Aether Ball Cathode throws at the other sleeping Gyarados shakes three times and glows green, signifying a successful capture! [Cathode has caught Gyarados #1!] Cathode earned 10 EP. Suzie earned 100 Exp. Level up! Terry earned 100 Exp. Level up! Nicaea earned 50 Exp. Level up! [GREG, JOY & JAY HAVE JOINED THE SCENE] From the dust left by Suzie's landing onto the rocks, Joy and Mr. Cuddles would feel a tremor beneath their feet as they ran up to a slope above the beach. The rock snake would be lying dazed underneath them as Mr. Cuddles jumped over her, smashing its full body weight into a punch aimed at one of the Gyarados. The Gyarados, not seeing any possibility of a huge ball of fat and fur suddenly flying straight into its face, is left confused and open to a direct hit. Mr. Cuddles's Chip Away (14,373 Atk Value) crit: 31,36 no crit Gyarados #4 takes 128 damage! Mr. Cuddles lands straight in-between the Gyarados's eyes, pushing its head to land into the sand below, what from the Munchlax's weight and the power behind his attack. Jay doubles down on Gyarados #4, the same one knocked to the ground by Mr. Cuddles and Joy, launching Ember straight at it with her beak up front, sticking it into the Gyarados's side. Ember's Peck (5212 Atk Value) on Gyara #4 crit: 92,78 no crit Gyarados #4 takes 45 damage! Greg and his Vulpix arrive running as well, Matilda shooting off a beam of dazzling, desorienting lights from her tail. Matilda'a Confuse Ray on Gyara #3 Gyarados #3 is not confused! The Gyarados's raging gaze is replaced by a confused glazed over look. It still trashes about but cannot seem to fully willfully direct itself anymore. [Turn 5 End] Gyarados #2 sleep: 66,28 Gyarados #2 is fast asleep. Ember's [Speed Boost] triggers. Spe +1! [Turn 6 Start; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] The Gyarados focus on the new threats. With Gyarados #1 out of commission, Gyarados #2 captured and Gyarados #3 confused, their threat has diminished significantly, but it'd still be a grand task to defeat them all. Gyarados #4, the one that Mr. Cuddles and Ember tag-teamed, raises its head, shaking Mr. Cuddles off it with considerable force, throwing him into the sand below. The Gyarados focuses its attention on the weaker target-Ember, and launches at her with its jaws agape. Even with her boosted speed, however, Ember is still way too slow to outrun this attack. She can only combat it as best she can by deflecting. Gyarados #4's Bite (10,800 Atk Value) on Ember Gyarados #3 looks around and goes after Matilda and Greg, aiming to bite the small fox. Gyarados #3 is confused. confusion: 24,02 It hurt itself in its confusion! Gyarados #3 takes 64 damage! It, however, cannot act normally, instead smashing its head into the sand and rocks below, hurting itself in the process. Gyarados #5, meanwhile, tries to slither away amids all the chaos, slinking towards the far end of the beach and towards the sea. It might re-emerge elsewhere if left to its own devices, and invade the town while the evacuations are still in place. [Gyarados #5 tries to run away] Turn order: The Gyarados -> Ember (Jay) -> Terry (Cathode) -> Matilda (Greg) -> Nicaea (Emmanuel) -> Suzie (Cathode) -> Mr. Cuddles (Joy) Gyarados #2 (M), Lv: 20 [SLP] HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #3 (F), Lv: 20 [CONFUSED] HP (354/418) #################### ATK: 150 DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Gyarados #4 (M), Lv: 20 HP (245/418) #################### ATK: 150 DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: --- Gyarados #5 (F), Lv: 20 HP (418/418) #################### ATK: 150 DEF VALUE: 112 SP.ATK: 72 SPD VALUE: 144 SPE: 97 Nature: - (-/-) Ability: Intimidate, --- EP: --- Moves: Bite (10,800 Atk Value), --- Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (43/43) - -5 Atk Cathode - Suzie (18/90) - -2 Atk, +4 Def, -3 Spe Emmanuel - Nicaea (96/96) - -4 Atk, +1 SpA Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315) - +1 Def Jay - Ember (130/130) - +1 Atk, +1 Spe Greg - Matilda (82/82) -------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA & RADOVAN *+Zeta, Rita, Alpha, Omega* [SENA AND RITA HAVE LEFT THE SCENE] [α COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES Ω] Music: Ruin Ωf TraditiΩn  Zeta yelps at Radovan's question. She pulls at his sleeve, trying to force him to go with them. "Radovan please let's just go! Don't fight them!" Sena and Rita make a break for it, joining the crowd of people that was leaving. However, Zeta and Radovan stay behind. Radovan of his own volition and Zeta while trying to make him run with them. The Baltoy circle around the two of them, closing their escape route. Zeta turns her back on Radovan to observe the situation. There're at least several dozen faceless people around them, all of them likely Baltoy ready to attack them at Alpha and Omega's command. Omega meanwhile laughs. "Radovan your folly has doomed Zeta as well! How selfish of you, to force this upon one of your friends! And to combat the wishes of another of your friends! Now watch our dance as it destroys you and your Pokemon!" She jumps forward into the crowd, spinning violently like a ballerina with each step as she approaches Radovan and Zeta. Alpha follows her lead, jumping down from the building to perform the same dance. As they run and dance, both of their bodies catch fire and the two of them encircle Radovan, Zeta, and the rest of the Baltoy, catching them in a ring of fire that keeps spreading with each moment. Omega's Fiery Dance (19,008 SpA Value) SpA boost: 9,69 SpA up +1 Alpha's [Dancer] triggers. Alpha's Fiery Dance (12,960 SpA Value) SpA boost: 89,35 no SpA boost The ring of fire burns bright and hot and now, as Alpha and Omega have encircled you, they prepare to strike again. Alpha halts her dance abruptly, spinning at her heel to pose with her fan. Mysterious energy envelops her as she jumps up and sends it towards Radovan's Pokemon. Omega does the same, except she hides her face not behind a fan but behind her dress's sleeve. The energy is concentrated into an orb of light which travels at high speed, one going for Larvitar and the other for Sableye. The one targetting Larvitar is coming from the front and the stage, while the one targetting Sableye is coming from behind, from the direction Sena and Rita ran towards out of the plaza. In all this chaos, Radovan is unable to pay attention to his A-Comm. He simply doesn't hear anything over it, even though a hologram of Betani appears momentarily on his display. Alpha's Revelation Dance (Water type; 21,870 SpA Value) on Larvitar Omega's [Dancer] triggers. Omega's Revelation Dance (Ground type; 42,768 SpA Value) on Sableye The Baltoy don't do anything. They don't need to do anything. Turn order: Alpha & Omega -> Murki (Zeta) -> Sableye (Radovan) -> Larvitar (Radovan) Alpha #1 (F), Lv: 20 HP (528/528) #################### ATK: 132 [+2] DEF VALUE: 57 SP.ATK: 90 [+1] SPD VALUE: 356 [+1] SPE: 108 [+1] Nature: Gentle (+SpD/-Def) Ability: Dancer EP: HP, Atk and SpD Moves: Quiver Dance, Revelation Dance (21,870), Origin Pulse (26,730), Aqua Tail (42,768), Mud Sport Omega (F), Lv: 20 HP (528/528) #################### ATK: 90 [+2] DEF VALUE: 237 SP.ATK: 132 [+2] SPD VALUE: 86 [+1] SPE: 108 Nature: Lax (+Def/-SpD) Ability: Dancer EP: HP, Def and SpA Moves: Swords Dance, Fiery Dance (25,344), Precipice Blades (38,880), Lava Plume (25,344), Stomping Tantrum (24,192->48,600)
  15. #04 TOWN GREG, JOY & JAY INTRODUCTORY POST Music: Spring to action The Nexus Drill lands in one of the plazas at Wailuda Island. You arrived with a handful other Cadets in this vehicle in order to help out the situation at #04. And from the reports, it sounded like a pretty bad situation... Gyarados approaching. Some extremely powerful entity known as the Ghost Girl had been proved to be the kidnapper of the people from #04 during the Festival all along. And now the whole island was in danger of sinking. Situations like these were exactly why Cadets were necessary on all the Nexi. They had to be able to intervene with any unexpected situations. You were sent to do exactly that. Your A-Comms buzz on as you rush out the vehicle and onto the square. It's a woman named Ray, her holographic projection appearing before you. She's a slightly chubby woman with her hair shaved on one side. She's young but she's already one of the main dispatchers for the Space Aether Foundation. "Cadets Johnson, Joy and Kierlain. You know the situation and it's pretty bad. We need to work fast so I'll just tell you what to do. We have Gyarados breaking onto the island from all sides, but their main forces are concentrated on 3 points. We have good coverage on 2 of those points, but the 3rd one could break without reinforcements. Cadets Emmanuel and Granazia were among the first at the scene, as they were involved in fighting the Ghost Girl as well. However, they need your support, Gyarados will be upon them at any moment now! Please hurry over to them. The directions will be on your A-Comms. Ray out." She closes the comm channel while the map of the island pops up on your A-Comm screens. You can reach the beach in a few minutes, but you still need to hurry. Gyarados breaking into the town would cause massive delays in the evacuation process, potentially leading to hundreds of deaths. Hurry. [You can now post your entrances into the #04 BEACH scene with Emmanuel and Cathode. You can attack the Gyarados immediately and you're arriving from the landside, a small road leading down towards the beach, giving you the high ground over the Gyarados on the scene.] -------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA & RADOVAN *+Zeta, Rita, Alpha, Omega*  Omega glanced at Sena with a grin on her face, but she didn't speak. Instead, it was Alpha who addressed him first. "That Frogadier is such a selfish Pokemon. It kept getting in the way, time and time again. But time and time again, alone, it wasn't a match for me." "However, Frogadier too was a part of the audience on that day. It deserves to be here with us. Too bad our sister escaped with it..." Omega still grins. She doesn't seem phased by such a turn of events. "They'll probably try and assist you in stopping us. Knowing poor Betani, she's probably stalking us right now, planning her attack. She's always lacked manners." Alpha nods. Omega then looks at Radovan. "Uno won't die. She'll live on as a utopia for everyone. You know, ever since her body was broken 10 years ago, she always regretted being unable to dance or go out on festivals or do explorations. I have to thank you for giving her a chance to experience all of these things. She is now content with her life. What remains is us. Alpha and Omega, we'll dance as she wills us to. We'll dance and protect her grandest selfish desire!" [α COMBAT PHASE INITIATED Ω] Music: Ruin Ωf TraditiΩn "RADOVAN, HOW RUDE, SIMPLY ATTACKING OUT OF THE BLUE! HAHAHAHAHA!" Omega shouts, a mad grin on her face, as Larvitar and Sableye's attacks tear through the bodies of faceless crowd members, ripping their mud bodies apart. Each one Radovan's Pokemon beat down bursts into pink light, which flows upwards. The crowd members with faces start screaming and running away, while the faceless ones all turn towards Radovan, Sena, Rita and Zeta. On the stage, you can see Omega place one leg in front of the other, crossing her arms at the chest before spinning and spreading them apart. Looking back behind you, you can see Alpha mirroring her dance. Omega's Swords Dance Omega's Atk went up 2 stages. Alpha's [Dancer] triggers Alpha's Swords Dance Alpha's Atk went up 2 stages. After finishing the short dance, Alpha jumps up into a backflip so high, it lands her on top of a building circling the plaza. As she moved away from the entrance to the plaza, the crowd began running away through the exit, passing you by on their way running for their lives. "..." Alpha gazes at you from the top of the building. The apartment building is 3 stories tall, around 10 meters in height, so she's 10 meters above you. As she gazes down upon you, she spreads her arms, pulling out her fan. Her moves are precise as she performs a short dance similiar to what you'd see on a #04 stage play, hiding her face behind the fan. Omega mirrors her movements. Alpha's Quiver Dance Alpha's SpA, SpD and Spe went up 1 stage. Omega's [Dancer] triggers Omega's Quiver Dance Omega's SpA, SpD and Spe went up 1 stage. "You cannot beat us! Go, Baltoy, encircle them! We'll rebuild you anew, your loved ones await!" Omega declares from the stage, as confetti suddenly burst in a celebratory act, showering the stage and plaza in colorful paper scraps. As if on que, several faceless audience members burst into bodies of Baltoy, spinning violently around you. There're 3 of them for now and you won't be able to reach Alpha nor Omega without destroying them first. "Akh, Radovan, you idiot! Like, we could've PLANNED something instead of just attacking, right??? There's so many faceless people here, and if they're all Baltoy... Sena, let's bust a way out of this plaza! We can still run if we act now!" "Hahahahaha! Run if you want! I can assure you neither Alpha nor I will attack while there're still any of Uno's audience around. Actually..." She swings her hand and the 3 Baltoy circling around you suddenly stop. They move to clear you a path outside the plaza. "Whoever wishes to run can run. That just gives us more time to perform what we must." "Sena let's go! We have to find Frogadier! It could be hurt from its fight with these crazies!" "Radovan we can't beat them all, let's go!" Zeta says, pulling out her own Aether Ball. "Murki please help us!" She presses on it, opening it and letting the crow Pokemon fly around her. Murki's confused for a moment but quickly notices the danger. "Murki can cover our escape in case they're lying." Zeta says, determination in her eyes. "Her Featherdance can help us." Omega grins at the mentioned move. [What will you do?] 1) Stay and fight 2) Run and regroup
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