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  1. Graphics > Characters > Then find the “trback” files
  2. I’ve used Sawsbuck for a good Majority of my run, I’ve never really noticed until now that he’s been in Summer form consistently lol
  3. Nice starting lineup, but what are your rotation mons looking like?
  4. You’re supposed to talk to Melia and Venam iirc to progress the plot.
  5. Also, I believe in the script section that handles the field effects, there are specific number of values under each field which are the map IDs. This indicates which effect appears by default on each map.
  6. That’s actually an error that I encountered during the testing phase of that map, however I thought I had fixed it. It usually only happens when you attempt to climb the waterfall while facing sideways. Sorry, you’ll need to revert to a previous save, or post your save file for someone to quick fix.
  7. The game is complete story wise, however there will be at least one more major re-upload in the future that will include the revamped Maps for the entire game.
  8. Several people have said this, but has been confirmed by Caz himself? I mean it’s nice to know he is well and still visits the forum hence his profile picture changing a few times, but that doesn’t mean much.
  9. @Ice Cream Sand Witch I would be able to implement this if this is something you’d be interested in.
  10. We’re already at level 65, 5 badges into a 16 badge game. Increasing the soft cap any further at this point wouldn’t be feasible.
  11. Does anyone know if Golurk has a crest?
  12. I should be able to implement an IV changer somewhere at some point.
  13. The colter quest is bugged and will freeze the game due to the event not being done properly, you’ll have to revert to a previous save and avoid the quest all together.
  14. The way this game is set up with all the characters and seeing a lot of them develop in ways you wouldn’t nessecarily expect, I can see how the idea comes to head. It’s only natural to wonder/think about possibly exploring a deeper bond with some of them. I can also understand not wanting to pollute the story with romance for if done incorrectly, it can really deteriorate the quality of this game’s story. Not to mention that while there are a plethora of female characters, there aren’t many male characters, which wouldn’t really be fair to people not looking to romance a female.
  15. In my experience Ninjask is pretty good. It can be used offensively with SD or can be a good pivot/boost passer with Baton pass.
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