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  1. Are you in the subseven sanctum/was the last battle you did in the subseven sanctum? That field forces Silvally's type to dark, doing a battle outside of that area should get it back to normal.
  2. Now this is the kind of thing I like to read! I will point you to this post I made in the devblog before E18 released Which was essentially the result of Ame having developed this puzzle and asking me if it could be solved. I used Ruby and wrote a very basic programme which made moves randomly and checked if I had a winning combination.
  3. Happy birthday ! 

    1. Sayia


      Happy birthday Marcello! 😄

      Don't listen Az, u not suck xd

  4. Happy Birthday Marcello 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  5. Thanks for everything Mumpelfink!

  6. You don't need to open the file, just copy and paste it into Reborn's data file.
  7. I have done the quest to get the exp share but for some reason it isn’t in my inventory and I need it to grind my low level Pokemon 

    1. Commander


      Next time could you please use a post in troubleshooter as Marc is only a single individual help fixing bugs and building the game. That way you can possibly get help in a reasonable time possibly from other users or members of the dev group.

  8. Hi there all! So, one of the most prominent fatal bugs that has cropped up in E18 community is crashes during battles on the Wasteland field, most often during the battle against Fern, but also occasionally in some of the wild fights. To fix the issue, download the attached Scripts file, and paste it into your data folder for reborn (replace when asked) and you should be ready to go! Thank you for your patience with this bug. Scripts.rxdata
  9. Reborn online is currently down, we're working on getting it back up, thanks for your patience!

  10. Just got to Teknite. After changing the first bit to Crystal Cavern, every time I re-enter that area it opens with the 'glittering with crystals...' text and then immediately the area changes to Crystal Cavern and I get the message for that, I assume this is unintended as if it was meant to stay Crystal Cavern (which I assume it is) it shouldn't change like that every time. Equally I went into the second area after that, it started as normal, and then immediately changed to crystal with the relevant message, just as the other room. I haven't done anything to change this one
  11. "I... I'm actually alive... Unscathed, infact..." Terrin murmured to himself, shocked at his luck pulling through despite the recklessness of his prior tactics to defend the tent. He nodded, emboldened, as he went for the kill. Attack Cav 9 with Thunder
  12. Heard reports on discord of weird stuff with the new railnet things, although they didn't make a report, so I'm grabbing their screens and doing it for them: (these should be cracks, not blank tiles?) (similarly here?) And the train outside apparently takes them back inside upon exiting, to this point:
  13. NPCs on 8th floor of department store (both the guide and just a random NPC) talk about Friendship berries even though those have been moved down to floor 2, with X-items replacing them on floor 8
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