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  1. Marcello

    HELP!: Something Wrong With These Ditto...

    Hi the only thing we explicitly ban from online is pokemon that would be impossible to obtain normally (I.e. stuff that can't be found in the game rn like most legendaries, or stuff with IVs or EVs higher than the usual bounds, or things like that.) so this kind of thing isn't an issue, so if you wana use it, feel free.
  2. Marcello

    [Resolved] Game breaking egg

    Are you using any mods?
  3. Marcello

    I swear the AI cheats

    Hi so I programmed the AI primarily so here's roughly what's happening: The AI doesn't cheat with regards to this stuff, it's not able to do that. It's programmed to do things like use weaker moves if they can kill to preserve PP, be aware of other pokemon it knows are on your team in case of potential switch ins, and it tries not to get stuck in loops by doing things like overhealing or overboosting, so if it's already healed a lot it's less likely to do so again. Importantly as well, while it doesn't know when you are going to switch, it does remember your past switches in the battle, and the more you switch and the more of your team you show off, the more likely it is to predict you're going to switch and attempt to counter that. Sometimes this works out and can make a very smart seeming AI that appears to predict like a human player, and when that happens we're all very happy. Sometimes it can be disastrously stupid a little off the mark, and we're working on that too The tl;dr is yeah blatant AI cheating is indeed not in line with our philosophy for the game so it's not a thing we have happen.
  4. No, Reborn has always been planned to be 19 episodes long.
  5. Happy birthday ! 

    1. Sayia


      Happy birthday Marcello! 😄

      Don't listen Az, u not suck xd

  6. Happy Birthday Marcello 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  7. Thanks for everything Mumpelfink!

  8. Marcello

    E18 Battle Issue

  9. Marcello

    Script Error

    This was fixed in E18, go ahead and download the E18 community release and you'll be able to do the trade just fine! Here's the topic it can be gotten from:
  10. You don't need to open the file, just copy and paste it into Reborn's data file.
  11. I have done the quest to get the exp share but for some reason it isn’t in my inventory and I need it to grind my low level Pokemon 

    1. Commander


      Next time could you please use a post in troubleshooter as Marc is only a single individual help fixing bugs and building the game. That way you can possibly get help in a reasonable time possibly from other users or members of the dev group.

  12. Marcello

    [E18] Minor Errors

  13. Hi there all! So, one of the most prominent fatal bugs that has cropped up in E18 community is crashes during battles on the Wasteland field, most often during the battle against Fern, but also occasionally in some of the wild fights. To fix the issue, download the attached Scripts file, and paste it into your data folder for reborn (replace when asked) and you should be ready to go! Thank you for your patience with this bug. Scripts.rxdata