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  1. Pokemon Insurgence's ost has a lot of cool original themes. So why on God's green earth do they only use the BW2 battle theme for every trainer why. And the wild theme jesus christ 

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    2. SnowGlaceon


      There's 3 other albums like it on his page. Also now i know what theme you're talking about @Autumn Zephyr, forgot completely about it.


      I love almost all of their custom made themes. Except like the gym one, but even that one isnt too bad. Audrey's theme is my favorite of the cult leaders. The rest of the game is great (kinda wish they didn't lock a lot of the delta's behind postgame but it's understandable), but im a very musical person so 😖

    3. DreamblitzX


      What made me especially sad with the music was that the Timeless just had the goddamn regular trainer theme. like, at least give them the gym leader or E4 theme. 

      but yea things like the cult boss themes and a few others were really good, then most of the rest felt very plain

    4. Lucky98


      My main problem with the music was the generic town and route themes. So many areas had the same music and I just found it annoying

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