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  1. What if the secret to wielding the Vampire Killer whip isn;t being a Belmont, but using a form of Hamon? Castlevania and JJBA have been intertwined for much longer than I thought

  2. would anyone happen to know a good fan remake (be it rom-hack or fangame) of Castlevania 2?

  3. Dawn of Sorrow is ALMOST as good as Aria of Sorrow. Some parts it does better, others a bit worse, but all in all I'd say theyér almosy equal in quality

  4. Happy birthday gril 

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    I'm good
  6. Happy birthday gril

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      Thank you mah guy wolfy 😁

  7. It's pretty save to assume most here at least enjoy anime and/or Manga. And both have a lot of quotable stuff. What are anime/Manga quotes you adopted into your vocabulary? Be they ones you can rarely use but always hound for (like a speech) or something really easy to use. For me, it's Yare Yare Daze, and the variations of it. And I can usually say it at least 4 times a day without goi g out of my way for it
  8. Happy birthday

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      Thank you Wolfox! 🙂

      I hope you’ll have an awesome day as well 😃

  9. Happy Days Birth

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  10. Keeping it open till the end of the weekend
  11. I don't really know Mary Marvel, Weiss and Lucina however are my favorite fantasy ladies
  12. oh this guy has also contacted RWBYtubers asking the same things, but probably to also get them to get their fans over to his side, add to that spamming the same kind of post to all RT related things (like the RT Twitter, the RTX twitter, Burnies Twitter, Barbs twitter... and also confirming he would be willing to use fake evidence if it would "save Vic's Career", while also claiming most of it was a cry for attention from Woman because, and I quote, "They're woman, they always have a reason"... yeah as toxic as certain KickVic's may be, I doubt they're as bad as this guy
  13. we're gonna settle this once and for all, the winner of this poll will from here on out be my official best Girl ever, of all time. Bonus points if you can show me some nice fan art of the one you choose. Alright then, let's get voting!
  14. Not really, he wanted people to tell the RT staff that they "made a mistake and should fix it", amdconsidering his handle is rwbyfan1000, I doubt he has much hate for RT itself
  15. Which one do you think I should go with?
  16. Fired (the right action was made) and if studios want to hire him later on more power to them. I've said my stuff about why I feel like this enough times and I don't wish to create a huge discussion on it. However I do feel like a lot of people make it bigger than it is. Like a certain Twitter user who tried to spur people to harras the RT staff...
  17. All but Gren and the Gen 7 Trio (they already have something. Also, missing the Gen 2 ones
  18. My guess: he will only to lose
  19. Oof... If you gotta vent some more feel free to use my PM box for it
  20. Welp, Shady is in the lead and Mr Talent is on his last leg, literally
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