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  1. Less than 100 rep away! The heat is on! 

    1. Commander


      Once you've done that, you must work to reach the rank of the mythical bicycle tire


      .........yes that's a real thing.

    2. Commander
  2. Huh, I have exactly 1800 rep. perhaps this year I might surpass Ame

    1. Yahen


      Ill go around liking everything Wolfy posts so wolfy can say hey ame i have more fans than you then ame goes oh really lets bet

      liek for wolfy 

      hit a child for ame

  3. You may have Taken the Lead but I'll even the score

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    2. Wolfox


      Iblame my bad english for fucking up that line from a song

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      'Tis less you having bad English, and more English being idiotic at times. It's not you're fault that the word 'lead' has multiple, very different meanings.

    4. Wolfox


      true enough, though that doesn't make it any less annoying of a mistake.

      here's the song in question btw

  4. "There's no smoke without fire." It's been my stance on the whole Vic mess since it started, and I am sticking to it. As for Kamehamehacon adding the guy back, bad idea if you ask me. I cal already see the storm of "see, he didn't do anything, he's innocent you idiots!" coming... Anywho, the more I see Vic supporters be the stereotype of agresive toward those who are against Vic no matter what, the more I start to wonder if they're thinking they're helping his case... Bonus points if they use NPC or SJW in their arguments for the guy, I guess. Now, for the excuse some painted for Vic him not really knowing personal boundaries, that's no excuse. If you're not great with those, you learn to be better with them, you ask first, you don't just fucking do as you like. And while some may not see a hug or kiss or things like that as sexual harassment, it's not really up to us is it? It's up to the ones who make the claim. If they felt like a sudden kiss or hug was an act of said harassment, who are we to say how they should feel. 


    And finally, the never ending demanding of evidence. Just stop it. There's probably a reason why companies and people aren't sharing it all. Like being legally unable to, people who send the aligations not wanting to get harassed by the fans of Vic (don't even deny that there are ones who'll do it), or maybe even Vic lawyers themselves not wanting it to come out. Plus, and this is the most important thing, they're not obligated to share it at all. 

    1. Commander


      People hold people to standards they themselves don't hold as high. I'm not a touchy people person and I'd be fired if I had to meet Vic's standards of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a serious, serious crime which can lead people to depression or suicide. We should act on keeping EVERYBODY safe and not berating and destroying people for their every wrong.


      Even if everything these people say about Vic is true, he is not the person they paint him to be. If Vic is in your eyes worthy of termination then I have a list of 40 people who deserve the same treatment. If I were to sink to those who criminalize Vic then it would be well over a 100.


      Think about this: a bunch of random nobodies put their livelihood at risk believe this guy was innocent. If he really was guilty, Vic would be a complete dumbass going to court. And these "victims" wouldn't be parading and hating on a guy weeks after his life was over. Did Vic do no wrong? Oh hell no. For God's sake a bunch of random nobodies turned an impossible situation into something that now has the majority. Most people on that side probably don't even really know who the heck he is. It's just some famous VA to them. KickVic has many more well know and until this went down more respected people on their side. For God's sake they have Goku. Yet here we are an army of random nobodies now in the majority. Think about that.


      And if people really just stood there letting it happen at cons including staff, I will personally call those conventions personally and email those tweets about how this employee let someone molest a child without saying or doing anything. They deserve that courtesy at the very least. It's never just one person at fault when it involves a high traffic public area.


      And before you say, I have a pretty good idea what Vic did which would make him a super easy target. I have a very good idea all the events that happened and everything that had been said. Not hard to figure it out when people have made it so obvious. Evidence just keeps pointing towards it. People have a very good reason to ask people to share evidence because it's starting to look like these stories were changed or blown out of proportion to criminalize them. That would be bad to fire someone for something that didn't happen. 

    2. Wolfox


      all true, but once more I never said everything is true. Where there's smoke, there's fire. even if a royal half of the alligation is true, or 25%, the Vic Supporters have 0 legs to stand on, granted the other 75% of alligators (would that be wheat you cal someone making an alligation?) would also have to get a good punishing. also, I never once mentioned the ones letting it happen being innoscent in this, like the ones making stuff up (gonna keep that at the royal 50% for now, benefit of the doubt and all) would also need to get a serious job evaluation or get fired for it.


      and yes, the majority will now see Vic as innoscent, is that just the Vocal part or actual numbers? Because I can say that without a doubt the Vic Supporters are a lot more toxic about it than the KickVic's.


      And yes, people can ASK for Evidence. but harrassing people/companies and demanding it at every turn is not the way to go about it. You can ask, they can refuse to give it. Simple as that. reasons for refusing to give it I've already given and I can;t be certain of.


      and as closing statement, whether it would be Vic or my neighbour, it wouldn;t change the fact that if the alligations are full on true or even 50% of them, they would have to get punnished. This whole thing should never have blown up the way it did and, without a doubt, wouldn;t have have blown up if instead of Vic it was, like an animator who's worked on multiple productions

  5. Gooooooooo Blue-Team! 

  6. After rewatching some of Galactic Football, I can say it hold up quite well. Even if the 3d animation is a bit clunky at times. I do need to say that Syned's voice is... Terrible. The Dutch version of him at least had his balls dropped

  7. I found out that a nostalgic show for me is on youtube, and legit too. welp, I'm binging

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    2. Wolfox


      GALACTIC Football. One of my favorites as a kid. Still holds up quite well imo (though somehow I gotta say the Dutch dub may have been a bit better...) 

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Huh never heard of it.

    4. Wolfox


      it's a pretty good show, mixing 3d animation with regular 2d. while perhaps slightly dated, I'd recommend giving it a try (I mean, it's on yt anyway)

  8. remind me to get a CD of this song for when I get my car

  9. if there's one thing I hate more than anything, it's the feeling of uselessness. let me explain, a good friend of mine is in a really bad place (it's the one of the xmas break up after about 3 years of being with him). I still had the guys number and she asked if I could relay a message to him. usually I wouldn't do that, but I felt like I needed to do something to help even though I thought it was a bad idea. I relayed the messages, he asked for her number so they could talk it out, I asked her for permission to give it, and so on and so forth. it went well for about 4 days, untill he broke contact again. see this friends seem to think talking to her again is a bad idea, and the friends of my friend think the same way. She, however, does not. so pretty much, I caused a masive mess trying to help and now I can't help her to try and get through it. I hate this feeling so much. no matter what I'll do, I'll ruin this situation more, but I can't just leave her alone because she needs someone by her side...


    is this what adulthood is? this sucks

    1. Vinnie


      Sometimes, there just isn't anything you can do and that's just life. You have to learn how to let go instead of sitting there and stressing out over what's out of your control.

    2. Wolfox


      can't say I disagree, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier

    3. seki108


      All I can say is "good luck", since Vinnie's advice is pretty much the only good one.

  10. Wolfox

    Should friendship be added to mega evolution?

    Whiule a cool idea in concept, it would make the games grindier and in turn less fun
  11. alright, so I'm gonna say something that is probably controversial. It's that time again. I don't mean to offend anyone, I don't mean to start a flame war, just stating my oppinion. The gunlaws in the USA and likewise gunlaws, are stupid. Maybe I think this because I have an outsiders point of view, but "the freedom to protect yourself" seems like such an ass backwards reason... I mean, I'm prtty sure you're not allowed to have a gun here in the NL, and to say we lack the "freedom" here... no.

    1. L__Haze


      The intent was that back when the U.S was becoming its country, the 2nd amendment was for the reason of protecting yourself and your freedom should anything happen. Obviously back then no one could've even predicted this becoming a major issue, but regardless I can understand where you're coming from. You don't need a gun to protect your freedom, this issue has become a major problem as of late.

  12. Bought Super Mystery Dungeon, but the download decided to be a prick

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    2. Wolfox


      Gates to Infinity is also in my to play list, because it seems like a game that, while not as good as sky, it should still be fun. and I'll let you know

    3. DreamblitzX


      Super was nice, enjoyed it quite a lot. haven't played GtI but by all accounts I hear it's "the bad one we don't talk about"

    4. Wolfox


      I heard about it being the Skyward Sword of PMD, but considering I love Skyward sword I feel like I can really enjoy that game, too

  13. It's not Pink. It's like, eh... a lightish Red

  14. Wolfox

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    this has gotten too far out of hand... but I'm sticking to what I sead earlier. If he's inoscent, great. those people accusing him will have to swallow their words if they're lucky. But I still doubt it. over 10 years of alligations and people being warned about him at cons seems a bit too much for it all to be made up. And I'll say it again, even if only 1 of the alligations actually happened Vic is in boiling hot water. I still stand by RT's choice of letting him go. I don't know the exact specifications of it, and I don't need to. I doubt that their Law team would just let Gavin toss 3 coins to see if he stays or goes. FUNimation is, IMO, in the same boat here. someone is flagged and migth be confirmed as a predator, would you still want him to be one of your big names? I can tell you that I wouldn't. And now... the war between the KickVic and the StandWithVic's (the ladder of which I haven;t seen Commander mention here a lot, would be funny though considering those seem quite vocal about it all on twitter quite a lot)... Just stop. Vic has been fired, there's no reason to keep with the hashtag's. Harrassing VA's and companies on twitter, their sites and probably upcoming cons (big riot at the next RTX, I'm calling it now) will not help anyone or anything. doxxing them won't help shit. and being surprised that the people who spam that to them get blocked... why does that surprise you? ugh... I don;t even drink and I feel like I need one... anyway. that's my take on it. no a lot of change, I know. but if I may toot my own horn a bit I feel like I'm in one of the more sencible ships in this big mess
  15. Wolfox

    Does Reborn ever get you frustrated?

    same as Maqqy, though I hate RNG. and it hates me. might aswell name Murphy's law after me at this point...
  16. Maybe a stupid question here, but Pmd, Gates of Infinity, is it an enjoyable enough game or is it just not worth? 

  17. Thank this weeks RT Podcast for me looking this up

    anyone remember this?

  18. I say this quite often, and I will say it again. Electric cars should be illegal if they are completely silent. the amount of times I get scared shitless by a silent car just suddenly being next to me while I'm on my bicycle. You don't hear it coming, so you can;t get out of the way in time if need be.

  19. Remove Corrin and add Azura into smash

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    2. Wolfox


      The main reason a lot of Awakening characters are in Tha game, asside from them being really popular for the less old school FE players, is that Awakening stopped FE from going F0 and dying. As for another reason I said Azura: fates promotion. Fates got promoted by lord Stale Bread being in smash, but Azura arguably does more in the story. 

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      There's no reason to promote Fates anymore, though, especially when they have a reputation for being kinda pretty bad. From that perspective, it'd be extremely odd for the Smash team (or whatever Nintendo overlords oversaw this first wave of DLC's character lineup) to pull from those games specifically. 

    4. Wolfox


      Hence why I said replace Lord Soggy Bread with Azura. A better character from a still pretty damn good game (the game play still is fenominal, so are the characters) who also fights with a new weapon. A. D when I say replace, I mean it should have been Azura over Corrin 

  20. Wolfox

    New to the forums

  21. Later this year I will be going for driving lessons and, hopefully get a new card that would allow me to drive. and if all goes perfectly, a cool GF and a car. but knowing me those last two are really big ifs

  22. So... An intern at my job did the same yesterday... 


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    2. doombotmecha


      Well, it's technically true 😛

    3. Wolfox


      Yeah. 2 seconds into turning it on it started smoking... 

    4. doombotmecha
  23. Sometimes I feel like the better it goes with me, the worse it goes for some of my friends. 

    1. Yahen


      That's bad. Please don't limit your happiness because of this.

      I feel like if i'm doing great, my friends are doing great too, and so on. That helps me to get motivated a little bit