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  1. thank me later

  2. 897675186_f72(1).thumb.jpg.80934c544343fe723433c390e98f7095.jpg

    When you remember 

  3. people I know: having a conversation I know jack shit about butthey still involve me in.



  4. There's a light that shines

    And it's power is mine

    Though the bodies weak and breakable

    The Spirit is Indominable~

  5. Call me smart, I got fallout 3 to work on steam 

  6. They should make an archetype of Queens, King's and Jack's Knight 

    1. Alisae


      becareful what you ask for

      you might just end up accidentally creating the next version of ABC

      tho I like that deck so its ok

    2. Wolfox


      That would only make it better

  7. I forgot this was a thing

  8. Ever just felt like your voice is almost gone 

    1. seki108


      I've never had that.  The closest is when I could barely get a word out before coughing up storm;  sickness + asthma doesn't usually mix well.  Not as bad as yours though

    2. Wolfox


      like, remember the Minecraft Monopoly when Ryan was almost dead by the sound of his voice (you know, the one where he and Jack didn't sound the same), well kinda like that

    3. seki108


      Yeah, that sounds horrible

  9. Anime Trevor Belmont is without a doubt a source of amazing quotes

  10. And 8 got a sore throat... Lovely. 

    In other news: I watched interstellar yesterday. That was quite a stellar movie

  11. not sure if you saw this one yet, but I know you'll enjoy it

    1. Zarc


      You already posted it on my profile once i remember ^^ 

    2. Wolfox


      Well it seems they did more GoT ones. L9ngclaw (older), ice and Needle

  12. still one of the best shows on Youtube, and it's back

  13. I just want someone I can boop on the nose out of love 

  14. after playing all origin stories in DAO, I think I found my favorites:

    1: Human Noble. It's a bit "cliché" and simple, but I still enjoy it a lot. while others are a bit more open and deep, it's just a nice start to this tale.

    2: City Elf: The City Elf backstory made me thing of 1 thing: Adam Taurus. allow me to explain: Elf in DAO are discriminated against after they have been freed from slavery. In this backstory a dickhead ruins your wedding and tries to rape the woman he takes to his fathers estate (succeeding with yout cousin). See what I'm saying here? I made my Elf go complete Adam on them, not leaving human alive. 

    3: Dwarf Commoner: From the absolute bottom of the Dwarfen sociat you rise to a Grey Warden, I would say more but I won't for now.

  15. perhaps a bad question here: but who actually doesn't like the Multi use TM's?

  16. me: the V6 OST won't make me cry!


    Indomidable: *Exists* 


    Me: I'm not crying, you're crying

  17. Been playing dragon age origins for about 5 days now (not non sto) and I can definitely say I don't yet understand a of it, elves are my favorite race, human baxkstory is pretty sad

  18. Qrows new voice actor has been confirmed! And it's Mordecai. From a Drunk sniper, to Dabe to a Drunk Huntsman. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Vinnie


      Yeah, I think they picked a pretty good replacement. I can't wait to see how it goes.

    3. Wolfox


      don;t you mean HEAR how it goes?

    4. Vinnie


      Ah yeah, that's a better way of putting it. And maybe seeing if RT decided to mess around with that joke about Qrow getting punched in the throat. 

  19. antwhere really, you can make a thread for your own (this one, for example, could also be used)
  20. Obtained Hundred Eyes Dragon in Duel Links! am I a Dark Signer Now?

    1. LeoYT


      First you have to laugh maniacally while running away into the shadows, then your pretty much good

    2. Chimpnology


      you uh also kind of have to die.


      dont do that though.

    3. Wolfox


      good point, though that does instantly give me the ability to ride a motorcycle and will revive me once again after the King of the netherworld is beaten

  21. Adam Taurus. Great Villain who died a great death

  22. I don't know how the game will exactly play, but I'm hyped for it
  23. Kiryu Kyosuke has an unlock event in duel links, it's gonna be tough, but I will claim his dragon! 

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