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  1. When a friend of yours plays reborn for the first time and calls Corey the third gym leader

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      Corey the 3rd gym leader, well yes but actually no.

    3. doombotmecha


      I still call him third. Badge or no, he's the third time you go into a gym and fight a powerful, unique trainer. Pokemon Reborn really and honestly just has 19 gym leaders (20 once we get saphira). 

    4. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      thats the joke i was making @doombotmechahe is the 3rd we face but not the 3rd badge

  2. somewhere next week I'm ordering a switch and 3h... already planned my house order. first deer, my least anticipated one and I'm starting there to, hopefully, get to the ones I'll like better afterwards. Next, Blue Lions. The one I'm looking forward to most. and lastly, Black Eagles, cuz I'm not a huge fan of using a lot of mages...

  3. Ame won the unofficial race to 2k rep. We'll see who gets the 3k one first

  4. Gratz on the 2k rep

    1. Amethyst


      thanks! you too soon!

    2. Wolfox
  5. IMG_20190817_153329.thumb.jpg.5ea3769e183a62bb37537596f2e2949b.jpg

    This mysterious swordsman joined me this morning. If anything I wish I had the means to forge "his" Falchion into Sealed Falchion, as "he" rarely has 100% hp

  6. I just watched a 3h stream and I saw the support between Silvain and Ingrid (C level) and... I laughed so hard it's not even funny. (it actually is, but figure of speach and all)



    So you;re telling me, that Silvain hit on one of his best friends Grandma when he was 8 years old? and on a Scarecrow? Honestly Inigo looks like a Saint compared to him


  7. I have an ultimate goal in feh. Making a full team of obly Lucina alts

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    2. Wolfox


      Give Lucina an Axe... YES. That would be AMAZING. Granted it's Lucina so she's always amazing, but still!

    3. doombotmecha


      Out of curiosity, which lucina's do you have already? I imagine OG Lucina is pretty hard to find these days, but the other three repeat fairly often.

    4. Wolfox


      Only regular, and almost got "Marth" Lucina

  8. Enlisting Ah for help in a heist is something you never do, especialy when their help is Micheal, Ryan and Lil J

  9. About 1 week left till I'm getting a switch 

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