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  1. What is the wierdest level up buils any FE character has ever had for you?

  2. just remember one thing everyone, Keep your head Cannoins where they belong, in your personal fanfictions, and your head

  3. a Sword Lord... with a higfh magic growth and a Personal Weapon (infinite because what else) that acts like a Levin Sword

  4. so... recently my neighbour, and the father of one of my best friends, passed away... wendsday is the funeral

    1. CrossImpact
    2. Wolfox



    3. seki108


      I wish you and your friend the best at getting through this

  5. so... here's psobably a really stupid question. What happened to the Valentian Falchion after Gaiden/Echoes? Is it still there in the Awakening timeline? Does it have a new wielder? is Chrom's Falchion actually the Valentian one? Could Chrom's other child wield that Falchion? Could Chrom and Lucina dual Wield Falchions?

    1. EndearingCharacterTrait


      Well what we do know is the Falchion Chrom and Lucina use was inherited from Marth, and it is different from the one Alm used. 


      I don't think it's ever been revealed what actually happened to Alm's Falchion though 

    2. CrossImpact


      you can hear its name whispered by the echoes of time, and it was all but lost in the shadows of Valentian history

      nobody the heck knows where it is

      Chrom's is a reforging of Marth's (so, unless they combined both fangs into one sword....)
      the Valentian Falchion was sealed for Rigelian royalty, not Akaneian royalty.
      I have always wondered why they never tried either Chrom or Lucina to use their respective sword, unless it was in some DLC of which I have played none.

  6. Cammie: Fuck! 

    Dr Weller: Language. 

    Cammie: English. 

  7. Wolfox

    RNG Fuck You's: Fire Emblem

    I got a new one on my new SD save... Cain decided to do his best Darros impression
  8. Wolfox


    usually peopl;e used to post a certain video to welcome someone, I'm gonna try to use a new one for it
  9. crazy idea: what if Hornet would be confirmed for Smash later?

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    2. Wolfox


      yes, it would be anonter sword, but her athletics and string funny stuff might make her one of the most fun ones, that coming from an Ike main

    3. doombotmecha


      Well, with her needle and thread and her own unique fighting movement, she'd be a bit more like a lancer, no?


      The one thing Nintendo will have to invent for her is a vertical recovery. HK wasn't very appreciative of your efforts to ascend without climbing anything.

    4. Wolfox


      Potentially throwing her nail to latch onto something? or a dash attack with her spinning her string around her?


      As for the lancer part, I ca see it but it might also just be a long sword

  10. Wolfox

    Fire stone

    this would be trading thread number 3, now for an item. I would suggest trying to remember that you are, at this point, 2 over the norm. one more and I will start reporting
  11. Seeing so many lose their shit over bmblb lately (even drawing the connection between that and bad stuff happening to crwby... Like how), I'm curious to the hellfire that would spur up if they also were to hint at White Rose 

  12. Wolfox

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I fully agree
  13. Me: let's play some Shadow Dragon

    My Shadow Dragon save: 


  14. We've all been fucked by Fire Emblems RNG once. from not critting while having 100% crit (Yep, that happened to me) to just bad level ups, what are your worst stories of RNG taking the piss with you? This can be from any FE game including Heroes, Rom Hacks, Fan Games and even Warriors (If that's possible?). Oh do I have a fun couple. Let's start with the 100% Crit failure Charlotte decided to not crit that day. a 100% chance to crit, but no crit... Let that sink in guys, let that sink in... Oh, here's a fun one: Darros leveled up quite recently in my latest run of Shadow Dragon, but only 1 number went up... his actual level... This led to him getting the BenchWarmer title and Barst becoming the main Axe used of Shadow Dragon (As he deserves to be, the Hachet). And let me not forget my personal Meme: Horbound Myrmidon Amelia. Just... 4 strength as a level 10 cavalier... while her other stats were pretty alright, that I will never live down. and those are my stories, I might be able to think of some more (I mean, Echoes RNG is just a hot mess from time to time) but I'll probably post more when I think of more stories.
  15. Wolfox


    potentially, granted I'm more of a whistle blower