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  1. how to trigger a mild panic in gamers?


    "Anor Lando Archers"

  2. You know, I think I'm gonna try to get a bit buff, maybe in a gym later on down the road. Reason? I could probably cosplay a good Jotaro. So yeah... One day I wanna do a Jotaro cosplay so I gotta at least get a little buff

  3. Topologic Zeroveros. the "worst" topologic, but still not one you like to see your opponent shit out


  4. Would anyone happen to know a fun pve mobile game? Preferably an RPG

  5. If I had any editing talent and a better mic I might honestly upload covers of songs to yt. 

  6. How many things can be as good as petting a puppy or cuddling a kitten

  7. Scrubs usually deals with Horses. 

    House deals with Zebra's. 

  8. Happy Wester. Wait... Crap, I messed it up

  9. House MD ep3: the one where House plays Metroid Zero Mission

  10. Idiot: *insults others for dumb reasons*

    Other people: *block the idiot*

    Idiot: Wtf they just blocked me? See what they did? They blocked me for no reason! What douchbags, blocking someone for no reason! 


    Me: *facepalm*

    1. Commander


      Guy: Throws insult my way

      Me: Throws harmless insult back saying "You wanna go, punk"

      Guy: "OMG you're so mean. You're supposed to be nice like the guy says to be. I'm blocking you, you bitch"

      Guy: Blocks me

      Me: That's what I thought, you pussy.


      Oh these Twitter people have no spine it's amazing. One good insult and most block right away. Insulting was a greeting to friends where I grew up so I can deal with it no problem.

    2. Wolfox


      it depends on the insult IMO, but insulting as a greeting should be left for friends, not people you barely know (if at all)

    3. Commander


      You know I'm never going to call someone the N word. But if you're going to call me stupid, I'm going to point out how much of hypocritical idiot you're being. But I'll never say something which I don't think is true.

  11. Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Tormund looks at Briene of Tarth

  12. You're as cold as Weiss 

    1. seki108


      You're  Weiss-Cold

  13. So, amazing idea: a persona 3 portable (or fes) and persona 4 gold port for the 3ds if persona 5 comes to switch

  14. Dr Cox vs Dr House

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