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  1. Decided to start Borderlands 2 again (and pointed my friends at the now 6 euros ha handsome collection on steam, thank me later) and am going with Maya this time. Can definitely see how her ability is considered broken

  2. while quite simple, I enjoy the edit 

  3. I got KH 1, and played a bit of it. Will finish it, but this is how I feel currently:


    It's charming to say the least, haven;t gotten to traverse town yet but I can say that it has caught my attention with the charm. the combat feels quite good, though I don;t fully understand it yet.


    Now... why the hell is circle jump... I had the same issue with Luna Nights, only this time I can't change this... I greatly dislike this and it has caused me more trouble than I'm willing to admit. another issue for me is the camara controls... Why is it not the right stick with R2 and L2 cycling the menu? or the D-pad? 

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    2. Commander


      Wait until you get to Alantis. I was playing that area on proud mode and there were so, so many deaths. To random enemies of all things

    3. Magus


      Great game series, but really obserd story

    4. Wolfox


      the story is like american politics: It shouldn;t work but it works for some reason that no one can figure out, and for some reason Donald is there

  4. My 2 cents on the national dex debacle:

    I don't really care. GF isn't lazy for this, they can't delay the game due to the rest of the franchise also needing to halt when that does. 


    As for the people saying they wanna keep their partners and say how gamefreak is ripping apart that bond. This is gonna be rich coming from me, but I heavily suggest talking to people more. Those bonds are a lot more satisfying. 


    Long story short: it's a small deal that blew up like usual. Give it a month and it'll mostly have passed. 

    1. IntSys


      I think you are missing the point with the second point you're making. It's like telling a person whose landlord suddenly decided that they can't keep their cats in the apartment anymore that they should get out there to make friends instead for the same reason - "Bonding with people is more satisfying than bonding with cats." You're not only not addressing the issue, but also attacking their interest.


      As for your first point, I do agree with that but I look at it in another way - they just can't keep this up forever. With new Pokemon in each generation, the development time on implementing all Pokemon will grow exponentially. It'll be painful for awhile, but we'll eventually come to terms with it.

    2. Amphibi


      At first I would've disagreed with you, their motto is "Gotta Catch Them All" so you'd think they'd have all the Pokemon in one game but before you jump on the bandwagon ask yourself this, how many Pokemon could they possibly support in one game? They can't just use sprites anymore because they've committed to their 3d models with animations. Iirc each Pokemon has 3 different attack animations, they have idle animations, entrance and exit animations, animations for getting damaged, and now each Pokemon will have animations for dynamaxing. So how many Pokemon could they possibly fit in one game? 1000? 1500? Because they are quickly approaching 1000, hell, they might even reach it this generation. Probably not, they have 809 currently so I doubt they are making 181 new Pokemon.


      I think the best workaround would be making the Pokemon they leave out brought back as dlc. If they can't do that then try to alternate the ones left out so that no Pokemon if left out for more than 1 game in a row. Not even considering bonds or anything like that I couldn't imagine not being able to use Greninja (insanely popular, not likely to be cut but still, it would suck). It might get to the point where when a new Pokemon game releases people will just wait and see which Pokemon are supported.

    3. LeoYT


      I understand the devs point but my main problem with this is that you are paying to use the Pokemon home function (where they say you can bring in ALL your old Pokemon into the newer games) so you can funnel them into the new game and transferring the to cloud is a one way trip and now theres no guarantee they can move forward beyond that for a while. What I can see happening is Sword & Shield wont feature national dex but whatever the extended versions would be called will, and they could use that as a selling point after you've experienced the game with the new pokemon.

  5. I think Nintendo won e3 again 

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    2. seki108
    3. Chimpnology


      joel knows whats up.


      dragon quest in smash is hype tho.

    4. Wolfox


      Now I really wanna play dragon quest games 

  6. Little psa: actors, be they voice actors or movie actors, are not the characters they play. They never have been and never will be. So if a VA gets replaced, stay respectful. If an new actor plays a character you love, same story.


    Do not harass people over stuff like that, better yet, don't harass people period. 

  7. ... wut

    1. Chimpnology


      this showed up in my recommended yesterday too. its horrifying, frankly.

    2. Wolfox


      Kinda, but also amazing 

  8. The 7 page muda has a full page of wry in it, wouldn't that make it a 6 page muda? 

  9. Idk why but I like heterochomic eyes

    1. LeoYT


      They're cool until some uneducated mom says your terminally ill and thinks it's contagious 

  10. Surprise surprise, I failed my year of being positive. 

    I feel like shit, I feel like I'm shit and I honestly feel like I should have stayed in bed

  11. usually I put a different Welcome video, but considering you like your grass Types...
  12. So... I crashed with my bike. I'm still in one piece, the bike needs heavy repairs. 

    1. DreamblitzX


      yikes, rip you and your bike.

    2. Candy


      bruh. hope you didn't need major treatment for your wounds and stuff 😞

    3. Wolfox


      no treatment

  13. okay, Marisa keeps kicking my ass... I'm getting better, and I have a gameplan (just always keep a Slow time charge ready), but I came to the cluclusion that I need to buy some healing items, but I can probably not reach the shop without using a healing item that I don;t have...

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    2. Wolfox


      Oh the massive damage remained

    3. seki108


      It is a bit strange seeing one of the always playable characters only being the second boss in a game.  Just a sidenote

    4. seki108


      I guess I shouldn't expect anything different from the character who's catchphrase is "Danmaku is Power".

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