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  1. Local was small today, came in 3rd in singles, 2nd in doubles with my cousin. It was his first tournament and he did really well. Puff is definitely going to end up as a decent counterpick character.

  2. I know what Joker's white costume is based off of, but you can't convince me that it isn't Seto Kaiba.

    1. Wolfox


      Asketchi would disagree

  3. I just registered for Super Smash Con!

  4. Swanna has served me well, but I can finally get a Gyarados. Good. I needed a good water type

  5. So I just cheated strategized against Titania for a win while my team was pretty underleveled (Mostly around Lv. 77.) I'm really glad only the player can use Revives.

  6. I got to the Toumaline desert. Where do I go?

    1. seki108


      IIRC, follow the tracks.

    2. Vinnie


      Follow the tracks until you reach the massive mess of train cars. From there you'll have a sort of puzzle to solve. 

  7. Borderlands 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What happened to all the Reborn doors in the game? Haven't seen any in the places I remembered them being.

    1. BIGJRA


      They're taken out with the "official position" being "what reborn doors? I don't remember those!"


      Likely scrapped in favor of a different post game idea.

  9. I gave one of the Aqua gang members a job application before speaking to Archer. Can I not get any of the rewards now?

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      I think I did it too and it turned out ok but restarting from an old save file might be safer.

  10. Beat Adrienn with some hella cheese. Reuniclus with Quick Claw to set up Reflect + Sharpedo with Focus Sash to Destiny Bond. Then set up with Klinklang and Delphox and wrecked shop.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Congrats, some people say adrienne is easy but I disagree and find xem tricky especially first playthrough.

    2. Q-Jei


      Even today, I still see Adrienn as one of the toughest Gym Leaders to defeat. However, xe's not impossible either. I remembered the time when used Drapion along with Pangoro holding Magical Seed in my Dark Monotype. That Cross Poison + Bullet Punch combo was so satisfying to see 😛

  11. Are there any good grinding spots before the Fairy gym? The Grand Hall trainers are well beyond the level cap for me.

    1. PESH1


      Agate Circus clown should be of help.

    2. Candy


      Were your mons lagging in levels? Because the grand hall trainers should be beatable if you beat Ciel 🤔

  12. It's pretty disturbing when CGI Mr. Mime and Jigglypuff look better than CGI Sonic.

  13. Beartic or Alolan Sandslash: Who's the better ice type for Terra and Ciel? I thought it'd be Slash due to the Steel typing, but it has lower base stats and a nearly non-existent movepool.

    1. Destrakon


      Yeah, indeed, Sandslash would prove good against both Terra and Ciel, however, as you say, it has a nearly non-existent movepool. While Beartic is also good with Slush Rush with access to ice some ice moves, in conclusion, your best option would be Beartic, since I suppose your'e stuck at Circus, and can't breed a Sandshrew with a good ice move. 

    2. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      Never mind, got an Alolan Vulpix with good stats.

  14. Going down to Virginia for Super Smash Con later this year. Don't think I'll do that well, but still looking forward to it

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