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  1. I do not think I see it. Can someone pck it for me.
  2. What do you think D' Archlight's Ace trainer building will be like, I suspect we will gain access after the pokemon league.
  3. I have not downloaded the mod.yet but I have a few questions. How do I transfer pokemon between save files when.only one is loaded and how does it work?
  4. Ok can someone pick it up for me or tell me where it is. Thank you.
  5. I returned to the Glass Workstation because I thought I had the reborn ball but I do not have it n my bag. Did I forget to p ick ut up or it got l lost ?? Game.rxdata
  6. How can I complete the sidequest to find Magikarp. I began it in a previous episode and I stopped when I fought the goons in the abandoned place.
  7. How can I activate the shared mod in Reborn. Do I need to replace a file in the reborn folder. Also how can so trade with myself between two saves in reborn.
  8. Use droopbox. It's a great place to backup.
  9. Is it possible to create a new game on another computer and trade with yourself between two computers over the same wifi network.
  10. Ampharosite (at the top table inside the interrogation +Aggronite (end of the area after defeating the Aron-line multi battles, undertaking the Railnet Sidequest from the Grand Aerodactylite (area up from the Agate Circus entrance, Rock Climb needed) Lopunnite (inside the secret room from the Director's Office B1F - Gible Nest Area+Medichamite (down the middle basin)
  11. First where is the medichamite? Is it in the room with the arceus statute or the gible. Where do I find.the rest of these megastones.
  12. I think you have to use the application on the aqua members and on Archer.
  13. I used the lostelle video.
  14. its very difficukt t follow bt i will try one more time.if not, i will reply here.
  15. I know Ithis seems very lazy but can someone solve the GIM puzzle for me and stop right before I interact with the computer to get goomy. I cannot solve the puzzle by myself. Thank you. Game.rxdata
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