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  1. Thanks, added. This Wailord thingy actually has more HP than Dufaux or Ferrothorn oO However V12.0 Dufaux still tops everything with 1000 base HP. (It had double the HP of V12.1 Dufaux Also, now I should have everything, right?
  2. Update: I added Angel of Death Gardevoir in its (half) destroyed form, which we fight the second time. Edit: Added PULSE Mushnara too. Anything else I forgot?
  3. Oh, I didn't notice that. Thanks. Both have the same base stats. I have it edited above. Wow... How did I forget about these dudes..? Especially them being for me the hardest to beat in V12. Well, nevermind me, added. Yeah, they are really powerful and looks like some tryhard player designed them, haha. My bad. There are other fails at Galvantula. Idk how that happened. Edited, thanks. Also, Sp. Def is actually 160 and Speed 130, not 50, lol. Holy.. I didn't notice that after 3 runs of V12. But thats extremly interesting. Then its safe to assume that Risa and "Freya" have some sort of connection? Heck, I even dare say that they could totally be the same person. Same stats, Moves, Ability (although Friend Guard is really weird, but I don't pay too much attention to this as we aren't even supposed to see this second Ability. Or in the future we will fight Risa in doubles..) but thats not it. Risa seems to know more than she make us believe: Remember how she talked about the nuke? As if she KNEW why it was there. Also, she didn't appear at the Pyramid, but what if she actually did? Just as another identity, as Freya! Yup.. thats DEFINETELY suspicious. I'm really happy that this Topic actually made a whole new theory!
  4. I got curious calced the base stats of all the Fakemon in Pokemon Rejuvenation. So I thought, why not share it with all you guys. I'm sure many are as curious as I was. Also, I looked into some of the new abilites and typings of the Fakemon. First, there are normal pokemon that appear in the Dimensional Rift (DR) fights: Joltik, Tangela, Tangrowth, Golem, Alolan Golem Ralts and Kirlia. The Rotom that appear in the Dufaux Battle are just regular Rotom in shiny. If I leave something out, then it just means that nothing has changed. Tangela: Type: Grass/Dark Ability: Tangling Hair (the one Alolan Dugtrio has) Tangrowth: Grass/Ghost Ability: Tangling Hair Golem: (Both forms) Ralts: Kirlia: Then we have our beloved DR pokemon: Gyarados: Actually weaker than the normal Gyarados? Kinda surprising. Galvantula: Volcanion: Carnivine: Garbodor: Regirock Gardevoir Gardevoir (half destroyed): Chandelure Ferrothorn: First form: Ferrothorn: Second form/Rolling form: Hippowdon: Red form: Hippowdon: Blue form: Froslass/Dufaux: Clefable-Form: Froslass/Dufaux: Offense-Form: And last but not least, the Fakemon/Machines. Hopefully, there will be more of them in furute versions Tuff-Puff PULSE Mushnara: Solrock: Fusion Wailord/Kowapunga Goomink 1st form (pre hero) Goomink 2nd form (hero) Goomink 3rd form (savior) Magneton (Machine) Golurk (Machine) Sigilyph (Machine) Claydol (Machine)
  5. Riolu and Lucario are available, no? Via password in GDC
  6. I must say, Ryland was one of the easiest Gym Leader in Rejuvenation, as I 1 shot him at both of my runs with like 5 pokemon left. (Soon I will battle him with my 3rd run, which is a Nuzlocke-like run, so lets see about that). Its true that his Claidol did nothing but sitting around, but he sent ot out at the end anyway. For me, Souta is definetly the strongest. He was able to deal so much damage and even if I tried to remove his field into a snowy mountain, which required 2 moves/3 turns, he just changwd it back with frikkin FLY BRAVIARY. (By the way I play intense mode, I think in normal he has something else here?) So, yeah. With the right team, all Gym leaders can be easy. It really just depends on the Team. Thats what I like in Rejuvenation so much: In my 1st Run, Amber was hard for me, but in the second, she was a total pushover and I 5-0ed her. Rotating Teams definitely makes things easier.
  7. Alright, thanks a lot. There is just so much hidden in this game and I didn't know that after multiple runs ^-^
  8. I heard there is a choice where Florin gets arrested. Is that true? If yes, how do I do it?
  9. In a haunted field, Ghost Moves are super effective against Normal Types, and Flame Burst gains the Ghost Typing added to the Fire Typing. Flame Burst should therefore be super effective against Normal Types, shouldn't it? But thats not the case, as I saw in my newest Playthrough. (Flame Burst was Neutral against Marianettes Porygon2.)
  10. Last but not least, I want to thank the Rejuvenation Team for answering mostly all of our questions! It was only for the fans and it must have been really tedious sometimes with these amounts of questions here. Thus a last question: How did you feel answering the questions? Edit: One last question came to my mind: What if Aya and/or Adrienn die(s) in the last Episode of Reborn?
  11. What exactly is the connection between Dr. Jenkel and Flora? We never really saw how they worked together, we only saw them together a couple of times.
  12. We saw Keta/Kenneth in the destroyed future. But he was in Kanto and moved to Aveium AFTER the calamity. So why did he move, in this timeline, to a nearly destroyed Aveium? Also, why do we get there a relationship point with a dead caracter? (Keta)
  13. -Is the red-haired girl with the Naganadel called Freya, by any chance? Why has she and Kieran relatively weak pokemon besides their UB? (Stantler, Klingklang... it's almost contradiction how less threatening they are compared to them) -In earlier Versions, we fought Nastasia with her full team. Why was that battle removed? -Why could Allen easily destroy the Garufa Machines while we, the interceptor, couldn't so easily?
  14. -Any plans for Ash-Greninja? Will it be available? -Any Plans for Nuzlocke runs?
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